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"That was one of the most pathetic demonstrations I've ever seen. You're just like your uncle."
— Azula berating her son, Chen
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The Fire Lord's Son

Azula is the Supreme Ruler of the World and the infamous daughter of the late Phoenix King Ozai. Azula has two children, Chen and Mitsuki. She is the main antagonist of the rebels and represents the side of "evil".

Azula was able to conquer the entire world and murder her brother shortly after her father crowned her Fire Lord. After winning a few more battles for her nation, Azula married an elderly nobleman named Yin Lee, whom became the father of her children. Her younger daughter, Mitsuki, quickly became her favorite. After her husband and father died, Azula was crowned Supreme Fire Lord, and deemed Mai and Ty Lee her personal officials. She also hired an associate named Z.Z..

Azula is the best Firebender in the world. Her abilities are so incredible that she can bend at Sozin's Comet-enhanced level. She can generate lightning at incredible speeds and can bend blue fire, traits she passed on to her daughter.


End of War

After winning a victory when the Fire Nation was invaded, Azula was praised and adored by her nation as much as she was after conquering Ba Sing Se. Ozai was so proud that he did not punish her after he found out about her failure to kill the Avatar.

Successful Murder at the Boiling Rock

Azula once more won a battle for her nation in the Boiling Rock, known as the great Murder at the Boiling Rock. She and Ty Lee fought Zuko, Sokka, and Suki on the gondola. Ty Lee was able to successfully paralyze Suki, letting her advance toward Sokka. Without Sokka's help, Zuko started to lose against his sister. Sokka was soon paralyzed by Ty Lee, and Azula finished him off by engulfing him with a powerful blast of blue fire. A near dead Suki told Zuko to leave them to their fates, and that he still has a chance to escape if he propels himself to the cliff. Heartbroken, Zuko did so, barely grabbing on to the cliff's side. He then climbed across the cliff to escape, but not before seeing Azula and Ty Lee leaving the gondola with a dead Sokka, Suki, Hakoda, and Chit Sang in it. Azula was not satisfied, and decided not to rest until she found Zuko.

A Great Victory

After Team Avatar found out about Sokka, Suki, and Hakoda's death, they were demoralized, and could not fight the same. Without Sokka or Suki, Phoenix King Ozai's airship fleet was able to burn down the Earth Kingdom. Azula was able to defeat Zuko with ease in the Final Agni Kai, and Katara was also defeated by Mai and Ty Lee. Avatar Aang ended up going insane from all that happened, and as a result committed suicide. Azula was then successfully crowned Fire Lord, and the world fell to the Fire Nation.

Fire Lord


Ozai and Azula

Azula is made Fire Lord by her father

After the world was conquered, Azula ruled as Ozai's second in command. She became a powerful military leader, conquering all remaining lands in the Earth Kingdom. She was able to successfully conquer all the other resisting Earth Kingdom towns, and successfully conquered Omashu by killing a rebel named Onsungi in a fierce duel.

Her final accomplishment was the capture of Kyoshi Island. Azula ordered the lands be conquered with the least amount of damage to it possible. This was hard to do, and an all warrior army was needed. Mai and Ty Lee led the army, and eventually Kyoshi Island fell, Azula barely avoided an assassination attempt on her, though she made it out alive due to Ty Lee's sleep problems. The island was eventually named after Azula as Zula Island.

A New Family

After her great achievements, Azula settled down and got married to a quite old nobleman named Yin Lee. She gave birth to two children, Chen and Mitsuki. Her husband soon died of old age, and Azula became a single mother. Azula was much prouder and closer to Mitsuki, whose Firebending was to a much greater level than Chen's was. Azula would always compare Mitsuki to herself, while Chen would be compared to Zuko.

World Ruler

Death of Ozai

Twenty-seven years into her rein of Fire Lord, Phoenix King Ozai died of old age. Azula kept her title of Fire Lord, but gained a position as the Supreme Ruler of the World. She decided to stay in the Fire Nation, and appointed Mai to govern Ba Sing Se (now named Phoenix City), and Ty Lee to govern the rest of the Earth Kingdom.

War with the Rebels

Deeming her Son Treacherous

After Chen fails to impress Azula with a Firebending move, and Ty Lee tries to defend him unsuccessfully, Mitsuki decides it is time to "convince" Chen to leave. She does this at night by rubbing Azula's dislike of him in his face to a huge extent. It is not known if Azula knew of Mitsuki's actions. That morning, Azula calls Mitsuki to her throne room, giving Mitsuki and her friends a mission; find Chen, and bring him back, dead or alive.

Appointment and Arrest of Yi

Angry Azula yells

Azula yells at Yi

Azula, wanting to give Mitsuki a chance to return home, appointed General Yi to either capture or kill Chen, Mina, and Kaila while on a Royal Jet. After Yi failed, Azula told him that just because he was a war hero during her father's reign, that he has done nothing for her during her reign, and that she considers him an average military man. Ergo, she denies Yi's permission to return to Capital until he's defeated the kids.

A few weeks later, Azula ended up becoming the victim of many (failed) assassination attempts. Azula finally lost her patience after the most recent one actually sustained a three-minute battle against her. She decided to leave Mitsuki her tasks, while she took care of the rebel assassins.

Finally, a few days before the Battle at Kein Forest, Azula received word that General Yi was spotted swimming over to the Fire Nation Capital. Azula, along with Mai and Ty Lee, met him on the capital's shore. Yi tried explaining himself, though Azula simply responded with "No. More. Chances." and then ordered Yi's arrest.

New Plans

After learning of the failed battle, Azula ordered an emergency war meeting between her, Mitsuki, Mai, Ty Lee, Tam Mee, Quanlee, and Z.Z. Azula is obviously furious about the loss, though she assures Mitsuki that the loss was not her fault, and is even impressed with the way Mitsuki was able to hold off Chen, despite his greatly enhanced power. However, after Tam Mee reveals that Mitsuki has a back-up plan, Azula orders everyone but Mitsuki to leave, so she can discuss the top-secret plan with her daughter confidentially.

Apparently, the first part of Mitsuki's plan was for Azula to release Yi. Azula travels to the Capital prison alone, in which she tells Yi that she will release him from prison, but only if he continues his hunt. Yi refuses to accept Azula's conditions unless she reinstates him, whether he is successful or not. Azula, however, can easily see he's making a foolish bluff, and pretends to leave, and Yi quickly accepts, much to Azula's satisfaction.

While her daughter unfolds her conspiracy on the Rebel City, Azula is forced to deal with complications of her own. While in her throne room, Mai hints that she cares about Chen because he reminds her of Zuko. Azula is furious, and yells to Mai that if she had married Zuko, she wouldn't have Quanlee; she would have a worthless bastard of a child. Azula leaves a crying Mai alone. Later that day, Mai apologizes, and Azula accepts her apology. She is interrupted, however, when the messengers show her a shocking letter from Mitsuki regarding her infiltration of the Rebel City.


Azula's blue flames

Azula's brutal personality, though most evident when she was fourteen, carried into her adulthood

Like her father, Azula is a dedicated nationalist, who will risk her life for power. Since a very young age, Azula demonstrated extremely cruel and even psychopathic traits. Her calm and focused personality gives her a deadly ability of generating lightning and bending blue fire. These traits, along with her vicious actions and hunger for power has given her the title as the best Firebender in the entire world.

Azula, like Ozai, treats one of her two children much better than the other. She is shown being mentally abusive to Chen, and, seemingly, has no love for her son. Much to a contrast, she treats Mitsuki like a real mother should treat a child, with kindness, empathy, yet a sharp strictness. This does show Azula has some love in her, as she has admitted on occasions that she does in fact love Mitsuki, something Ozai would never even admit about her.

Azula's mother leaving her put a terrible burden on her psyche, nearly driving her to insanity. However, defeating Team Avatar and becoming Fire Lord started to take away the mental issues. Eventually, Azula developed a near perfect psyche, which is likely why she treated Mitsuki the way she did. Azula also lost many of her insecurities, such as being jealous of Ty Lee's beauty, when she became Supreme Fire Lord, as many men desired her marriage and many women hungered to be her "friend".

Azula, however, did not lose her Narcissistic Personality Disorder. She would always participate in life-threatening battles just to receive a compliment from Ozai, and would always drill herself on her Firebending relentlessly just to receive attention from other benders. Only one person is aloud to have a "spotlight" besides her, and that is, of course, her favorite child Mitsuki.



Zuko fights Azula

Azula is by far the best Firebender in the world

Azula is the best Firebender in the entire world. Her cunning, calculating personality gives her amazing maneuvers and skills that no one else possesses. She is skilled in both blue flames and generating lightning. Azula is able to bend extremely large quantities of fire that could easily pass as enhanced by Sozin's Comet. Azula also shows a great skill in generating lightning at very high speeds, able to zap an opponent in only a second, surprising anyone unprepared.

Azula also shows a rare ability of being able to propel herself in the air with both Firebending and lightning. She can stay in flight for an extremely long time, and can fly at a record high speed of 80 miles per hour. She used her amazing jet propulsion ability to thwart a rebel attack launched by Onsungi during the battle at Omashu, using her propulsion skills to also escape from the other rebels after killing Onsungi.

Other unique skills Azula has is her ability to breath fire, make it come out of her ears, and to generate heat.

Other Skills

Since she was a child, Azula expressed strong knowledge in military tactics and past battles. Her skill in military tactics allowed her to unleash a successful coup against Ba Sing Se and save her nation from a near successful invasion. Azula's skill in lying and acting is also very helpful to manipulate people into doing her actions, whether it's to the Dai Li to join her side to conquer Ba Sing Se, or to her own father simply for personal benefits.

Azula has also displayed amazing skills in acrobatic skills, much like Ty Lee, as she was able to avoid the attacks of Aang and Toph during the Invasion of the Fire Nation with ease. Azula has also demonstrated skills with hidden weapons, traits she likely got from Mai.

Non-canon Appearances

Azula also appears in Part 2 of the non-canon crossover, Clash of Worlds. In it, she seems to be less conniving and sneaky, and more laid back and goofy. When Yino asks Azula to make him a minor government official, Azula nearly hires him, though Lee Koisho ends up accidentally ruining Yino's chances by telling Azula of Yino's true profession. Azula expresses great disgust over seeing Lee's disembodied head and learning who Yino truly is, and quickly banishes Yino and Lee from the Fire Nation and Disney World.

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