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Sad Azula
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Grey DeLisle

Former Princess Azula is a minor character in Avatar: Guardian.

After the Agni Kai

After her loss during her Agni Kai with Zuko, she was transferred to a mental hospital in the outer Fire Nation. She remained there for a year, under the belief that her father was killed by the Avatar. She lost hope of ever escaping.

Being Mentioned

Azula has been mentioned several times, once by Zuko and another by Ozai. Ozai is asked by Jiang Rha whether or not she is to be rescued, but Ozai refuses; citing that she is inferior due to her loss to Zuko. Zuko says that Azula is under the impression that Aang killed Ozai at Wulong Forest.

Regaining some sanity

Eventually, her mother returns for a visit. Azula is overwhelmed at the sight of her mother, and the love shown to her. Azula appears to be getting better, and is released from her chains. She realizes that her mother actually cares about her, just in time for an assassin to arrive. He said he came to capture one of the royal females, and that the other would just have to perish. Azula forces him away, and attempts to leave the hospital to get Ursa to safety. She meets Zhian in the courtyard before she can get out, and engages him in an Agni Kai. The two duel fiercely, but Zhian emerges victorious, killing Azula.


Azula's sacrifice allowed for Ursa to survive the day. Ursa's capture motivated Zuko's attack on the Phoenix Warriors.

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