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Sad Azula
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Fire Nation



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Zuko (brother), Ozai (Father), Roku (ancestor)


Zuko, Alam, Fire Nation


Blue, Hougen

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Fire Princess

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Book 2: Earth -

Azula is the Fire Nation princess and sister of Zuko.

Back story

Azula was born in the very family that started the war in the first place. She was very happy when she heard Zuko was next in line to the throne, but she got heart-broken when a deadly accident caused Zuko to burn half his face. She wished him best of luck and to be careful on his mission when he left. It was because of this it was she who was placed to the throne, but secretly she never wanted to rule. She thinks that Zuko deserved it more than she did since he had been through more hardship than she has.

Book 2:Earth

When Zuko arrives back to the Fire Nation, Azula grew very happy to see him, even tearing up on his return since 3 months ago. She wanted to catch up with him on what happened. She mentions their fathers illness and she was shocked when Zuko asks for her assistance. Before she could answer, Hougen arrives in and he threatens them both that if they ever want to return, they need to get the Avatar. During this, he shows his "respect" by burning Azula's leg and throwing her at her brother. She, Zuko and Alan raced out before Hougen can try anything else.

She had opened a temporary job with her brother when arriveing to Ba Sing Se, working as waitress. When Aang decided to come in, Azula greets him and serves him just like any other customer, not know who he was at the time. But after this, Genba arrives unexpectedly and aressted her, Zuko, and Aang for trespassing in city limits. Later on though, she and the rest escaped during Hougen's invasion and go to face him, but Hougen frames her by saying she wiped out the Southern Air Temple! Aang ends up fighting her for a while until Hougen was thrown out of the castle.

Book 3: fire

Azula with her brother agree to join The Fleet. She didn't serve much of a role for much of the start of the fire arc.

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