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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Corruption and Redemption.

Azula reminisces
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Fire Nation



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Bule Fire, Lightning

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Kuzei, Yin


Long Feng

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  • Former Princess of the Fire Nation
  • Firebending Master

Mental Health Patient

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The Trial

Azula is a Firebending Master and the former Crown Princess to the Fire Nation. She is the main protagonist in the fanon story Corruption and Redemption.


During the War, Azula was seemingly a heartless, cold, and calculating evil girl whose only intention was killing the Avatar and tormenting her older brother, Zuko. But in reality, she dealt with a lot of sadness and abuse during her life. Ozai pushed her to beyond her limits, and if she made the smallest mistake while training, he would scold and beat her. Ursa did not pay as much attention to her as she did with Zuko, making her feel as if she didn't love her. All of these expiriences turned her into Ozai's puppet, making her think that since he commanded her so much, she could command everybody else, making her a cold, unfeeling pawn.

The Agni Kai

Azula later had to face her own brother in an Agni Kai that would chose who would be the next Fire Lord. But she was suffering from near-insanity due to her best "friends," Mai and Ty Lee, betraying her at the Boiling Rock. Because of this, she couldn't fight Zuko on equal terms, and he began to gain the upper hand. She did, however, manage to wound Zuko with lightening. Katara then defeated her by restraining her with chains and ice. Her defeat completely destroyed what was left of her sanity.

On Trial

One month after her defeat, Zuko decided to give her a fair trial to determine her punishment for her war crimes. Her lawyer in the trial was a man named Kuzei, who supported Ozai during the War and was happy to help his daughter out. After a few hours into the trial, Zuko was starting to get the upper hand, until Aang supported her and asked the jury to forgive her and try to help her. The jury eventually found Azula not guilty due to mental instability, so the judge sent her to a mental hospital. Although she was alright with this, Kuzei is plotting to free her.

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