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By Evatar114 Part of the Avatar: Choices continuity.
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The Forgotten

Azula is the crazy sister of Fire Lord Zuko. Once sadistic and evil, she is currently in the care of a high security asylum in the Fire Nation.


After being defeated by Katara and losing her fragile mental state, Azula was brought to the mental health care facility. She has slowly been improving from her complete mental collapse, but the doctors at the asylum believe that Azula lost most of her memory and her ability to firebend. Zuko went to see her a year after he became Firelord and was surprised at her complete one-eighty. After Azula told him she saw Ursa in her room, Zuko has been trying to convince Mai to let Azula live in the palace. So far, this has not gone well.


Azula looks the same, except her appearance is definitely more haggard than before. Her hair remains choppy from when she cut it, she has lost weight, and she wears the clothes the asylum gave her, which are white.


Azula's personality has changed completely from the original series. Once sadistic and evil, she is now sweet and clueless.

Mental Instabilities

Azula has random mood swings that could almost be described as bipolar in nature. However, she is most likely schizophrenic, suffering from hallucinations, delusions, and disorganized speech and thinking (Wikipedia's words, not mine).


Royal Family


Azula was once Zuko's worst enemy. Now to his eyes, she just seems happy and clueless. One of the few people she remembers, Azula always refers to Zuko as "Zuzu", and basically acts like a large, random child around him. However, Zuko still hasn't forgiven her, just mostly treating her nicely out of pity.


Azula doesn't recognize Mai at all, but Mai still shows signs of hatred for what Azula did to her and Zuko.



Once a prodigy able to create blue flames, Azula has lost all of her ability to firebend.


When Azula lost her mind, she became what the doctors deemed delusional. However, despite still being nuttier than a hatter, she is actually seeing spirits, including the "ghost" of her mother. The spirits, lonely and happy to meet someone that can see them, often will confide in Azula, giving her the appearance of seeing the future or knowing things when she's really just saying what spirits have confided in her.


  • Azula was originally going to be an antagonist, but Evatar had a dream about a crazy, weird Azula, liked it, and immediately worked it into the storyline.

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