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Indifferent Azula
Biographical information

Fire Nation

Birth place

Fire Nation



Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


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Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)

Firebending, lightningbending (was weakened after the attack)

Chronological and political information

S.C.P (temporary), Team Avatar

First appearance


Azula is the once proud princess of the Fire Nation. But since after the Hundred Year War, she literally became insane; thanks to some brain hacking by Smile Dog V.2. She was locked up for her acts, and throughout her jail time had gotten worse, enforcing the guards to remove anything giving off a reflection, since she still suffering from seeing her dead mother, Ursa, in the reflection.

Avatar: New Universe II

Azula first appears with another of her episodes when Zuko came to see her. She kept going on about Ursa calling her, when of course no one else believes her. The behavior had gotten to the point when Zuko had no other choice but to put her to rest. She pleads like crazy for Zuko not to, but this didn't help, and she, for the first time ever, sees the error of her ways...too late, as it turns out. She silently asks for help and it's here that caused Switchblade and Smile Dog V.2 to appear and release her. However, she was getting freaked out and was trying to run away. In the end though, she was scorched and seemingly killed by Switchblade. At least that's what everyone thought until Azula looked at Zuko just before vanishing with Switchblade. It isn't clear as to how, but before she appears again, she had lost all memory of her crazy life, the only thing that stayed in tact is her sly behavior.

Arc 1

Scarred Azula


She comes in after a long while, she appears later on in the Medieval Cooper World. While she was here, she manages to kidnap Suki, Longshot and Penelope. She calls back BEN and, instead of bothering the mouse, she offers her a job placement, back at the S.C.P Foundation, saying it'll help her become the greatest mind. Yet before she can go, Pyramid Head attacked again and failed her main plan, but still got Penelope on their side.

Arc 2

She shows up here when she wanted to seek revenge on Zuko. Not only had her name been changed, she was seemingly told of a fake past by the SCP that she was going to get murdered by Zuko and had the scars to prove it (which was only slightly correct). She was trying to basically kill them until Glaze showed up, and told her to stop. When they were going to go, she wanted to finish Zuko, but Glaze forbade her and she left.

Azula, still thinking she's Harlem, followed Glaze and gotten to Ozai. She found it rather easy but had to paralyze him though when ozai attacked Glaze. Azula was sent to go after Team Avatar while Glaze took Ozai back to the SCP. Later on, she appears with HoundDoom when the whole team was captured and immediately challenges Zuko to an agni kai. The fight goes pretty well for her until Ursa begins to appear again and messes her up. At one point, her life (her real life) begins to flash before her eyes and she finally regains her memory. Thanks to that, she scares off the SCP team, apologizes deeply to Zuko, and becomes apart of Team Avatar.

Arc 3

Azula spent most of her days just trying to stop her dead mother's voice. Each time became a failure. She demands for Ursa to leave when she suddenly sees the ghost of Xerneas instead of Ursa. She decides after Xerneas explains himself to go along with his plan. The plan was to find the main power source to the foundation, and to do that, she acted like she lost her mind (again). When brought to the test room, she kills the SCP brought to her and manages to break out. However she comes across Slenderman himself, and starts attacking by zapping his arms. She became very close to death until she tricks Slenderman by saying she'll be free if she does get killed. After hearing that, she was taken to their asylum, and on the way sees the source far below.

As she waited in her cell, she manages to find Jinx again. She and Jinx did some small talk for a while, catching up. Azula goes on saying why Slenderman locked her up, something he seemingly didn't tell her.

When the escape started, she desperately tries to escape her cell so she can get out. Kyd Wykkyd manages to do so and she was going to go until another fugitive asks for her assistance. She only manages to open the door for him and runs off.

While running, she and Kyd Wykkyd managed to find the core before getting caught but before she can get the core, Slenderman had found them. She gives off a fake threat to attack the core herself, but was really bait for Slenderman to attack it instead. When that worked, she raced on out just as the foundation disappeared.

Avatar: New Universe 3

Azula doesn't play a big role in the story, however she does appear right at the beginning, when being called in by Zuko. She wasn't sure too much when she arrived but was overjoyed when Zuko gave her the news that she's princess again. She was worried about going mad again but Zuko assures her that it won't happen, as she is Fire Princess once more.

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