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Azula's Revenge
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Azula's Revenge is a series that takes place ten years after Avatar: The Last Airbender and 65 years before The Legend of Korra.

Production History

I first came up with the idea of Azula's Revenge while watching Sozin's Comet, Part 4: Avatar Aang and I said to myself, "Why couldn't Azula have won?" The reason I said that was because at the time I loved Azula and hated Katara. So I decided to start writing it down. Thus, Azula's Revenge was born. Two weeks later, summer began, and I joined Avatar Wiki, that's when I heard about these Fanon things.

The original story was a two chapter two page story about Azula winning instead of Katara and Aang and her battling it out. However I had read Avatar: Wanted and I realized that this wouldn't work. I needed to make it longer. So I changed it to ten years after the war and added 18 chapters for a total of twenty.


In the World of the Avatar, everyone appears to be happy. Aang has married Katara and moved to the Northern Air Temple where he is the leader of the new Air Nomads and has two sons named Jet and Tenzin. Zuko married Mai, leads the Fire Nation into an area of peace, has a son named Lema, and a daughter named Ursa (named after his mother). He has even found his mom Ursa. Toph is the new Queen of Omashu after King Bumi died. Sokka married Suki, moved to Kyoshi Island, and had a daughter named Yue. And after ten years at the Boiling Rock, Ozai died while trying to escape. Everyone is happy. Except for one person, and she wants revenge.

Main Characters

Team Avatar






Team Azula



Other Characters



Ty Lee


The Kids

Jet-Son of Aang and Katara, he is a Waterbender

Tenzin-Son of Aang and Katara, he is an Airbender

Lema- Son of Zuko and Mai, he is a Firebender

Ursa - Daughter of Mai and Zuko

Yue- Daughter of Sokka and Suki, she is a Waterbender


Main article: Azula's Revenge Chapters

Azula's Revenge is divided into two seasons of ten chapters in each season. The first season is called the Start and the second season is called the End. The first book stars Aang, Zuko, Katara, Sokka, and Toph. Suki is also seen in chapter 4,5,9, and 10. The second season stars Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph. The Kids are seen in chapters 4,5,7,8,9, and 10.

The chapters have been completed.


Water Tribe

When the Northern Water Tribe heard that Azula took over Ba Sing Se and was threatening war with the other nations, the first thing chief Arnook was to declare neutrality. The Southern Tribe and the Foggy Swamp Tribe (Now considered part of the Nation) asked Arnook to repeal his statement and help the Fire Nation and other side of the Earth Kingdom. Arnook said that he did not to get his people involved in another war and get more of his people killed. Therefore, he said no. However some of the waterbenders offered to fight with the 100 or so other waterbenders and warriors in the Southern and Foggy swamp tribe.

Air Nation

The Air Nation (name changed by Aang) was founded two months after the War when Avatar Aang began to energybend the citizens. The nation was recognized by Zuko and Kuei exactly one month after the War. When war broke out after Azula took over Ba Sing Se, the Air Nation sent troops to help the Fire Nation army. Aang is the current leader of the nation and the Mechanist is second in command.

Fire Nation

After the War, the Fire Nation struggled to gain respect from the other nations. After giving back all the land the conquered, the Earth Kingdom demanded that the Fire Nation give all there colonies not owned by the Earth Kingdom before the War. That altercation almost caused another war before Aang broke it up. This was the cause of the creation of the four nation council, which was co-created by Aang and Zuko, it has meetings that are attended by the Avatar, the Fire Lord, the Earth King, the Two Water Tribe chiefs, and the head of the Air Nomads(In this case the second in command).

Earth Kingdom

World of AR

Earth Kingdom at the end of book 1. The green indicates areas that Azula has control of.

When Kuei heard the Azula had escaped, he moved her to the top of the Most Wanted list for the Four Nations and also declared that she was wanted dead of alive in the entire Kingdom.

Weeks latter, Azula captures Kuei and later the City, the government was now under control by Toph and the capital was now Omashu. However, the Armies can only be controlled by the leader of Ba Sing Se. This law was created by the Earth King to keep district kings from taking over the armies and starting a civil war. Therefore, even though she is wanted, Azula controls the armies of the Earth Kingdom.


"VJavatar Wow! Your fanon is amazing it's dramatic and like an action show without the TV! Please write more


— Airnomad2
"I love this fanon! You always have a good storyline and plot. One of the best fanons.


— Avatarstate717

So far the reception of Azula's Revenge has been mostly positive with a few negative reviews. Azula's Revenge has mainly praised for it great plot line and nice action scenes. However many people don't like it due to the grammar issues and the horrifying spelling. Many registered users praise it, such as Airnomad2, Toph11, and Courage love it.

Complaints on length

"Ok, the grammar gets better, but please consider writing more for one chapter; it took me one minute to read that."
— Wikia User

Almost any user that reads Azula's Revenge is disapproving or mad because of the length of many of the articles including The Mission, The Battle For Kyoshi Island pt.1, and The Battle For Kyoshi Island Pt. 2. The reason for this is because Azula's Revenge was originally meant to just be one page, so the chapter were meant to be like shorts. But after positive feedback from several users, I decided to create pages for each of them, and expand them. I am however planning to rewrite The Battle for Kyoshi Island parts 1 and 2 so that each of them is longer and it makes more sense. It is planned to be done at the end of book two, which will be in about April.

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