It happened one year after the century-old war

With Ozai locked away, the world started to rebuild itself. Everyone was rejoicing. And yet, Zuko couldn't enjoy himself like everyone. He felt like something was missing. He knew what it was: his sister was still locked away in the mental facility, and her birthday was fast approaching. Aang felt sorry for him and decided to find a solution so that Azula could come home. He consulted Avatar Roku, who although believed that things should remain in their original locations, he took pity on Zuko and told Aang that he should search out a man in the Earth Kingdom. This man had the power to manipulate memories, control minds, and generate hallucinations. Avatar Roku said this power belonged to very strong Earthbenders and that the one Aang sought was the last one, and therefore, should be protected.

Meanwhile, a group of rebels from the four nations gathered on Dragon's Graveyard to plan their next move in gaining ultimate powers. The creatures they would be able to create would be made from these enhanced bending abilities: the Firebender would be able to create a phoenix, the Earthbender could make a golem out of earth or metal, the Waterbender would be able to create an ice titan, while the Airbender would be able to create a living twisting wind. What they hoped to use in addition to their sacifices to achieve these powers was an ancient secret of the island: a magic pool with the power to grant any person their natural bending ability, as well as the strongest abilities to those who could already their natural element. All but the Firebender Rebel had obtained a sacrifice. Then, the Earthbending Rebel suggested Azula for the sacrifice, to which The Firebender Rebel agreed and decided to head for the Mental Facility.

Elsewhere, Aang found the man Roku spoke of. When asked how much money he wanted, the man politely refused, saying it's a matter of royalty in need of help. They headed to the facility, where the man known as "Mental" began to alter Azula's memories. Aang then hurried off to break the good news to Zuko. As soon as Mental was out of sight, the Firebender Rebel showed up, grabbed Azula, and took her to Dragon's Graveyard via fast-running giant lizard. While the soldiers said there was nothing in the rebel's direction of movement, as soon as Zuko and his friends arrived, Iroh revealed a surprising secret: he slew the dragons not just to make unworthy firebenders vulnerable, but also to conceal a secret that was now being exploited. As Zuko and Aang prepared to leave, Sokka, Suki, Mai and Ty Lee said they'd come too so they could have their bending abilities. Plus, Mai and Ty Lee were eager to get back with Azula.

When the Firebender Rebel arrived, he said they needed to hurry as he had pursuers close behind. Just as he was about to kill Azula, an arrow burned his hand. He and the other rebels looked up to find the heroes were already there. While Zuko and Aang fought the rebels, the other four went to get their abilities. When all seemed lost, Azula broke free and blinded the Firebender Rebel, who began swinging his powers wildly. Finally, he struck himself and, realizing what he'd done, he fell into the magic pool. His Firebending went to everyone of the heroes except Sokka and Suki, who could now bend water and earth. Realizing they no longer had the upper hand, the Rebels surrendered their bending abilities to Aang, who then distributed them to respectable owners: Himself, Katara, and Toph.

Later, at the Palace, Zuko welcomed Azula home, as did Mai and Ty Lee. As Zuko wondered how this turn of events was possible, Aang pulled him aside to explain it was the work of an Earthbender with mind abilities. As Aang continued, suddenly Azula cried out in pain. Zuko ordered a medical capsule to take her to the hospital During transport to the hospital, Aang revealed some surprising news: before he left Roku, Roku revealed that Azula was to have a baby girl. Once the child was delivered, Ty lee (who was the godmother in this event) told Zuko to come meet his niece, who was named Azulon, after his grandfather. Azula said she was sorry for what she'd done to them all and wished to come home. Zuko then told her she was no longer a princess, but a queen second only to him (he wanted her to have as much control as he did so she could come home). After this, everyone had begun rejoicing again.

However, all was not well. The rebels were imprisoned at the Fire Nation's normal prisons. The Waterbender shared a cell with Ozai, to whom he told the secrets of Dragon's Graveyard. With that in mind, Ozai began plotting revenge, but that's a story for another day.

Note: if anyone who can't bend an element gets jealous of those who can bend an element, they merely need to come to the magic pool and they'll acquire strength to either bend their natural element or gain stronger abilities(for those who already bend something).

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