Mental Azula
Azula's Phase
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A Family Reborn



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Blueflame 1



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July 21, 2012

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Where's Ursa!

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Enemies Plan

Hands twitching, her heart racing, anger built up inside. Soon her surroundings became dull and faded. Memories of her mother flooded her mind. Visions of her mothers love towards her brother kept on cycling, Azula was having her worst nightmare. As her condition worsened, she stood there staring at her mother and brother with fire spread around the side thinking

"She pretends to love me to avoid death."

"I should kill her now and take my place as Fire Lord!"

Inner conflict settled in and she started fighting with her self.

"She was my mother she is supposed to love me!"

"Don't be a fool Azula you know your mother never loved you!"

"Be quiet! She has to."

"She thinks your a monster Azula."

"She has a chance to change her mind!"

"You think she will ever love you?"

"As soon as you go back to the Fire Nation you will be thrown back in that mental health facility, that jail cell that they say could help you, AZULA WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE! You are on your own."

"It's time you take REVENGE!!!"

Azula's began to grind her teeth will Katara stood up and got rid of the fire surrounding Zuko and his mother. Just in case of any attack Zuko got up and positioned himself ready to fire at Azula. Azula's mind was in turmoil and her emotions got the best of her. The tears that once crept down her face now dried up and fury took over her heart. The inner conflict was now one sided. Azula agreed REVENGE is what she wanted. She stood up straight and laughed at Zuko, Katara and Ursa.

"Azula! Stand down." insisted Zuko.

"Brother I am no going to fight you but I will destroy URSA!" Azula stated then jumping into the air spiraling balls of fire at her mother. Katara was able to protect Ursa and then she and Zuko stood there ground ready for Azula.

"Azula, we beat you once and we can surely do it again, you can't beat us stop it now," Katara stated in the most profound and polite way she could with out showing too much sympathy.

Azula had no doubt that her brother and Katara could defeat her so she lunged herself into the air with her fire and escaped.

Zuko began speaking to his mother, "What is going to happen now?"

Dragon Royalty Ozai-sprite Flame

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