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"My uncle Iroh always used to speak about destiny, though naturally I never believed a word of it. But maybe the old man was right about a few things here and there, because my destiny will change the world..."
— Azula in Book 3 Chapter 2 of Azula's Mysterious Plan
Azula's blue flames
Azula's Mysterious Plan
Azula is down, but she's not out...
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34 + epilogue planned, written, and posted.

Plot Teaser

The story picks up about a year after the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Last we saw our characters, Fire Lord Ozai had been defeated and his bending removed, Azula had been defeated and locked away in prison, etc. All seemed well in the world, but truth be told, the short era of peace immediately following the end of the Great War would be short lived. Azula may have been defeated, but unlike her father she still had her bending. And she also had a plan. Soon a dangerous secret from the past will be revealed, throwing the world once again out of balance and summoning Avatar Aang to do his Avatar duty to restore peace to the world...


~Book 1:

Azula: We saw the Fire Nation princess fall from glory and face defeat at the hands of Katara and Zuko. Though she was locked up, it will take more than walls and bars to hold back this Firebending prodigy.

Long Feng: This power hungry man had once been in control of Ba Sing Se, the largest Earth Kingdom stronghold in existence. But when Azula seized the city for the Fire Nation at the end of Book 2, he was removed from power and placed in prison. But rest assured, we haven't seen the last of this Earthbender...

Aang: He is the Avatar who returned to end the Great War. For the last year, Aang has enjoyed a year of peace traveling across the globe with Katara. They are currently camping near the Fire Nation Royal Palace, preparing to depart at dawn to continue their adventures. But even though the world may have no need for the Avatar at this time, he is still around should a crisis arise. And arise one shall...

Katara: A Waterbending master from the Southern Water Tribe and faithful member of the Aang Gang, she has spent the last year traveling the world with Aang. They are currently camping near the Fire Nation Royal Palace, preparing to depart at dawn to continue their adventures.

Sokka: A skilled swordsman and friend of the Avatar, Katara's brother Sokka has spent the last year on Kyoshi Island training with Suki and the other Kyoshi Warriors. Shortly after the end of the Great War, he returned to Piandao and fashioned himself a new sword and boomerang. Since then he has been honing his skills and enjoying the period of great peace, though if his assistance were needed he would offer his help in an instant.

Suki: A Kyoshi Warrior and Sokka's girlfriend, Suki is adept in hand-to-hand combat and prefers the fan as her weapon of choice. She has spent the last year on Kyoshi Island with Sokka training and improving her martial arts abilities.

Toph: Toph is a blind Earthbender who helped the Avatar end the Great War. Since then she has returned home and reconciled with her parents, who now accept her for who she truly is and allow her much more freedom. Though she now has the love of her family, this Earthbender is not one to wait around, and she is bound to get restless. Yearning for adventure, Toph would also be more than willing to offer her help should it be needed.

Zuko: The present Fire Lord, Zuko takes his job very seriously. He has ensured a continued peace ever since the end of the Great War, keeping a close eye on the state of the world to make sure that balance is maintained. But though Zuko has finally found inner peace, there is one thing he has not been able to do: find his mother. She has been missing since he was little, and he is distraught that he is unable to find her.

~Book 2:

Ursa: Not much is known about Ursa, Zuko's long-lost mother. One dark night, she provided a plan that saved young Zuko's life and granted Ozai the right to become Fire Lord. For her actions that night, she was banished from the Fire Nation and has not been seen since. Since becoming Fire Lord, Zuko has spent much time searching for her, but he has never been successful.

Iroh: At the end of the show, Iroh returned to his tea shop in Ba Sing Se to live a life of tranquility and quiet peace. However, duty will call upon him once more when his help is needed to stop the greatest threat since the end of the Great War...

~Book 3:

Ty Lee: After the end of the Great War, Ty Lee joined forces with the Kyoshi Warriors. However, she found this group too uniform for her uniquely spirited personality, so she has since left Kyoshi Island and is currently living in the Fire Nation.

Mai: The youngest girl to ever become Fire Lady, she takes her job alongside Zuko very seriously. In this time of rebuilding she often awakens to find that Zuko has disappeared, either to help with the reconstruction efforts personally or else to lead another expedition in search of his mother, so when she wakes up to find him gone she thinks nothing of it. But this time, Zuko hasn't just gone on any mission. He has gone on a quest the outcome of which will determine the fate of the world...

Why I wrote this fanon

This is a story I actually wrote a long time ago during the hiatus between books two and three, though now I'm going back and adapting it based on the ending of the series while maintaining the same general plot line. Tell me what you liked, what you didn't like, and feel free to leave predictions. I hope you like it!

Book 1 Chapters:

Chapter 1: A Warning

Chapter 2: It Begins...

Chapter 3: The Old Gang

Chapter 4: The Northern Air Temple

Chapter 5: The Elemental Amulets

Chapter 6: The Battle of the Northern Air Temple

Chapter 7: The Crossroads

Chapter 8: Long Feng's Mistake

Chapter 9: The Master of the Elements: Part 1

Chapter 10: The Master of the Elements: Part 2

Book 2 Chapters:

Chapter 1: The Town of Muzai

Chapter 2: The Penetrable City

Chapter 3: City of Ice and Snow

Chapter 4: The Spirit World

Chapter 5: A Familiar Spirit

Chapter 6: The Eternal Palace

Chapter 7: The Jasmine Dragon

Chapter 8: Iroh's Remorse

Chapter 9: The Spirits' Advice, Part 1: Reunions

Chapter 10: The Spirits' Advice, Part 2: He Who Knows Ten Thousand and One Things

Book 3 Chapters:

Chapter 1: A Disturbing Prophecy

Chapter 2: Azula's New Power

Chapter 3: Ursa's Dark Past

Chapter 4: The Lotus's Secret

Chapter 5: Return to the Spirit World, Part 1: The Peacemaker's Wisdom

Chapter 6: Return to the Spirit World, Part 2: Against all Odds

Chapter 7: The Beginning of the End

Chapter 8: Sokka's Gambit

Chapter 9: The Final Task, Part 1: An Elemental Discovery

Chapter 10: The Final Task, Part 2: Azula's Army

~Series Finale:

Chapter 11: Worlds Collide, Part 1: The End of the World

Chapter 12: Worlds Collide, Part 2: Out of Balance

Chapter 13: Worlds Collide, Part 3: Aang's Desperate Attack

Chapter 14: Worlds Collide, Part 4: A Hero's Sacrifice

Epilogue: The Sunset

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