Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Azula's Encounter With Destiny in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Azula's Encounter With Destiny
"Who is this boy rushing by me like this?"
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Action, Adventure, Suspense






May 25, 2011 to unknown date








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(This takes place before the happenings of the beginning of the first season) Love... A feeling. A strong feeling. A feeling that we all have fealt. Can even a person with the darkest inside, feel this emotion? Can one girl, gain the power over one boy, through this feeling? Can this feeling even change the personality of a person such as Azula? Can Azula's destiny change? Not only hers, but for the boy that falls in love with her? You must let love work its magic.


Book One: Destiny

Book Two: Fate

Main Characters

Azula- This is a story about her. I don't need to explain who she is because most of you should know.

Rokai Guo- A 15 year old boy with many secrects on the inside just waiting to come out. How does he tie in with the story? Why does he play a big part in it? Well, read the story to find out!

Daeden Chen- A close friend to Rokai. What happens to their friendship when he finds out one of Rokai's secrets?

Jeroen Guo- Rokai's sickly father. His wife died from the same sickness he has. He is afraid he doesen't have much more life to live. But he fights the sickness because he does not wish for Rokai to be on his own.

Jade Guo- Rokai's younger sister who was lost and separated from the family when she was just 9 years old. What will we learn about her? Will Rokai ever get to see his sister again?

The Thief- An unknown figure who stalks guards and raids shops in the night. What kind of powers does he hold? Who is this person? Will we ever find out? How does he tie in with the story?


My plan is to make around 10 to 20 chapters per book. I already thought out what I am going to write for the first two books. Just to let you guys know, anybody who feels that there is something missing, if I am not portraying a character the right way, etc. Let me know. Please.. :) I'll will most definitely be willing to fix it. Thanks.

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