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"I am to track and eliminate the only potential competition for the title of FireLord? Father, I would be proud to do you this service."
— Azul, when given the order to hunt down and execute Zotu, following his choice to go rogue.

Azul is an eighteen year old royal princess of the Fire Nation, and the heir apparent to the throne for the last seven years, since her brother was disowned.

Azul's life immediately preceding the events of Book One:Chapter 18 will be covered in the upcoming miniseries "To Lick the Flames."

Lovelyb0nes would like to assure that the miniseries' title was not intended to have innuendo in any way.

Fire Lord Azula
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Fire Nation



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Firebending, Lightning


Aizo, Fire Nation, Ni Mai, Tia


Zotu, Aang, Earth Kingdom, Water Tribes

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The Fire Fleet


Azul was born to the royal Fire Lord Aizo and his peasant wife, Ursa, a year after her elder brother, Zotu. Azul's primary upbringing was at her father's hand, as her mother was absorbed in teaching her son the ways of compassion and generosity, and the value of human life. Aizo taught Azul in the ways of war, cruelty and ruthless strategy, but in her younger days, Azul still carried a sense of softness beneath the hard edge that her father had carved into her.

At the tender age of eleven, one year before her brother's mutilation and disowning, Azul lost her innocence when she took her first life, which was on her father's orders. He had grown aware that she was particularly close to one of the peasant girls in the Imperial City, whose name was Ni Mai. To discourage both the possibility of his daughter developing a homosexual relationship and her coercion with the common people, Aizo had both Ni Mai and one of Azul's numerous male suitors of noble blood imprisoned in cells next to each other.

He forced his daughter to choose which one she would burn to death, and attempted to pressure her into killing Ni Mai by explaining that commoner lives weren't worth as much as nobles, and that the male could provide the royal family with an heir, which Ni Mai could not. It was in this moment that Azul's latent sadism that Aizo had planted within her became apparent, as with an expression of sheer delight, Azul viciously burnt the male noble boy to death. From this experience Azul and Ni Mai only grew closer, and so began the sense of resentment that Azul would develop against her father.

Azul's extreme firebending proficiency became the topic of rumors and myths amongst the noble families, but it was a disservice to her brother Zotu, who was overshadowed by the attention lavished upon Azul. This attention allowed for Azul's development of rampant vanity. However, Azul had no care for the attention given to her by the noble court, the attention she desired was her mother's, which she was even further deprived of following the revelation of her sadism.

Without a stable relationship with either parent, as her mentor-pupil relationship with Aizo was built on a foundation of underlying begrudging resentment, and her mother quite simply avoided her presence out of sheer fear, Azul's friendship with Ni Mai, as well as another friendship with a noble-blood girl named Tia, became more and more of the understructure for her very sanity and sense of companionship.

This, however, was undermined by the severe paranoia her father had instilled into her, convincing her that as Fire Lord, her former companions would be willing to sabotage her for their own selfish gains, just as she would. This latent paranoia, alongside the sadism, vanity, resentment towards her parents, and envy for her brother over earning her mother's love, resulted in a severe mental imbalance that could be considered as potentially volatile.

Despite the mental chaos boiling beneath her stoic exterior, Azul is an accomplished master firebender and coldly calculating strategist; she's capable of crafting an intricate web of plots and conspiracies that overlap each other and almost always come out in her favor. Azul is presently living a meaningless life of leisure in the Imperial Palace, as her disciple and concubine Ni Mai is touring as an acrobat and her other friend Tia ran away several years ago, seeking work as an assassin.

In the absence of her primary lover, Azul sought the company of local nobles, the most popular and successful young men and women in the city, but "failed to find solace in the company of such shallow-minded and self-indulgent fools," in her own words.

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