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Biographical information



Fire Nation

Birth place

Shu Jing






223 AG

Physical description







110 lbs

Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice



Firebender, Lightning Generation


Kaito, Kazuma

Chronological and political information

Firebending Master


Formerly White Lotus


Kai, Sazana, Zhang, Kaito

Azora is one of the few remaining Firebending Masters. She is a character in the fanon series Avatar: Legend of Kaito.


Azora was born two-hundred and twenty-three years after Sozin's Comet in the village of Shu Jing. She was born the same year Avatar Korra died and was apart of the first Avatar-less generation. She showed advanced Firebending prowess at a young age and was invited to train at one of the reconstructed Fire Temples. She was a full-fledged Firebending Master by her mid-twenties and was one of the candidates to train the new Avatar once they were found. Since the Avatar never appeared she was never officially chosen and maintained her role teaching young Firebenders.

Azora grew up during the reemergence of the Equalist party and their rise to political legitimacy and eventually their acceptance as the main political party of all Non-Benders. She also witnessed first hand the rapid decline in births of Benders and was apart of the White Lotus investigations into the Spirit World to try and find the reason for the disconnection between worlds.

After almost seven decades since they were defeated by Korra, the Equalist revolution had finally been successful in overtaking the United Republic of Nations. They struck the Fire Nation first and Azora was forced to the front lines. The Fire Nation fought them valiantly but the numbers of the newly formed Republic State's military was overwhelming. The majority of Firebenders had been killed in combat when the call was made for the other nations to aid them and the fight for dominance between Benders and Non-Benders had finally begun.

The White Lotus led the defense of the Bending nations. They had been searching tirelessly for the Avatar but to no avail. Now, with bending facing extinction the White Lotus had to focus their efforts on preserving their ancient art. The White Lotus started to dwindle in numbers and most new recruits were raised during a time when Bending was hated and they harbored resentment towards that. Over the years throughout the war the White Lotus eventually became corrupt and they surmised the only option to end the war was to wipe out the Republic State and most Non-Benders within it. They felt that because a solution wasn't reached before that this same problem of equality will only continue to reappear. It was time for Bending to rule the world under the guise of 'they forced us to do this'.

When Azora had learned that the White Lotus was seeking the Avatar to exterminate the Republic State completely she fled to find him herself. The White Lotus considered her too dangerous and immediately sent their deadliest members to ascertain her but they were defeated and she escaped. Her whereabouts were unknown until she was recently captured in the Republic State. It can be assumed that she chose to hide out in the Republic State to avoid the White Lotus but this has not been confirmed.


Azora is eccentric and goofy despite being a Firebending Master and her old age. She has been described as crazy but brilliant. Scatter-brained but infinitely wise. Most of her opponents underestimate her but her Firebending ability has been described as ferocious.

Although she may not always show it she is extremely capable and considered dangerous by the White Lotus and Republic State alike.

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