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We Don't Need No Education

Mr. Azol was an arithmetic teacher who worked at the Royal Fire Academy for Girls. He was notable for being the former teacher of Azula.


Early Life

Not much is known of the early life of Azol before he began working for the Academy for Girls. It is rumored by students at the academy that he was a former Fire Nation army member and he served on the front lines, he was injured in battle and became increasingly bitter and angry because he was injured in the crotch and couldn't reproduce because of the injury. Whether this is true or not is unknown.


For nearly half of his life, Azol has been teaching at the Academy for Girls, he hates children, girls in particular, and took the job simply because he was payed very well. He was known for being the teacher of the then Princess Azula, he loved to take advantage of him being her superior at any possible time. The hatred of each other was mutual, and they both knew it from each other. Azula once thought of him as a dystopian dictator who ruled over the school with an iron fist.


Azol is an extremely bitter and mean person. He is very unfair in the classroom, making the struggling students do the work that they don't know the answer to while giving the straight A students a lot of slack and private tutoring. He also has no sense of humility or kindness, always addressing Azula as "Miss Azula" instead of her title.


  • His name sounds similar to the term "ass hole," explaining his personality.
  • He is reminiscent of the school teacher from Pink Floyd: The Wall in both personality and the actions he did in the classroom.
    • He is also loosely based on the author's algebra teacher.

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