By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
Azarath Gem

The Azarath Gem is a type of red emerald that Marage said Raviente had gotten a hold of. Oddly for some it's also known as the demons gem since devils sometimes are born with the gem on top of their forehead. Raven too has the Azarath gem on her forehead but since she's only half demon the gem's twice as small.


The history of the Azarath gem is mostly in mystery, even in the Teen Titans universe where it originated. But Raven said that the gem was a source of great power and was guarded by the monks so the evil won't be able to abuse it for their uses. The gem has an ability for the possessor to cast any spell, as long as it is involving destruction and suffering in some way. The gem for demons who are born with them actually make it apart of their physical status, able to give them better self-control, equilibrium (balance), and focus of their powers.

Known demons with Azarath gems:


  • An azarath gem was also used in the sequel for Tails Doll

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