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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Final Avatar.

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Azap is the brother of Erus, and grandfather of Zaru in The Final Avatar. He is dedicated to seize the throne of the Fire Lord.


Early Life

Azap was the third and youngest son of the Fire Lord. He is one of Firelord Zuko's grandsons. He was always overshadowed by his older brothers. This caused him to become cruel, and even evil.

Killing Ajoke}}

Azap wanted the throne for himself, so he needed to kill his brother, Ajoke. He hired an assassin, and successfully killed Ajoke, despite interference from Zaru. But Zaru and Erus chased him away.

Summoning Hei Bai

Azap, knowing of the story of Hei Bai's previous attacks, went to Hei Bai's forest on the solstice, and burned it down. The monster came, but he failed to bend it to his will. His grandson Zaru had followed him, and tried to stop the monster. After a huge attack on the monster with the Avatar State, Azap ran away to continue plotting.

The Lightningbenders

With the solstice ending, Azap used part two of his plan. He went to Wan Shi Tong's Library, and cheated his way into the library's section on bending. He knew of an ancient secret there, and found lightningbending. He then went back to his base on Ember Island, and took over the whole island, renaming it Lightning Island. He held it for around a week, until an attack took it down.


Azap is very cruel and evil. Most of all, he is very greedy. He is willing to kill both of his older brothers to get the throne. This was partially caused by being overshadowed by his brothers. He does not care about killing people and gladly removes people that annoy him.


Azap is one of the most powerful firebenders in the world. Only Erus and the Avatar are considered more powerful than him (before Ajoke was killed, he was more powerful as well). He can make amazing amounts of fire with little effort. He has accomplished feats such as partially burning down a forest in a matter of minutes. After learning lightningbending, he became even more powerful.


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