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Fire Nation

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Hing Wa Island


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62 AG

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Military general


Fire Nation, Fire Nation Rebel Army

General Azai is a former military adviser to Fire Lord Zuko, and currently one of the leaders of the Fire Nation Rebel Army which seeks to topple the reign of Zorro.


Early life

Azai was born in 62 AG, the last member of his family. Most of his early history is unknown, except for the fact that he was a Firebender, and trained with it for several years. It is presumed that he was brought into the Military of the Fire Nation at age 18, in 80 AG.

War years

Azai's war records were being kept at a military base in one of the colonies within the Earth Kingdom. However, the colony was wiped out one day in 97 AG by a large earthquake, and his records were lost. At the time of the disaster, he was a brigadier general.

His war service actually was alongside General Zorro during 100 AG, helping to take the city of Omashu; however, Azai hardly spoke with Zorro, nor does he seem to recall him from the War.

After the War

He initially was going to retire after the War ended, however, he was contacted by Zuko to become a military adviser to him when the new Fire Lord took power, much to the surprise of the Fire Nation public.

Azai actually involved himself in fighting in a 101 AG revolt against Zuko; he helped push back several of the revolting forces to the shores of the Royal Plaza. For this, Azai began getting more in the spotlight, and was looked upon more favorably.

Loss of power and rebellion

However, like his fellow advisers, Tizou and Bujing, Azai lost his power in the Capture of the Fire Nation, when the nation fell to Zorro and his group, the Meteorologists.

A short time later, Azai re-united with the two generals, and together, they established the Fire Nation Rebel Army. This organization became responsible for the Rebellion Against the New Reign.

Azai became the third in command, but was not so much the decision maker that Tizou and Bujing tended to be. Azai was a top commander, but tended not to show it. He did, however, resolve a conflict between the other generals when the first strike failed.

Later, the Rebel Army returned to the Capital after capturing several towns and gaining manpower, and also gained Zuko and Avatar Aang as allies. Azai joined his fellow generals and the two young men on the sidelines for day one of the battle, but would join the fight on day two.


Azai is mostly calm, cool and collective. He does not speak out much in discussions, despite him being a general and an adviser to Zuko. It is a detractor people use in their criticisms of the general. However, in times of need, Azai can speak up rather quickly and can actually come out with some good arguments.


Azai is a strong Firebender, capable of some master-level moves. He has been seen using fire discs, and can do augmentation to a limited extent. He still gets lessons every so often so that he can reach his full potential in the art.

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