By Philanahembree Part of the Forces of Nature continuity.
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom




26 AG (by 206 AG)


180 AG

Physical description


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Earth, Sand, Glass

Fighting style(s)

Earthbending, Sandbending, Glassbending


Tum Guon, Yungyen, Ikyina, citizens of Laobao


Anjanun, sandbender army

Chronological and political information
  • Guard (formerly)
  • Captain of Laobao's outposts
  • Earthbending master
  • Glassbending master
Ayugu is a citizen of Laobao who guarded the city when Anjanun and his army attacked it. He later became the commander of the outposts protecting Laobao.


Ayugu parents were members of a sandbender tribe who later gave up their nomadic life and became citizens of Laobao, merely a small town at the time. After learning earthbending, sandbending and glassbending, he became a guard for the town under the instruction of Yungyen. Though young and inexperienced, Yungyen saw him as trustworthy, always taking his advice on small matters. Yungyen eventually put him to work in one of the outposts, watching out for both outside travellers and threats.

In 206 AG his outpost was attacked by some of Anjanun's men led by Hingan. Ayugu was able to hold some off until he was bested by Hingan, but the latter let him go, and Ayugu made it back to Laobao before Anjanun began his assault. Ayugu fought bravely against the Sandbending army, and witnessed Anjanun's defeat at the hands of Yungyen. When Hingan and Anjanun's surviving commanders were taken captive and sentenced to death by Tum Guon, Ayugu pleaded with him, telling him how Hingan had let him go and warned off the coming attack. Knowing Ayugu as trustworthy, Yungyen believed him, which caused Tum Guon to believe her.

For a few weeks, Ayugu would travel through the armies encampment outside Laobao's walls, talking with Hingan. Ayugu arrived one morning, telling Hingan and the other generals that new homes would be made to house everyone in Anjanun's army, and in exchange, they would become citizens of the town, and would help built it into a city. Hingan assured Ayugu that while a hard en devour, they would find a way.

Ayugu was soon put in charge of construction bigger and greater outposts for what would eventually become the city of Laobao.



By 206 AG, Ayugu had already mastered earthbending and glassbending, the bending art of his city. He was skilled enough to work on one of the city's outposts.


Ayugu mastered glassbending at a young age. He proved his mastery over Anjanun's men by turning their attacks from sand to glass and redirecting it at them.

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