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Northern Water Tribe



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Einar, Kae, Korra, Katara, Naga, Tonraq and Senna

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Princess of the Northern Water Tribe


Northern Water Tribe

Aysu is the Tribal Princess of the Northern Water Tribe and the second child of Chief Einar and Queen Kae. She was born June 27,156 AG. Her father makes sure she is watched over at all times and very much views her as his little girl. She has an older brother named Tarou, who often looks down on her because she is a girl and younger than him. While she is very humble, Tarou is very arrogant. He often tests her patience, though she tolerates him to the best of her ability. Korra and her have been friends since they were children.


Much like her predecessor Princess Yue, Aysu is a very kind and caring young girl. She is mild mannered, a little bit shy, and has been known to be hard on herself sometimes. When it comes to the world outside of her tribe, palace, and customs, she is both immensely curious and fearful of the idea of seeing such places. This is partly due to the fact the palace guards watched her very closely and she was raised to be polite and obedient; a role she plays very well. She takes her role in the tribe seriously, however with a nudge from Korra she has fun in her spare time.

Meeting Korra

Even though they only get to see each other a few times a year, Aysu and Korra are very close friends and Korra often looks at her as a little sister. Whenever they do get to see each other they will often sneak off to do things like penguin sledding and taunting the polar leopards; things that Aysu would almost never do without Korra's influence. Their friendship began when they were very young, shortly after Korra was identified as the Avatar. Because She was the one of the few children ever allowed in the compound and Aysu was both too closely watched and too shy to go out and meet people on her own, they valued each other as friends dearly.



Main article: Waterbending

Aysu is an intermediate waterbender. When she was thirteen she spent a winter at the Southern Water Tribe to train with Katara. Her waterbending has struggled because of her uncertainty of herself and the fact she simply believes she will never master it. However, under the training of Katara she was able to master the basics. Unfortunately, before she could progress further she was sent back home to the Northern Tribe.


Main article: Healing

Unlike waterbending, healing came naturally to Aysu. But it also is still hindered by her self-doubt sometimes. While it rarely happens, in situations where someone is seriously injured, she panics.


  • Aysu is a name derived from Turkish ay "moon" and su "water". [1]

    Aysu's Family Tree

  • Aisu in Japanese means "ice" (, in kanji; アイス, in katakana.), or "to love" (愛す).


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