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By Alexdpny Part of the Avatar: Spirit Chronicles continuity.
Unnamed fire Avatar
Biographical information

Fire Nation


c.700 BG


c.578 BG (aged 122)

Physical description



156.3 cm (5'3") as an adult, 123 cm (4'8") at age 15

Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)

Fire, Air, Water, Earth

Chronological and political information

Avatar, Leader of the Quatour Fighters


Quatour Fighters, later World of Four Nations


Sage Ozuku


Quatour Fighters

Ayatu was an Firebending Avatar born approximately 1,077 years prior to Aang's awakening. He was the Firebending Avatar prior to Roku and the 5th Avatar prior to Aang. Ayatu was born to two Fire Nation nobles. He ran away at 14 to train his skills with the Fire Sages. He later learned he was Avatar and decided to train students in firebending.


Birth and Early Life

Ayatu was born to two Fire Nation nobles shortly after Fire Lady Orsou used her superior firebending skills to kill her husband, Fire Lord Kuro. For this all female firebenders were forbidden to train their skills. Her father was a strong firebender and army leader. When Ayatu discovered his skills his father forbid him from using his powers ever because his father was close to Kuro. He however secretly trained his skills on Ember Island with his friends Liou and her brother Loui. His father never found out his secret and he trained until he was 13.


On Ayatu's 14th birthday the Fire Sages came to wish Ayatu a happy birthday and converse with his father. Ozuku, the youngest sage, saw Ayatu firebend and offered him a place to train at the temple in more of a secret place. He ran away that night and began training with Ozuku in secret.


After a year of training with the sages, his identity as the Avatar was revealed on his 16th birthday. Ayatu was then accompanied, with Ozuku, to the other three nations to master the elements. In the Wan Shi Tong Desert Ozuku was kidnapped by a group of Sandbenders and Ayatu went to rescue him. He met the leader of the group, a female named Harena. After Ayatu defeated her and rescued Ozuku, Harena travelled with Ayatu for the rest of his journey. Ayatu mastered the elements within 30 years and then returned home to the temple without Ozuku, who was killed in an accidental land slide in Omashu.

Return Home

Ayatu returned home to confront Fire Lord Akouzu about female Firebenders. When he refused to lift the ban he destroyed half the royal palace. He began a school for both genders to train their skills and they became known as the Quatour Fighters.

Later Life

After Akouzu died, his son Okous lifted the ban on female firebenders. Ayatu died at age 122 having lived a happy and full life. Ayatu never married and treated his students like his children.


Ayatu was strong willed growing up. This may have caused him to want to learn Firebending even more. He was also caring and loving. He treated the Quatour Fighters like his own children as most were abandoned at a young age.


Ayatu was a very skilled Firebender. His main talent was using earthbending to make holes to the core of the world and combine earthbending and firebending to control lava. His skills in the other elements was also fairly strong using all elements to destroy much of the Fire Nation royal Palace.


Ayatu was tall and skinny.

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Avatar in the Spirit Chronicles continuity
c.700 BG - c.578 BG
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