By Gingalover Part of the Book Six: Shadow continuity.
Biographical information
Birth place

Si Wong Desert


174 AG

Physical description

95 feet


52 tons

Hair color

dark green

Skin color


Eye color

Cyan blue

Personal information


Chronological and political information

Guardian, transporter

First appearance

Ep.8: Ancient Paradox

Awadil is one of the Voronon that'd survived up to present times. Its appearance resembles that of a lion turtle, though with two platforms protruding from its back.


Awadil was created many years ago by the Shadow Nation in order to protect them. Once the Voronon began to die out, Awadil was put in suspended animation to keep it safe. The area, which was once an ancient plain, became the Si Wong Desert, a habitat Awadil wasn't made to survive in.

After becoming active, Awadil began to succumb to the harsh landscape and became very weak by the time it found Asami Sato and Kuvira. Upon discovery, it landed nearby and offered them both a ride in order to save them from the harsh land. When Asami and Kuvira got on, Awadil flew at good speed towards the Misty Palms Oasis before it became too weak to continue. It gave them both a vision on its own suspension, showing the Si Wong Desert alive and well before it passed away.



Despite having no visible wings or means in order to fly, Awadil is shown to be able to float off the ground as means of movement.


  • Awadil is the only Voronon shown to die from natural causes, rather than being killed.

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