Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avengers: The Earth's Mightiest Heroes in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Legend of Avatar Wang

Avengers: The Earth's Mightiest Heroes is the fanon created by Bersarker.


Book One: Assemble!

After Avatar Wang, who was the successor of Korra, died, and Avatar Mei was subsequently born in Fire Nation. When she is seventeen years old, she forms the group of heroes known as "Avengers" to protect the Earth, but her team has to face the many dangerous villains, like an insane monk of the Air Nomads in costume, named Green Goblin, the evil terrorist organization called A.I.M or even the mysterious man in black dragon armor who calls himself Mandarin.

Book Two: Invasion!

The Makluan and Symbiote are plotting the invasion to Earth to add it as one of their colony, meanwhile the legendary creatures that were imprisoned in the many sides of the world had been unleash to cause damage. The Avengers must seek the help from the "unbelievable" in the Spirit World to help them defeat the creatures.

Book Three: Ally and Enemy

The race of alien from the Negative Zone called Arthrosian had plotted the invasion to conquer Earth. It's up to the Avengers and the rest of the heroes of Earth and their new ally from the outer space to save the world before its gonna be colonized by the Arthrosian.


The Avengers - The group of superheroes that was founded by Avatar Mei, Iron Man, Hulk, and Spider-Man to protect the Earth from every threat.

  • Avatar Mei/Rescue — Mei is the Avatar born in the Fire Nation as the successor of Avatar Wang and is one of the founders of the Avengers. She is a nice and lovely girl and also likes to play pranks on the others, especially the Hulk. She has a crush on Iron Man. She has a mongoose dragon named Shiva as her animal companion and she is the first Avatar who use the High Tech armor.
  • Chong Sato/Iron Man — Chong is the current CEO of Future Industries and great-grandson of Asami Sato. He is the most brilliant man in the world. He is Mei's love interest and is one of the founders of the Avengers.
  • Zhoa Xiao/Hulk — Zhoa is the scientist of Earth Kingdom who turned into a big, hulking, grey human-like monster after the Gamma Explosion. He is the one of the founders of the Avengers.
  • Aoi Kumo/Spider-Man — Aoi is the youngest member of the Avengers and sidekick of Iron Man, as well as one of the founders of the Avengers. He is in love with Mei's older sister, Karai who is the crown princess of the Fire Nation.
  • Prince Bao/Black Panther — Bao is the crown prince of the Earth Kingdom, who found the meteorite that has the mineral known as vibranium. He created the Black Panther suit and weapons from Vibranium for himself in order to protect the Earth Kingdom.
  • Korosu/Wolverine — Korosu is the deadliest member of the Avengers. He is hot-headed and has a bad temper. He is Hulk's rival for the challenge of "who is the strongest and deadliest?"
  • Yumi Hana/Black Widow — Yumi is the best friend of Mei and girlfriend of Hawkeye. She joined the Avengers for take revenge on Green Goblin and Mr. Lemur for "taking" her uncle away from her. She is a former member of Kyoshi Warriors.
  • Taka Kagi/Hawkeye — He is a former member of the Yuyan Archers and joined the Avengers to take revenge on the Green Goblin for "taking" his parents away from him. He is the boyfriend of Black Widow.

X-Men — The group of superheroes who are mutants that can do more than bending. Wolverine is a former member of this group.

  • Omi Kokoro/Professor X — The founder of the X-Men and headmaster of Mutant Academy. He can bend air with by looking at the person or object he wants to bend at.
  • Anko Giara/Phoenix Girl — The firebender girl that can bend fire and lighting by just her thoughts. She is the best student of Professor X.
  • Fong Oto/Beast — The mutant male nonbender and strongest member in the group. He is the smartest man in the X-Men.
  • Miako Heiwa/Shadowcat — The waterbender girl who can't get hurt by anything when she bloodbends herself to be intangible. She is girlfriend of Iceman.
  • Aisu Samui/Iceman — The waterbender boy who can freeze everything by merely touching the water around him. He is boyfriend of Shadowcat.
  • Kimiko Hayai/Mystique - The mutant waterbender girl who can shape-shifting into everything by bloodbends herself. She is older sister of Nightcrawler.
  • Kishi Hayai/Nightcrawler - The mutant waterbender boy who can teleport himself to another place by bloodbends himself. He is younger brother of Mystique.
  • Ayame Kaminari/Storm - The waterbender girl who can do more than waterbending. She can use lightning generation like firebender and cause the tornado and flight like airbender.
  • Kinzoku Tamato/Colossus - The mutant male earthbender young adult who can turn himself into metal when he bend metal to surround him and he will absorb it into his body.

S.H.I.E.L.D - The organization that formed by General Yakan Moui to protect the Earth from threats of supervillains and terrorist organization like A.I.M.

  • General Yakan Moui - The leader and founder of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Noriko Oka - The second-in-command of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Karai/Black Cat - The crown princess of Fire Nation. She's joined S.H.I.E.L.D to help her sister and her team capture the Green Goblin and Mr. Lemur and so she can be with Spider-Man as closest as she can do.
  • S.H.I.E.L.D Agents - The scientists and soldiers of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Fantastic Four - The group of superheroes who have power of cosmic energy more much than normal benders.

Axon-Karr - The Prince of Makluan Empire who want to stop the rage of his empire for good of galaxy.

Senshi/Black Knight - The great and honor warrior of Southern Water Tribe in black armor and ride a robotic flying horse to protect his tribe from threats.

Princess Yuki/The Snow Queen - She is princess of the Northern Water Tribe. Her genetics was transformed by the cosmic energy that come from the comet that she touch. Make her can use powers of ice as she wanted.

  • Rakki - The spirit-like weasel who is very loyal to Princess Yuki. He is the only one who "feels" evil of Blizzard.
  • Ice Creatures - The creatures that created from ice by the Snow Queen to protect her.

Oroku/War Machine - Best friend of Iron Man who will help his friends in every way he can. So Iron Man gives him his own armor suit so he can be his replacement in Fire Nation during he led the Avengers.

Hercules - God of Strength and Power. He was the demi-god who traveled around the world before Wan was born. He had defeated many legendary evil creatures with himself.


The A.I.M — The terrorist organization found by Scientist Supreme during the Hundred Year War. Their goal is to make world "better" in the image of science.

Green Goblin — The insane monk of Air Nomads who wants to take revenge on everyone in the Fire Nation for pushing the Air Nomads to near extinction.

Shan-Yu Siwang/Mandarin — The mysterious man in black dragon armor who wear the Makluan Rings that wants to take over the Fire Nation. He got the rings from the Makluan Temple that he was discovered by accident.

Reikoku Unmei/Doctor Doom — The ruthless ruler of Omashu who wants to take over the Earth Kingdom.

Oroku Sansho/Magneto — The male mutant earthbender who can bend earth and metal with his thoughts.

  • Zabuza Shan/Pyro — The male mutant firebender who can bend fire and lightning with his thoughts.

Makluan - The race of alien reptilian from Planet Maklu-4. They're the race of conquerors that destroyed many countless races and planets in the galaxy. They had a war with the Symbiote, after they conquer their homeworld.

  • Makluan Overlord VI - The emperor of the Makluan Empire.
  • Fin Fang Foom - The greatest general of Makluan Empire who is very loyal to the emperor.
  • Makluan Berserker - The greatest champion of the Makluan Empire.
  • Makluan Soldiers - The soldiers of Makluan Empire.
  • Ultimo - The gigantic robots that serve as weapon of the Makluan Empire.

Symbiote - The race of alien humanoid slime mold from Planet Symbria. They're the benevolent race until the Makluan conquer their homeworld and that start the war between them and the Makluan.

  • Warlord Venom - The warlord of the Symbiote Empire.
  • General Yusuf - The Captain-general of the Symbiote Empire.
  • Symbiote Soldiers - The soldiers of the Symbiote Empire.

Arthrosian - The race of alien insectoid from Negative Zone. They're the most powerful race in their dimension and had brought the end the every sapient races in their dimension.

  • Annihilus - The emperor of the Arthrosian Empire.
  • Arthrosian Soldiers - The soldiers of Arthrosian Empire.

Tong - The most feared group of criminal that run the Criminal Empire in Republic City.

Badgermole Man - The former lead scientist of Ba Sing Se who gone has insane. He's abducted many beautiful girls and force them to marry with him. He is the ruler of Subterranea.

Chen Wong/Blizzard - The evil vizier and lead scientist of Northern Water Tribe. He's blame the destruction of the city to the Snow Queen and called her sorceress and said that she must be destroy.

Legendary Evil Creatures - The evil monsters that caused trouble for mankind during the era of Raava. All of them were defeated by the Hercules and Gods of Olympus.

Supporting Characters

Kaiju - The ancient animals in the time before era of Raava. They're longest ruler of Earth. They all are go extinct after the giant asteroid hit the Earth and caused the mass extinction. Some survivors are now lived in Subterranea.

Fauna and Flora - The animals and plants that will be appears in the series.

Melter - One of guardians of Makluan Temple.

Grey Gargoyle - One of guardians of Makluan Temple.

Earth King Banzai - The current king of Earth Kingdom and father of Black Panther.

Chief Zeng - The current chief of the Northern Water Tribe and father of the Snow Queen.

Fire Lord Khan - The current Fire Lord of Fire Nation and father of Avatar Mei and Black Cat.

Gods of Mount Olympus - The immortal beings that are lived on Mount Olympus in the Spirit World. They're the creators of the Spirit World.

Yan the Genie - The dark red immortal Djinn that lived in the lantern. When the finder of lantern rub it, he will come out and grant 5 wishes to the finder.

Skrull - The race of benevolent mammal-like reptilian from Skrullos Moon, the moon of gas giant name Skaaraa.


  1. Iron Man is Born
  2. Hulk VS Ba Sing Se
  3. Mutants of Republic City
  4. Widow's Sting


Book One: Assemble!

  1. Operation: Escape from the Vault!
  2. Goblin Strike!
  3. Invasion of Republic City
  4. X-Men
  5. Sunturion
  6. Mandarin
  7. Before Era of Raava
  8. Ultimo
  9. The Snow Queen
  10. Technovore
  11. Firebenders Hunting Season
  12. Rise of Badgermole Man
  13. Sunturion Returns
  14. Into the Criminal Empire
  15. Spirits of the Ice Forest
  16. Cruel Sea
  17. Be Knighted
  18. Furious of Firebrand
  19. Menace of Badgermole Man
  20. Justice for Air Nomads!
  21. Grim Reaper
  22. Iron Monger
  23. Doctor Doom's Conquest
  24. Fall of the Criminal Empire
  25. Revenge of the Dragons
  26. Alone Against A.I.M
  27. Curse of the Snow Queen
  28. Green Goblin's Mask

Book Two: Invasion!

  1. Return of Laogai Hydra
  2. Real Identities
  3. Vengeance of Sunturion
  4. Welcome to Maklaun Empire
  5. To Mount Olympus
  6. King of Wulong Forest
  7. Cerberus on the Loose!
  8. Killer Birds of Jang Hui
  9. Man-Eating Horses of Makapu
  10. Genie in the Lantern
  11. Water of Forgetfulness
  12. Serpent of the South
  13. The Golden Hind
  14. Bulls of Black Cliffs
  15. Secret Invasion!
  16. My girlfriend is Gorgon!
  17. Harpies Invasion!
  18. Argus see you!
  19. Parents of all Monster!
  20. Ultimo Returns
  21. It came from the Underworld
  22. Monster and Alien
  23. The Last Change
  24. Join or Die
  25. Titans Unleashed Part 1
  26. Titans Unleashed Part 2

Book Three: Ally and Enemy

  1. The Negative Zone
  2. New Alien Invasion!
  3. The Ally from the Outer Space
  4. Project: Space Travelling
  5. Visit Planet Al-Andalus
  6. Rise of the Emirate
  7. The Reconquest

More will be add!


  • Many things and the story will be very different from Marvel Comics.
    • The examples...
      • The Skrulls are the ally instead of enemy.
      • Kree-Skrull Wars was replaced by the war between the Makluans and the Symbiotes instead.
  • This is the alternate universe from the end of Legend of Korra, it means Prince Wu had accepted the responsibility as king of the Earth Kingdom.

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