Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatara, the one that was different in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatara, the one that was different
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"Avatar: The Last Airbender"


Avatara, the One that was Different is the Diary of Avatara a girl with a hard and painful past. She meets lots of people including the Avatar and finds love.

Book I: Smooth as Water

Chapter I: Beginnings

January 1st, AG

(In the year AG a baby girl is born. This baby is born to a high-class family in the Fire Nation. Although she was born into a family of wealth and power, her early life is not a fairy tale. Her parents had a hidden secret that they kept away from everyone. Her mother was an Earthbender but she fell in love with a Fire Nation Nobleman named Oritel . They married in secret and Koko came to the Fire Nation as a Fire Nation Noble lady. When Koko was pregnant she tells Oritel about her past. Koko's mother was an Earthbender, in fact Avatar Kyoshi was her mother.

Her great grandfather on her father's side was an Airbender. Oritel told her something too; his father, grandfather, great grandfather and great-great grandfather were Avatars. They keep everything's hidden. She was born in the Capital City in the Fire Nation. When Koko gives birth they have a girl and name her Avatara for hidden reasons. They notice that she was born with red, blue, green and white highlights. To keep them hidden they tuck the highlights under her black hair and make sure that her hair is up at all times. But when she was 2 the highlights disappeared except her red ones. When she is 2 she is sent to the Royal Fire Nation Academy for Girls.

At the beginning she doesn't fit in and after a year or two she meets plenty of friends. The school is impressed with her Firebending Skills and so they send word to the Firelord and he thinks on it. The years roll by and Avatara returns home and she is now 5 years old. Her family is invited to the Royal Palace for dinner. She is introduced to the Royal Family; Prince Zuko, Princess Azula and Fire Lord Ozai. During the dinner they talk about her past but her parents keep most of it a secret. She knows about her past though.

During dinner she catches the eye of Prince Zuko. They then go home. Then about 6 months later Avatara wakes up and her parents are dead. She cries that whole day. During the funeral the Fire Prince Ozai tells her that her parents told him to take her in as his ward and she'd grow up as a Princess. After the funeral she is taken to the palace and thrust into a great thing of responsibility and other things. She's in the house of the Fire Lord and makes friends with Zuko (who has a crush on her), Fire Princess Ursa and other people. She makes enemies with Azula who views her as low class. But when Fire Lord Azulon dies she is given the title High Princess Avatara making her higher then Azula .

She trains her Firebending and soon she becomes a Firebending Master, something rare for some one so young. She also learns that she can Energybend. An ancient act of bending that choose its owners rather then is chosen. She is left a large egg by her parents. At first she thinks it a rock but once she touches it turns to be a egg and it hatches. Inside is a baby dragon and she names the dragon Angel. But she has to keep Angel a secret because the Fire Nation are known to kill dragons.

She is able to use lightning and multi-colored flames according to her mood. One day while training with Angel she uses water instead of fire. She goes to her family's library and looks there her history. It turns out that her mother's father was a water bender. Her mother was an earth bender and her mother's great grandfather was a air bender. On her father's side she has a long line of Avatar's. She then decides to travel the world to learn how to use her gifts. Unknowing to her is that she is about to meet the Present Avatar.)

Dear Diary, My name is Avatara. I live in the Fire Nation and I don't live a normal life. My story really goes back 100 years to my father's side. He had very important people and he was a Firebender. My mother was an Earthbender, her father a Waterbender and her great grand father was an Airbender. I have all the bending arts in my family tree and I can use them all. Well I can use them but I don't know how.

I currently live in the Fire Lord's palace as his adopted daughter because my parents are dead. I don't know how though. All I can remember was that one day I was playing in the Fire Lord's garden. He came to me and my parents had died. I cried all that night. I am a very powerful Firebender. I can use different colored fire according to my mood. The color I mostly use is blue; it shows when I am calm. Let me descried my self. I am 15 years old and I am 5 feet 4 inches tall. I have yellow-green eyes.

My hair is jet black but it has red highlights in it. I am the type of girl that likes to talk first and then fight. I love to ride my pet. Her name is Angel and she is a large white dragon. Well her normal color is white but she can change color to match her surroundings. I have my hair in elaborate braids and the main braid I have a multi-colored crystal. My parents gave it to me when I was 5 and I've had it ever since.

They called it the Energy Crystal but I don't know why. I am also an energy bender. It's a gift that gets passed down every 5th generation female on my mother's side. I am able to take a person's bending arts away for a short time or forever. I rarely use it. I bend with Fans all the time. I can use my bare hands but I don't like to. Well its time for me sleep.

January 10th, AG

(Avatara wakes up and has a "normal" day.) Dear Diary,

Today I woke up and I dressed. My 'siblings' were not here. I know that Zuko was banished and his sister I don't know were she is. I ate breakfast and I went to the garden. I whistled and my Messenger Hawk came over. I petted her head and said, "Hello Flame. How are you today?" she chirped and I sat down in the grass and fed the turtle ducks. A servant came over and bowed. She said, "My lady it's time for your lesson. The Fire Lord will be watching today."

I shrugged and I went to my room to change. I put on a Royal Fire Nation training outfit and I put my hair in a topknot. Topknots are the official hairstyle of the Fire Nation, worn by both men and women. Fire Nation citizens often wear decorative headpieces in their topknots. Since I am a Princess I have a red royal flame piece on the topknot. I went to the arena and my teacher was waiting for me. I saw in the corner of my eye and I saw the Fire Lord watching. My teacher snapped his fingers and some Firebenders that I'm supposed to fight appeared. "Begin."

They made fire streams at me and I put my hands together to 'slice' threw the fire. I took off running at one of them. I then dropped down and did a kick. Fire came out of my foot and I managed to knock one down. I had a few more to go before I could fight my teacher. I got to another one and I made a fire whip. An extension of a fire stream, this continuous stream of flame can be used as a whip. I knocked them down then I got to my teacher.

I saw the Fire Lord and he wasn't smiling. I then did punches and kicks and my fire came out. She then made a whip and I made a fire shield. It's a protective fire shield around the front of, or the whole body of, a Firebender that can deflect attacks and explosions. May be a less powerful version of the Wall of Flames.

She smiled, "Not bad Avatara. But not good enough." I smiled and she shot at me again. I made a firewall to protect my self.

It may be a more powerful version of a Fire Shield. It not only protects against attacks, but when used right, can be used to stealthily escape from foes. She then blasted me and my hair started to come lose. I got angry, "Time to end this." I used Jet Propulsion. Skilled Firebending masters are able to conjure huge amounts of flame to propel themselves at high speeds on the ground or through the air. I jumped it on the ground and then I was able to jump in the air.

While in the air I started to generate my lightning. Also known as "the cold-blooded fire", certain powerful Firebenders are able to generate and manipulate lightning. Lightning generation is the ability to generate and direct lightning. It requires a complete absence of emotion and peace of mind. I shot it and the land around her blew up.

She was unharmed, because I wasn't going to hurt her. I landed with my fist next to her face. She smiled and we bowed to each other. "Well done your Highness." I looked and saw the Fire Lord was gone. I shrugged and went to the garden again. A few minutes later a servant came and said, "Your highness the Fire Lord wants you." I nodded and went to the throne room. I sat down and bowed. He said, "Princess Avatara." "Yes your highness?"

"Why do you call me 'Your Highness?' I've adopted you in my home as my daughter. You should call me father. I have called you because I was watching you train and I was impressed. So impressed that I have decided to put you in my act of succession." I was amazed. He went back to talking, "You will be given full accounts as a Princess and I want you to use them well. Your brother and sister are gone so you must deal with business here. Do you under stand?"

"Yes I do...Father." He dismissed me and I went to my room. I went to my room and I decided to travel the world to study the other types of bending. I went to my 'father's and said, "Father I have a request." "What is it?" "I would like to travel to world." "Why are you not happy here?" "I am wonderfully happy but I have a reason."

"What's the reason?" My 'father' is well known throughout the Fire Nation to be fierce and mean. So I needed a mean reason to travel the world. "I want to travel because I've heard that the Avatar is some where in the Earth Kingdom. I have 'unfinished' business with him."

"Right. He killed your parents correct?" The Fire Lord told me when I was little that the Avatar had killed my parents. I really don't believe him but I'm going to use that excuse to leave the palace. He smiled and said, "Happy hunting." I forced a smile and said, "I hope I'm lucky. If I succeed I'll bring you his head on a platter." He nodded and let me leave. I'm to leave soon and I'm leaving with Angel.

January 13th, AG

(Avatara is about to meet the present day Avatar. Aang brings the group to Kyoshi Island, to ride the giant Koi Fish, and are captured by a group of female warriors. Aang reveals he is a reincarnation of their founder, Avatar Kyoshi, so the villagers celebrate "the arrival of the Avatar". Unfortunately, the message gets to Zuko. While Zuko sails to Kyoshi Island, Sokka befriends the warrior leader, Suki, who manages to change his sexist attitude.

She teaches Sokka the warrior skills of Kyoshi, and Sokka does well. Then Zuko attacks the village, and burns it down in search of Aang. Suki turns out to have a crush on Sokka, and Team Avatar leaves the village. At the end, Aang manages to ride the Unagi and make it burst water out of its mouth which stops the village from burning down completely.)

Dear Diary,

As I write I am traveling the world. I woke up and I put on my clothes. I put on a dark red long sleeve undershirt with middle cut off to show my middle. Over it I put a sleeve-less black shirt cut just like my other shirt. I then put on dark red tights and over the tights I put on a thigh high light skirt.

I then put on my black shoes that had gold markings on it. I got my backpack and my red fingerless gloves. I then did my hair; I put it in 5 braids. I braided 3 of the braids in a bigger braid and I let the other 2 hang over my shoulders. I then put 3 small gold bands on both of the braids that were over my shoulder.

I then snuck out of the palace. I went over to a cave were I kept Angel. She roared with happiness as I came over. "Ready to go?" she nodded and lay down. I went to a corner and got her saddle. As I strapped it on she ate her breakfast. In the saddle I packed food, clothes and medicine. I then climbed on her back. She lifted her head and gave me my cape. I put it on and we walked out. I took hold of the reins and we took off. We flew for about 2 hours when the sun was shining high in the sky. I love the sun. The sun is the source of a Firebender's power.

My jewel flashed as if it agreed. I flew over a place called Kyoshi Island. It looked burnt so I went and landed Angel. I didn't see anyone but then a fan flew past me and almost hit me. I turned and saw a group of girls. "What are you doing here Fire Nation?" I guess they figured out that I was from the Fire Nation because of my clothes. "I'm not here to fight. I' m looking for the Avatar." "She wants to capture him just like that other creep did."

"Creep?" I wondered who they were talking about but I noticed that they were hurt. "I can help you." "What can you do? You're a Firebender." "I can heal. My family has Water, Earth and Airbenders in my family. Watch I can prove it." I went to the lake and got some water. I waved my hands over it and healed as best I could. When I finished one of the girls' said, "You know how to Waterbend?"

"Just a little. I wanted to travel to world and learn how to learn the other bending styles. Now please tell me where the Avatar went. I'm related him on my mothers side. Well I'm related to Avatar Kyoshi." I went back to Angel and I got on her back. One of the female warriors came over and said, "Head to the city of Omashu. They headed that way." I thanked them and the girl said, "Take these fans as a symbol that you came here and befriended us."

"Thank you." I took them and we flew another long time. We landed in the woods and I took my tent out of the saddle and I set it out. I took off her saddle and I cooked dinner. I had brought some food and cooked it. I then went in my tent and I wrote in my Diary. In a few days I'll be heading to Omashu.

January 16th, AG

(The next stop on the group's trip around the world is the Earth Kingdom city of Omashu. There, Aang shows Katara and Sokka the Omashu chute mail delivery system, which he and his friend Bumi used to ride for fun a hundred years ago. The trio gives the chutes a try but runs into trouble after it destroys a cabbage merchant's cart. Put in front of the crazy King of the city, the gang is given a feast. The King suspects that Aang is the Avatar and puts him through three deadly challenges to test his skills.

After the last challenge, Aang is forced to figure out the King's name, and based on the nature of the challenges, he realizes that the King is his old friend Bumi. Bumi informs Aang of what his task as the current Avatar entails. Avatara tracks Aang and the others to Omashu but just misses them. She stays there for the night and learns a little Earthbending from King Bumi.)

Dear Diary,

Today I arrived at Omashu. I arrived and an old man was waiting for me. He looked a little bit crazy but he had wise eyes. I landed Angel and he said, "I've been waiting for you Avatara." "You know my name?" "Yes. Your mother was my daughter." I was shocked. "I don't remember you." "You where just a baby. I visited you only once before the war."

"So who are you?" "I am King Bumi and welcome to Omashu." I smiled. He then said, "You just missed him. The Avatar just left. You can stay the night and then in the morning I'll teach a few basic Earthbending moves." I agreed and this morning he taught me a few moves. One of the moves he taught me was called Earthquakes/Fissures.

Striking the ground with feet, fists, or hammers creates localized earthquakes or fissures to throw opponents off-balance. This same process can be used to sculpture a landmass or to slice large chunks of rock clean of a surface to create avalanches or rockfalls. More advanced Earthbenders can make very narrow fissures for precise attacks. He also taught me how to use Rock Hanging.

Earthbenders also possess limited magnetic capabilities, allowing them to grasp vertical surfaces and cling unsupported to earthen structures. My total time holding onto the ceiling is 20 minutes. I hope I can hold on longer. Besides the basic levitating and throwing the rocks I've learned those moves fast. I got on Angel's back this afternoon and he gave me a gold coin that had his symbol on it.

To symbolize that I've been to Omashu and I know the King. I thanked my grandfather and we flew off. I wonder how I keep missing him.

January 18th, AG

(Aang, Katara, and Sokka camp near a small Earth Kingdom town that is controlled by the Fire Nation, which bans Earthbending. Katara convinces a young Earthbender named Haru to save an old man with Earthbending, only to have Haru captured by the soldiers. Katara then devises a plan to get herself arrested so Aang and Sokka can follow her to where Haru was taken and liberate him. While at the prison, a metal sea fortress that is impervious to Earthbending, Aang and Katara incite a rebellion with an inspiring speech and the realization that coal is susceptible to Earthbending.

The imprisoned Earthbenders manage to liberate themselves and return to their occupied cities. Avatara again just misses them but finds a piece of ribbon.) Dear Diary, Today I arrived a village that old me that the Avatar was there but I just missed him. I went to the destroyed mill and I saw that Earthbending did this. I looked down and I found a piece of blue ribbon. I put it in to my bag and flew off again. How do I keep missing this guy?

January 20th, AG

(Aang finds himself in a small Earth Kingdom village that is being attacked by a monster from the Spirit World. One night, this monster (named Hei Bai) captures Sokka. Aang decides to go after him. Aang accidentally ends up in the Spirit World, where he is told that Avatar Roku has a message for him. Aang proceeds to calm the attacking beast, restoring peace to the village. Meanwhile, the Earth Kingdom captures Iroh.

The soldiers who captured him wish to take him back to Ba Sing Se to face justice, the city Iroh laid siege to for 600 days during his youth as a Fire Nation general. This causes Zuko to stop his chase for the Avatar and to instead go after Iroh. Avatara again just misses the Avatar but she meets the Spirit Hei Bai.)'

Dear Diary,

Today I arrived at the village that looked like it was destroyed. But they where rebuilding it and when I landed I went into the forest. It was dead and I didn't like what my nation did to it. I then felt something watching me and I turned around. Behind me was giant panda bear named Hei Bai. It sniffed me and then licked me.

I laughed and said, "Hello there. Your name is Hei Bai. Have you seen the Avatar any where?" it pointed it's paw in the west and smiled. I smiled and I thanked him. I got on Angel's back and we flew off. I have a feeling to travel to a Fire Nation Temple.

January 24th, AG

(Aang has to travel to the Fire Temple to receive the message from Avatar Roku on the Winter Solstice. They are chased by Zuko and attacked by a Fire Nation blockade led by Zhao on the way there. When Aang gets to the temple he is shocked to learn the five Fire Sages there are no longer the Avatar's allies. However, a friendly sage helps Aang get to the sanctuary where he can talk to Roku.

Avatar Roku then informs Aang about Sozin's Comet, which will return in just under a year and give the Fire Nation the power to finish the war. When Aang leaves the sanctuary, Zhao and the Sages attack him. Aang defeats them when he manifests the spirit of Roku, who destroys the temple. Avatara arrives at the destroyed Temple and meets the Spirit of Avatar Roku. Roku tells her some useful information about Aang and where to find him.)

Dear Diary,

Today I met an old friend. Well really he wasn't a friend but he was my father best friend. I flew to the Temple of Roku and found that it was destroyed. I looked around and then a spirit appeared in front of me. At first I was scared but I said, "You're from the Fire Nation, just like me. Who are you?" "My name is Avatar Roku. I was a friend of your father." I then recognized him.

I smiled and bowed in respect. He smiled at me, "I know your mission Avatara. Here." He waved my hand and in my bag appeared some Waterbending scrolls. "You can learn from these. The Avatar is in the wood about 40 miles from here. You'll know when to stop." I smiled and bowed again.

"Thank you Avatar Roku." Before I left I stopped and said, "You don't know what happened to my parents do you?" His face saddened and he said, "I can not tell you. But you'll find out in due time." He disappeared and I got on Angel's back again. I hope I find the Avatar this time.

January 26th, AG

(Katara, despite her limited training as a Waterbender, begins teaching Aang, and is frustrated when he surpasses her without effort. Having said that, Aang accidentally washes away their supplies while practicing. When they go in town to buy more supplies, Katara finds a Waterbending scroll at a store run by pirates. After Katara steals the scroll, the pirates chase the group. Meanwhile, Zuko runs into the pirates and agrees to help them find Aang and the scroll that Katara stole.

Zuko captures Katara and the pirates capture Aang and Sokka. A fight breaks out between Zuko's crew and the pirates. During the commotion, the group escapes with the Waterbending scroll. Avatara runs into the gang and gains their trust and Avatara and Aang make deal.)

Dear Diary,

I have finally found the Avatar. I found him right where Avatar Roku said to find him. I was walking in the woods when I heard some one say, "I hate the Fire Nation. They are totally evil. Not one of them has a heart." I walked into the clearing and said, "That's not true. Some of us have a heart." Then a giant wave came and almost washed me way.

Angel came and blocked it and I said, "I'm not looking for a fight but to talk. I'm looking for the Avatar." They stopped and the girl said, "I don't trust her Aang. She's from the Fire Nation. She looks like a spy." "I have proof that I'm good." I took the things out of my bag that I had gotten from my travels. They looked at them and one of the boys said, "She has souvenirs from all the places we've went."

"My name is Avatara. Daughter to High Lady and Lord of the Fire Nation and adopted daughter to the Fire Lord." "Why do you want to find the Avatar?" "I want to travel with him to learn the other elements." "What? Only the Avatar can use the 4 elements." "Well I've been able to use them since I was a baby... watch." I made a small wave of water; I levitated a rock, made a small Fireball.

But when I tried to make Air it blew up in my face. "I'm still working with Air but it blows up in my face." One of the boys said, "My name is Aang. I'm the Avatar. This is Katara, Sokka, Appa and this is Momo." I smiled and said, "This is Angel. She's my guardian, pet and teacher in Firebending." Angel and Appa sniffed each other and then back away. I had to smile.

"I'll make you a deal. If you let me travel with you I'll protect you from the Fire Nation." They talked it over and they agreed. So I'll be traveling with them.

January 29th, AG

(A band of guerrilla fighters, led by the rogue Jet, rescue Aang, Avatara, Katara, and Sokka from a small group of Fire Nation soldiers. Jet invites the team back to the Freedom Fighters' hideout, where the group plots out its attacks. Jet holds a grudge against Avatar because she is from the Fire Nation . Sokka has suspicions about Jet, however, which leads the young rebel to tempt Sokka with missions. His plan fails, making Sokka more skeptical of Jet's motives. Jet sends Avatara to a nearby Earth Kingdom town for 'food reasons.' Aang and Katara decide to help Jet "save" the village, but Jet's real intent is to drown the village, willing to sacrifice the lives of innocent civilians to destroy the Fire Nation garrison there. However, Sokka manages to evacuate the city, Earth and Fire alike, in time to avoid Jet's plot.)

Dear Diary,

We were deep in the woods and Momo stumbled into a hunter's trap that leaves him caged and hanging from the branch of a tree. Fortunately, Aang, Katara, Sokka and I soon notice he is missing, and Aang uses his Airbending to rescue the lemur. I examine the traps of two other animals we free, and determine that they were constructed by the Fire Nation; thus, I advise that we leave quickly. However, Sokka decides that we should not fly on Appa, as they will be easier to spot. Katara protests slightly, but Sokka tells her that his "instincts" indicate that we should stick to traveling on foot.

We get lost in the woods, due to Sokka having led our course based upon his "instincts." Aang, Katara and I relent, but soon grow frustrated over their slow progress. We start teasing Sokka over his choice, just as we stumble into the middle of a Fire Nation campsite. A Firebender cuts off the group's escape route by setting the ground behind us aflame, and Sokka tries to bluff our way out of the predicament, as we are seriously outnumbered.

I raise my fans to absorb the fire and I fight off a few of them. However, a group of children led by a teenage boy wielding dual hook-swords suddenly descends from the trees, and begin combating the Fire Nation soldiers. Aang, Katara and I help to battle the opposition, but each time Sokka prepares to engage a soldier, the children's leader, who single-handedly dispatches more than half a dozen of them, knocks him out. The leader introduces himself as Jet, and his allies as the Freedom Fighters: Sneers, a somewhat obese hand-to-hand combatant; Longshot the archer; the slim-bodied blade expert Smellerbee; The Duke, a shorter and younger fighter than the others; and lastly the gigantic, log-wielding, ironically-named Pipsqueak. Aang wastes little time in befriending the Freedom Fighters.

Katara develops a rather large crush on Jet, and rarely speaks without shameless flattery of him and his ways. Jet just looks at me threw narrowed eyes. As Katara and Jet chat, managing to indirectly insult Sokka's instinctual behavior, The Duke and Pipsqueak raid the now-abandoned Fire Nation campsite, finding crates filled with jelly candy and barrels of explosive blasting jelly. When the Freedom Fighters mention bringing their score back to the hideout, Aang expresses interest, and Jet invites them to come.

Katara eagerly accepts on behalf of the group. When we reach the site of the Freedom Fighters' hideout, however, there is nothing to be found, as Sokka comments. However, Jet offers Sokka a rope dangling from between the thick foliage of the branches above, which yanks him up through the canopy. Aang uses Airbending to simply jump into the trees, I blast myself up in the trees and Jet holds on to Katara while he is pulled up. During their ascent, Katara blushes deeply at the close contact. Upon reaching their hideout in the trees, Jet explains to Katara the Freedom Fighters' mission: several years ago, the Fire Nation took over a nearby Earth Kingdom village, Gaipan.

The Freedom Fighters have since then ambushed Fire Nation troops and done everything in their power to cut off the town's supply lines. Their goal is to one-day force the Fire Nation from the town permanently. Katara expresses further infatuation with Jet, temporarily praising his bravery, which ultimately provokes a sarcastic comment from Sokka. Jet, however, shows no ill will in response to Sokka's remark. He then explains to Katara that all of the Freedom Fighters live in their treetop base, and none of them have their families anymore- Longshot's home village was burned to the ground, while The Duke was found on his own.

Jet himself lost his parents' lives at the hands of the Fire Nation, which incites great sympathy in Katara, having also lost her mother to the Fire Nation. Jet insults me a lot because I am from the Fire Nation. It takes all of my parents' words not try to fry him. One of the things he says was, "Why is she with you?" Katara said, "This is Avatara. She is with us. She's a good Fire Nation. Her mother was an Earthbender." He looked at me through narrow eyes and said, "She was still raised in the Fire Nation." That night, Jet gives a speech to all of the Freedom Fighters, congratulating them on their victory over the Fire Nation. Immediately afterward, he also privately compliments Aang and Katara for their role in the battle, as well as their Bending proficiency.

He didn't say that I defeated most of the soldiers. Katara blushes and diverts attention from herself, revealing that Aang is the Avatar. After learning this, Jet states that he hopes to have Aang and Katara help in their battle with the Fire Nation. Sokka quickly interjects, stating that we plan to leave that very night. Jet replies with feigned disappointment, stating that he was hoping Sokka would assist him in a mission the following morning. Sokka hesitantly accepts, and the next morning he waits in the trees overlooking a path with Jet.

Using a trick with his machete to amplify vibrations, Sokka alerts Jet when a man approaches. Jet and two other Freedom Fighters, Smellerbee and Pipqueak, descend, despite Sokka's statement that the approacher is just a feeble old man. Jet and his Freedom Fighters bully the man, eventually knocking him prone onto the ground, the whole time with Jet ruthlessly ignoring the man's pleas for mercy.

Sokka stops Jet from striking the man further, and tells him to stop his actions. Jet orders the man searched, and turns on Sokka angrily. He ignores Sokka's insistence that the man is harmless and innocent, justifying himself by stating the man is with the Fire Nation. Inevitably, Jet and the Freedom Fighters leave with the man's belongings, Sokka reluctantly following with regret evident in his expression.

After Jet and Sokka return, Aang finds the latter deep in thought, leaning against a tree. Aang has been enjoying hanging out with The Duke, while Katara has made Jet a hat from the leaves of the trees. Sokka dismisses this and announces that they're leaving. Aang and Katara object, to which Sokka responds by revealing Jet's previous bullying action. Doubtful, Katara demands to hear Jet's side of the story. Jet reiterates that the man was with the Fire Nation, and then produces a knife, which has a compartment for poison in the hilt. He claims that the man was an assassin, sent especially to kill him.

Sokka is still angry and heavily doubts Jet's story, stating that he never saw a knife on the man's person, although the explanation has convinced Katara and Aang. I agreed with Sokka but didn't tell the others. Sokka storms off, stating that he will be preparing to leave. Upon his departure, Jet quickly pleads for Katara and Aang to stay, stating that the Fire Nation plans to burn down the forest- he needs the two to use Waterbending to fill the nearby reservoir, which will allow the Freedom Fighters to quench the fires. He looked at me when he said, "Fire." I balled up my fisted and fire got ready to come out, Jet smirked, but I felt something on my shoulder. I looked and I thought I saw my mother's face.

"Mother?" Aang said, "What?" instead it was the tip of Angel's tail and so I let my hands go limp and walked out. Katara approaches Sokka with Aang, and adamantly refuses to leave until they have helped Jet. She accuses Sokka's actions as having resulted from jealousy, and refuses to listen to the reasons he gives for his actions. That night, Sokka overhears Jet and the core of the Freedom Fighters sneaking out of their base, and decides to follow them. The six bring with them the barrels of blasting jelly on a cart, and Jet reviews their plan: to blow up the barrels directly beneath the dam of a river, which runs through the city. With the reservoir full, the village will be flooded, wiping out the Fire Nation soldiers stationed there.

The Duke expresses concern for the lives of the innocents living there, which include Earth Kingdom citizens, but Jet replies that they must be willing to make this sacrifice. Sokka has overheard all of this, but Smellerbee and Pipsqueak catch him. As dawn arrives, Sokka is dragged out to face Jet, and confronts him over the plan. Although he attempts to persuade Sokka to persist in the plan, Jet soon realizes that the young Water Tribe warrior will not change his decision, and has Pipsqueak and Smellerbee walk him into the forest so as to prevent him from warning Aang, Katara and I of the plan. At the time I didn't know what was happening but I had a sick felling as I slept.

In the morning I was picking fruit when I was surprised by Jet. He just dropped from a tree and it surprised me a lot. I dropped the fruit but I picked it up. "What do you want?" He smiled and said, "Look Avatara I'm sorry how I have been acting and I want to make it up to you. Here is some money and can you go to the town and get some food for us. Since you are the adopted Princess of the Fire Nation they will let you go in." I raised an eyebrow but I agreed and I left. As I left I went to take Angel and he said, "Take all the time you want." He said it kind of creepy but I climbed on Angel's back and flew off.

Soon afterward, Jet lead Aang and Katara to an extremely shallow river, which leads into the reservoir. Katara, still unaware of Jet's true plans, apologizes for Sokka's crude behavior, to which Jet responds by lying that Sokka has already apologized for himself, their dispute is resolved, and Sokka is currently out scouting with Smellerbee and Pipsqueak. Although Aang and Katara find it strange that Sokka would be so quick to apologize, they do not question Jet's word.

Suddenly, a steam geyser goes off directly under Aang's feet, launching the Avatar several dozen feet into the air. Jet states that they have reached their destination as Aang floats safely back down on his own accord. Jet explains to Aang and Katara their role in the mission- they must Bend the water that resides beneath the vents. Upon release, the built-up pressure beneath the geysers will keep the flow of water going, thus filling up the river leading into the reservoir. Katara initially doubts her ability to Bend water that she cannot see, but Jet provides her with words of encouragement, accompanied by his hands on her shoulders, and soon she and Aang successfully release the water from one of the vents.

Jet leaves Aang and Katara to their work, stating that he will be at the reservoir and will meet them back at the hideout. However, Jet underestimates the time Aang and Katara need to release an adequate number of geysers, and they quickly have the river at a high enough level. They decide to go to meet Jet at the reservoir. Sokka, with his hands bound, by this time is being marched through the forest by Smellerbee and Pipsqueak. Although he attempts to convince the two Freedom Fighters to reconsider Jet's plan, they refuse to listen; they are loyal to Jet, who has demonstrated great leadership in the past and whose actions have always turned out for the better of the Freedom Fighters.

Sokka gives up trying to reason with the two, and spots a number of Fire Nation traps that he, Aang, Katara and I had came across before meeting Jet. He breaks away from his escorts, and tricks them into pursuing him straight into the traps, which leave them caged and suspended from the branches above. Sokka frees his hands, and quickly moves to stop Jet's plan. Just then, Aang and Katara come to the edge of a cliff overlooking the dam, where they spot four Freedom Fighters setting up the barrels of blasting jelly. Aang immediately realizes Jet's plan and moves to fly down and stop it on his glider.

Katara, however, is in denial, until Jet jumps forward and snags Aang's glider with his hook-swords, preventing the boy from flying off. Jet confesses what his true plan is, and attempts to convince Katara that the action is necessary. After he and Katara have experience the pain of losing loved ones, he argues, they cannot allow the Fire Nation to hurt anyone ever again- they must be merciless. Katara is completely nonplussed, but Jet persists, stating that he had hoped she and Sokka would understand his reasons.

Katara immediately responds to Sokka's mention by demanding to know where he is, and tears begin to flow from her eyes. She then asks where I am and he says in the Village, completely unaware of his plan. Katara gets angry. Jet places a comforting hand on her cheek, but Katara has had enough- she draws water from her canteen and uses it to violently throw Jet to the ground. Aang goes for his glider so that he can prevent the explosion, but Jet reaches it first, snatching it off of the ground with his hook-swords and placing it on his back before engaging Aang in combat. The two head into the trees, where Jet adapts an aggressive fighting style, swinging his swords dangerously.

However, Aang avoids almost all of his attacks, using his superior agility and Airbending prowess. Still, Aang is reluctant to fight Jet, and for quite some time fails to make any progress in reclaiming his glider- the key to saving the village. Eventually, he blows back Jet with a powerful Airbending move, sending the teenager plummeting to the ground until he succeeds in catching a branch with his swords. This causes Aang's glider to drop from his back, and the two races to the ground after it. Jet succeeds in kicking Aang from behind in mid-air, causing the Avatar to crash into a branch and fall to the ground, directly beside his glider but extremely dazed.

As Jet lands, however, Katara arrives on the scene, Bending water from a small nearby stream to aggressively attack Jet, pushing him back towards a tree and then freezing him to its trunk. She berates him for betraying her trust, but before she can get too far in her tirade, she is startled by a bird call from off in the distance. Jet responds with his own call, the signal to set off the explosion. He has managed to delay Aang and Katara just long enough for his Freedom Fighters to set up the blasting jelly. Aang tries to fly on his glider, but it is no use- the glider's main sail is torn in several places, damaged at some point in the scuffle.

Aang and Katara can only wait, and hope that Sokka succeeds where they have failed. Longshot, perched in a tree, fires an arrow with a burning tip, igniting the jelly and wrecking the dam. In mere seconds, the village is completely flooded. Sad, hurt, and angry, Katara turns on Jet and resumes insulting him for his actions; still, Jet does not back down, stating that this act was a victory against the Fire Nation, who will forever be absent from the valley, which will be safe. Suddenly, Sokka arrives, riding Appa and accompanied by Momo.

Jet is infuriated to learn that Sokka successfully warned the villagers of the impending flood, and the town was evacuated. Although at first the stationed Fire Nation soldiers believed him to be a spy, none other than the elderly man supported Sokka's warnings that he and Jet encountered the previous day. With the man's urgings accompanying Sokka's, everyone was safely escorted out of the village to safety. He also said that he ran into me and told me the plan. I believed him and I was leading the people to safety and helping them set up new homes. Jet calls Sokka a fool, as he has ruined the people's chance to win freedom from the Fire Nation; Sokka responds by coldly stating that there would be no one left alive to appreciate this freedom.

Katara turns her back on Jet, and she, Aang, and Sokka fly off on Appa, leaving the leader of the Freedom Fighters frozen against the tree. Aang and Katara apologize for not believing Sokka. I fly up next to them and jump on Appa's back. Angel turns invisible and flies next to us. While steering Appa, Sokka says that sometimes you've got to follow your instincts, as they are usually right. I point out that he's flying in the wrong direction, and Sokka admits that sometimes your instincts are wrong, and changes direction.

Chapter II

February 8th, AG

(The next destination the gang stumbles into is the Great Divide, the world's largest canyon. The group starts bickering, so Aang decides to put his Avatar skills to the test. He successfully solves their minor disputes, but Aang tries to put his skills to practical use, when two Earth Kingdom tribes, who have been in a feud for 100 years, need to cross the canyon together. Aang and Avatara send Appa and Angel across with most needy people of the two tribes, and, with the help of a knowledgeable Earthbender, guides the rest across the vast, dry landscape. In the end, Aang is able to end the feud, and the two tribes travel together to the capital city of Ba Sing Se.)

Dear Diary,

Our day started with Katara and Sokka arguing over our campsite. Aang ends the fight and begins bragging about his ability to solve problems as the Avatar. I playfully punch him on the shoulder and said, "Sure." We then found out that we must cross the largest canyon in the world, and are planning to fly across on Appa and Angel. Just before we leave, a man runs up to us and starts yelling that we better not leave with the guide because he was there first. He is holding a spot for the rest of his tribe (the Gan Jin) until they can arrive.

While waiting, another tribe (the Zhang) arrives, a tribe that the man claims has been an enemy of his tribe for 100 years. The Gan Jin tribe arrives, and we can see that this tribe is neat and prim and proper, while the Zhang tribe is dirty and barbaric. I like the Gan Jin tribe while Sokka likes the Zhang. The Canyon Guide, an Earthbender, arrives, and both tribes get into an argument over who gets to go first: the Zhangs say that they should because they have sick people, the Gan Jins say that they should because they have old people.

Aang reaches a compromise and suggests that Appa carry their sick and Angel will carry their elderly across, while the two tribes travel together across the canyon. The canyon guide warns them not to take any food into the canyon, as it will attract dangerous predators. After he has broken a rock shelf so that potential Fire Nation soldiers cannot follow them, a Canyon Crawler attacks. Aang and I fend it off, but the guide's arms are broken, which means he can't Earthbend and there is no going back. Both tribes argue some more and finally split up. We learn that both tribes brought food into the canyon because they believed that the other tribe must have brought it in, so why should they go hungry while the other tribe eats?

Katara and Sokka each learn one side of the story of the feuding tribes. The Gan Jins tell Katara that the forefather of their tribe, Jin Wei, was attacked while transporting the sacred orb during their redemption ritual and robbed by a thief, Wei Jin, from the Zhangs. The Zhangs tell Sokka that their ancestor, Wei Jin, saw Jin Wei passed out on the ground and was returning the sacred orb to Gin Wei's tribe when they wrongfully imprisoned him for 20 years. They reach the end of the canyon, where they argue some more and prepare to fight and end the feud once and for all. Aang becomes angry and uses Airbending to stop the fight, but in the process reveals the food from both tribes and attracts many Canyon Crawlers. We try to fend them off but soon a lot of people are grabbed and about to be eaten.

Katara looks at me and said, "Avatara, Avatar Kyoshi was your grandmother and your mother was a Earthbender. Surly you can do something." I look and I said, "I'll try." I 'connected' with the earth and I pulled a wall down and I said, "You have to work together." By working together and throwing bags over the Crawlers' heads while the Crawlers are distracted with food, everyone is able to ride them up the wall and out of the canyon. I then make a 'lock' so that the Crawlers would not follow. Katara, Aang and Sokka congratulated me.

Aang, upon hearing the names of the two tribes' ancestors, reveals that he knew them, and that they were twins. He says that when they were 8, they played a game called "Redemption." Jin Wei was running with the ball when he fell, and Wei Jin picked it up and started running to the other end of the field when he stepped out of bounds and was put in the penalty box for two minutes. Finally, the tribes make up and continue their journey to Ba Sing Se, the Earth Kingdom capital, together. Aang then reveals to us that he made up the whole thing. He then asks, "Where is that egg custard tart? I'm starving!"

February 13th, AG

(The group is in need of money, so Sokka decides to help out a fisherman who is willing to pay him to help him on his next fishing trip, even though a storm seems imminent. The fisherman recognizes Aang as the Avatar "who turned his back on the world." Aang runs away in guilt, but Katara and Avatara manage to track him down. Aang reveals to them that the monks at the Southern Air Temple wanted to send him away to the Eastern Air Temple to separate him from Monk Gyatso, the only person who cared about Aang as a person instead of as the Avatar.

This led Aang to run away from home and (eventually) seal himself in the iceberg. Avatara tells a story about a boy who got burned for his 'weakness'. Meanwhile on Zuko's ship, Zuko's own crew begin to question his leadership, until Iroh enlightens them on how the prince was scarred in a duel, and then banished from the Fire Nation, by his own father.)

Dear Diary,

Aang has a strange dream about his past that clearly troubles him, but does not tell the others. It started happily with Aang, Katara and Sokka unrealistically flying through the skies, but suddenly Aang becomes alone and is trapped in a storm and plunges into the sea... Aang, Katara, Sokka and I stop by a market, but then realize we're out of food and money. We run into an old fisherman, who hires Sokka, but when he finds out that Aang is the Avatar, he yells at him and calls him, "the Avatar that turned his back on the world." Aang becomes upset, so he flies away into a cave. Katara and I reprimand the fisherman for his harsh words and goes after Aang, as a horrible storm begins brewing. Katara and I find Aang in a small cave.

Aang starts telling his story, beginning with the day the monks told him he was the Avatar. Burdened with extra training exercises and ostracized from his friends, Aang becomes confused and afraid. So when he learns that the monks are planning to separate him from his guardian, Gyatso, he decides to run away. Aang is caught in a horrible storm, and as he is about to drown, the Avatar State activates and forms an air pocket, saving himself and Appa but freezing them inside for the next 100 years. Aang suffers terrible guilt over abandoning the world, but Katara convinces him that "it was meant to be", and he "gives people hope."

I look down and said, "That remind me of two things. One when I found that my parents were killed and two of a young boy." "Who?" I couldn't tell them Zuko so I said, "A Fire Nation Prince long ago." I told them the story...The story starts with a handsome, younger Zuko, with more soulful eyes (as opposed to his usual glaring expression in the show's present time), a full head of hair, and no scar yet. He fell in love with a girl that didn't like him in the beginning but soon did. He complains to his uncle that he wants to get into his father's war chamber, and although he initially refuses, the uncle allows him to join, on the condition that he remain silent. When one of the generals suggests sacrificing the 41st division as "bait," the Prince speaks up against it.

The boy's father, the Fire Lord grows angry, and demands an Fire Duel to solve the matter. Aang interrupts and says, "What's a Fire Duel?" "In the Fire Nation if someone offended another then you fought a Agni Kai to calm things down. I then continued the story... "The Prince agrees to the duel, believing that he is going to fight the general, but it is revealed that his opponent is the Fire Lord himself. In the duel, the Prince cries, "Please father, I only had the Fire Nation's best interests at heart! I'm sorry I spoke out of turn!" The Fire Lord states, "You will fight for your honor." The Prince falls to his hands and knees, and begs, "I meant you no disrespect! I am your loyal son!"

The Fire Lord says, "Rise and fight!" Then the Prince falls all the way to the ground and declares, "I won't fight you." As the Prince rises to look at his father while crying, the Fire Lord demands, "You will learn respect, and suffering will be your teacher." A tear slid down my cheek and I said, "The girl looked away with tears of her own and the Fire Lord then burned the boys' face leaving a great scar now." Katara said, "Wait...Respect...Scar...Anger...This is about Zuko isn't it?"

"Yes. Zuko wasn't always mean. You see Prince Zuko was banished because his refusal to fight was seen as "shameful weakness," and the only way to redeem him is by capturing the Avatar. I tell them that life will never return to normal, but that the Avatar gives Zuko hope. "And that girl was you...right?" "Yes the Fire Lord summoned the whole Fire Family to watch and I didn't want to but I had to." "Thank you for telling us the story. We have to go and find Sokka and the man. We went to go rescue the fisherman and Sokka, but are engulfed by the waves. In the same way as in his flashback, Aang goes into the Avatar State and forms an air pocket with Airbending to save the group, only this time, we fly to safety. When the fisherman and we pop out of the water close to a ship.

I recognized it as a Fire Nation Ship but what was it doing here? Back at the cave, the fisherman is united with his wife, and thanks Aang for saving him. Aang also declares that he's done dwelling on the past and accepts that the events that have happened to him were "meant to be". The storm then clears

February 22nd, AG

(Sokka suffers from an illness due to his exposure to the elements during the storm. When Katara begins to contract the illness as well, Aang goes to a nearby herbalist institute in hopes of finding a cure for his friends. On his way to collect the remedy she recommends, Aang is caught by a group of Fire Nation Yuu Yan archers, commanded by Admiral Zhao. Avatara worries about him and leaves to find him.

She finds him. However, a masked marauder, the titular: Blue Spirit," rescues Aang from Zhao; he is knocked unconscious during the escape, and Aang discovers that he is Prince Zuko. Aang offers him friendship, but departs when he is rebuffed.)

Dear Diary,

My day started in the ruins of a mountainous region Katara is caring for an obviously ill and delusional Sokka, who talks nonsense and believes Appa can talk and that he can Earthbend. According to Katara, this illness has resulted from his exposure to the storm. Aang comes in returning from looking for ginger root (with no luck) but returns with a map to an herbalist institute on a nearby mountain. Katara states that Sokka is not in any condition to go there, declaring that all Sokka needs is some rest, and then she begins to cough herself. Despite Katara's protests that she is fine, Aang realizes she too will be as delusional as Sokka in a few hours and decides he must travel to The Herbalist.

However, there is lightning (possibly remnants of the huge storm in the previous episode), and Aang decides to go by foot instead of using his glider and begins running very fast with the aide of his Airbending.

Katara enlists Momo's help to get water, but to Momo's perspective Momo just hears random sounds and really does not know what Katara is saying. Nevertheless, Momo departs with the water skin. Aang finally reached the herbalist and tries to relay his problem, but the herbalist is distracted by telling stories as she gathers ingredients. Aang tries to be patient, but it is difficult for him. At this time Iroh is asking Zuko if he is all right as Zuko has not given the crew an order in over an hour. Zuko declares that he doesn't care what they do. Iroh tries to build up Zuko's confidence by saying Zuko can still capture the Avatar before Zhao, but Zuko seriously questions how as Zhao has much greater resources. Zuko then voices despair at the idea that he may need to face losing his honor, throne and country.

When the herbalist finds the final ingredient, Aang grabs the bowl and says thanks, but the herbalist swats him and grabs the bowl back, asking him what he thinks he's doing. Aang says he's taking the medicine, and the herbalist explains the mixture is not a cure but her cat Miyuki's dinner. She then explains to Aang that all his friends need to do is suck on some frozen wood frogs from the swamp below. The skin has medicinal properties, but only when the frogs are frozen. As Aang departs for the swamp below, two arrows pin the cuffs of his boots to the ground. He then deflects several other arrows with Airbending and then begins to free himself.

Once free, a chase begins between the Yu Yan archers and Aang. Aang manages to evade the Yu Yan down the side of the mountain and through the forest, but in the swamp, when he is distracted with gathering the frozen frogs, the Yu Yan finally captures Aang. Once captured, Aang is brought back to the Fire Nation fortress shown at the beginning of the episode, and his arms and legs are secured to two posts. Zhao comes in (meeting Aang for the first time face-to-face) and taunts Aang by reminding him he is the only Airbender left, but that unlike his people, Aang will not be killed as it is not in the Fire Nation's best interest to have to search for the Avatar again once reborn.

In a rare instance, Aang's anger and frustration cause Aang to use Airbending in an aggressive rather than defensive act as he forcefully blows Zhao to a wall. Zhao then attempts to further break Aang down by telling him there is no escape and no one will rescue him. At this time, Momo has returned to the still very ill Sokka and Katara, but not with the filled water skin, but a dead mouse. Momo departs again. Katara wonders what is taking Aang so long. Outside the Fire Nation fortress, the same masked figure from the opening scene waits. He then uses a supply cart to sneak into the fortress by hanging underneath and then inside the cart as the guards inspect it.

Zhao then addresses the troops and informs them he has captured the Fire Nation's last obstacle to victory – the Avatar. He foresees the Fire Nation will take the Earth Kingdom city of Ba Sing Se within the year with the strength of Sozin's Comet. The frozen frogs Aang gathered begin to thaw out. The masked figure works his way to Aang's location and manages to subdue the guards and free Aang – much to Aang's surprise. While trying to gather the runaway frogs, Aang is pulled away by the masked stranger, who does not talk to Aang.

Back with Katara and Sokka, Momo had brought many items from fans, to pottery and jewelry, even a tiara on Katara's head but no water. Katara pleads for Aang's swift return. Sokka still has delusions and refers to Katara as "your highness." The masked stranger and Aang sneak out via what appears to be the sewer or drainage system of the fortress. On his ways to see Aang in his prison cell, Zhao is dictating to his assistant how he wishes his speech and testimonies from high-ranking officer to be sent to the Fire Lord. Zhao then discovers the bound guards and empty cell (with the exception of one frog). An alarm is set off, and the attempt by Aang and the masked figure to scale the wall is thwarted when the rope they were using is cut by a guard.

Aang breaks the fall with Airbending. The masked figure points to the open gates and they make a run for them. Zhao orders the gates to be closed. Aang uses Airbending to clear away several guards blocking the exit; however, the masked figure can not move as fast as Aang and gets caught battling with guards that have caught up with them. Aang stops to see this and one guard almost gets him with a spear, but Aang blows him away, breaks off the spearhead, and uses the stick and Airbending to clear off the guards attacking the masked figure as well as to throw the masked figure up onto the first of the fortress walls.

Aang uses the stick from the spear in a helicopter fashion and lifts the masked figure from one fortress wall to the second wall as the masked figure fends off attacks with his broadswords. More guards come up to attack the duo on the second wall. One pushes off the stick Aang had used previously. The masked figure throws one guard over the wall, and Aang Airbends the rest away. More troops use bamboo ladders to scale the wall, but again Aang blows them off. He then takes the ladders and calls to the masked figure to get on his back and they use the three ladders like stilts to go from one wall to the third and final wall. However, a Firebending soldier manages to light the last ladder on fire, forcing Aang and the masked figure to jump to the next wall. Their grip does not hold and both fall to the ground just in front of the main gate.

As Firebenders come to attack the duo, Aang pulls the masked figure behind him and blocks the attack with Airbending. Zhao tells the men to stop, for the Avatar needs to be captured alive. Suddenly the masked figure puts his broadswords to Aang's neck, and a standoff begins. Zhao orders the gate to be opened, and they let the pair out as the masked figure takes Aang with his swords still around Aang's neck. Zhao then has a Yu Yan archer knock out the masked figure with a single shot.

After the masked figure falls to the ground, Aang sees a small part of the face below and creates a dust cloud as cover while Aang removes the mask to reveal Zuko. At first, Aang is shocked and afraid and begins to run but then stops to look back at Zuko. As the dust clears and the guards approach the area, we see no one is there, which angers Zhao. Zuko regains consciousness, and Aang tells him of a story about his friend from 100 years ago named Kuzon from the Fire Nation and wonders if he had known Zuko back then if they would be friends. Zuko responds by attacking Aang with a fire blast, which Aang easily avoids and hopped from tree to tree, leaving Zuko on a bed of leaves.

Aang goes back to the swamp to collect frozen frogs as Zuko heads back to his ship. Uncle Iroh asks Zuko where he's been, and Zuko just replies that he is going to bed. Aang returns to his friends and puts the frogs into their mouths and then plops down on Appa's tail to rest. Sokka asks Aang if he made any new friends to which Aang says he doesn't think he did and turns on his side. At the same time Zuko looks at the Fire Nation flag and also turns away to his side. Sokka and Katara begin to feel better but are shocked as they realize they are sucking on frogs and quickly spit them out. It was funny.

February 27th, AG

(Katara, Avatara, Aang, and Sokka go into a village that relies solely on the predictions of a fortuneteller named Aunt Wu. Sokka is skeptical and refuses to believe anything the fortuneteller says, and tries to disprove all the predictions she makes. Avatara goes once and finds out something interesting. Katara, on the other hand, is obsessed, and keeps returning to the fortuneteller for more predictions on her love life.

Aang, who has just recently become smitten with her, attempts to attract her attention, with limited success; eventually he attempts to fetch a rare flower from the lip of a nearby volcano, which is revealed to be on the verge of erupting—a direct contradiction to Aunt Wu's predictions. Katara, Avatara and Aang use Waterbending to manipulate the clouds as a warning to the villagers, and the group manages to evacuate the village before the volcano erupts.

Avatara uses her Firebending to move the Lava as best as she can along with Angel. As the lava comes toward the town, Aang pushes it back with strong Airbending, causing Sokka to comment that Aang is a "powerful bender." This catches Katara's attention, as Aunt Wu had earlier predicted that she would marry a "powerful bender.")

Dear Diary,

While Sokka tries to catch a fish, Aang makes a replacement necklace for Katara out of Sokka's fishing line (much to Sokka's annoyance) and some flowers, and when Katara puts it on, he sees her in a completely new light. Aang has always liked Katara, but now it has just become a full-blown crush. However, Katara remains unknowing and comments that Aang is a good friend, even comparing him to Momo, much to Aang's dismay. I know what's going on and said, "I know how you feel Aang. Try to get her attention with something cool."

Then, we witness an old man being attacked by a huge Platypus Bear. However, to their surprise the man doesn't seem concerned at all. This is because of Aunt Wu, the village fortuneteller, who predicted that the man would make a safe journey (he did, as Appa scared the bear away). The man hands them a wrapped umbrella, saying that the fortuneteller told him to give it to any travelers he would meet. At the moment Aang opens it, it rains and in an attempt to debunk the fortune, Sokka remarks that it's going to continue to drizzle (while it's still raining) but then the sky clears up.

At Aunt Wu's place, Aang meets Meng, who immediately falls for him (much like he did with Katara), believing he is the one she is to marry, because Aunt Wu predicted that she would marry a man with large ears. A woman emerges from the other room and tells of her fortune of getting a rare panda-lily from her true love. After, Aunt Wu comes out and asks us who would like to go next to which Sokka looks away.

I shrug and I go with Aunt Wu. She takes me to a room and said, "What do you want to know?" "Tell me about myself." "Okay." She meditated for a little bit and said, "You are in a struggle. Your parents, they died suddenly and the person you love is on a journey. Your parents love you and so dose the one you love." We then walk out and she asks who is next. Aang looks to Katara, and the anxious Waterbender is more than glad to get her fortune. Aang is obviously worried about what fortune Katara would get and consults Sokka for his opinion on what the two women would talk about. Sokka says: "Boring stuff, love, who she's going to marry, how many babies she's going to have, dumb stuff like that." This only confirms Aang's worries and he makes an excuse that he had to go to the bathroom but really sneaks off to eavesdrop.

After a brief talk about cosmetics, Katara asks Aunt Wu whom she will marry. Aunt Wu says that she can see "a great romance," saying, "he is a powerful bender." Aang, who is listening, is delighted to hear this and begins to jump and dance around. Aunt Wu and Katara come out and Sokka instantly receives his fortune that he would be in pain and anguish, most of them self-inflicted. While Sokka's belief that fortune telling is nonsense increases, Aunt Wu beckons for Aang.

She chooses a fortune telling which involves looking at the cracks in bones and when Aang chooses one then throws it in the fire, the bone shatters... Aang has his fortune read, and he learns that he will be involved in a great battle between the forces of good and evil, which will determine the fate of the whole world. Of course, Aang already knew that. He's more interested in being sure if Katara really will marry him in the future.

The fortuneteller says that she didn't see anything involving love in his fortune and upon seeing Aang's disappointment, she grabs a piece of the bone and tells him, "Trust your heart and you will be with the one you love." Sokka tries to prove the fortunes wrong but only proves them right. (He kicks a pebble that hit him back after ricocheting off of a sign with a Chinese character that reads, "Fu" which roughly means, "a Good Blessing") The whole town believes in Aunt Wu's predictions, so they all have no doubts about her prediction that the volcano will not destroy the town that year. Meanwhile, Katara is drinking in every word of Aunt Wu's predictions (repeatedly), while Sokka remains very skeptical, as he doesn't believe in fortune telling.

Aang, discouraged that Katara seems to have no special feelings for him, asks Sokka for some advice. He tells him that the best way to get a girl is by acting aloof, thinking that the girl in question is Meng. So when Katara comes by, Aang acts like he doesn't notice her, but Katara remains oblivious to his feelings. Aang decides to get her a Panda Lily on the rim of the volcano with Sokka, but when they reach the top of the mountain, they discover that the volcano is in fact going to erupt. They rush back down to the town to inform everyone of what they saw, but of course, no one believes them because they have complete confidence in Aunt Wu's predictions. Knowing that the only person the villagers will listen to is Aunt Wu, Aang decides to steal her cloud reading book.

Meng comes up from behind him and admits that she has been stalking him the whole time, but knows that he doesn't like her; Aang did, however, respond to her clearly let-down feeling by saying that she would easily find a great man. Using the book, Katara, Aang and I manipulate the clouds with a combination of Waterbending and Airbending, then convince Aunt Wu to make a second reading, which of course, now tells her that the volcano is going to erupt. Aang and Sokka quickly organize the village's Earthbenders, as well as anyone capable of digging, to make a giant trench around the village to redirect the lava.

I used my Firebending as best as I could and once I even walked into the Lava but I didn't get burned. Just as the lava surges over the trench, Aang unleashes a massive gust of wind to cool the lava, solidifying it into a giant wall. Sokka mentions offhand that he sometimes forgets how powerful a bender Aang really is, and Katara is struck with realization about the love fortune Aunt Wu gave her. Aang sheepishly hands back the guide for cloud-reading and instead of being reprimanded by the woman, she praises him. But Aang tells her of his suspicions that Aunt Wu had never foretold love in his future. To this, Aunt Wu tells him that like how he reshaped those clouds, he could shape his own destiny.

Sokka happily tells the villagers that Aunt Wu was wrong, but the man we encountered earlier says that the village wasn't destroyed, as Aunt Wu predicted (she never claimed the volcano wouldn't erupt, only that it wouldn't destroy the village). Sokka retorts with an aggravated "I hate you." and Katara drags him away. With that, we leave the village to continue their northern journey. Meng and Katara wish each other goodbye, and as Appa flies away, Meng's final comment is that Katara is a floozy.

March 8th, AG

(Sokka, Avatara, Aang, and Katara find a seemingly abandoned Water Tribe fleet ship. Camping out by the boat, the kids discover that it belongs to Bato, an old friend of Katara and Sokka's father Hakoda and fellow member of the Southern Water Tribe. While they reminisce about the old days, Aang feels left out; when a messenger arrives with a message from Hakoda, inviting his children to visit them, Aang intercepts it and keeps it to himself, fearing they will abandon him.

Later he comes clean about the message, but Sokka, furious at Aang for keeping it from them, is insistent on leaving to find his father. Meanwhile, Zuko finds a bounty hunter named Jun to help him track down the Avatar. This leads to a skirmish, with Katara and Sokka returning to rescue Aang and resume their collective journey to the North Pole. Also Zuko encounters Avatara for the first time in 3 ½ years.)

Dear Diary,

My started when Aang finds a whale's tooth scimitar, which Sokka identifies as a Water Tribe weapon, excited with the discovery, they begin to search for any other traces of the passage of the Water Tribe in that place. Sokka finds a burned arrow and other evidences of a fight between Firebenders and the warriors of the tribe, this traces lead the three of them to the shore. The trail seems to end there, but then Katara sees a stranded boat, which they recognize as part of their dad's fleet.

Later, on that night, Sokka is remembering the day that Hakoda, his dad, left the Southern Water Tribe leaving him to take care of his little sister when Bato, a friend of Hakoda's family and a native of the South Pole, appears in the group campsite next to the boat. Bato explains that was injured and left behind and takes the party to his current home in an Abbey of nuns who make perfumes and cures. Sokka and Katara are very pleased with the reunion and they share some stories about their tribe and Aang starts to feel excluded.

Back at the Abbey, Bato starts talking about how Katara and Sokka might be able to see their father Hakoda, and that a message is arriving soon about their father's whereabouts. Aang runs off, feeling hurt that Katara and Sokka might leave him to go find Hakoda, unfortunately Aang doesn't hear the last part of the conversation, when they say that they have to go to the North Pole with him. While Aang is contemplating their possible departure, he is greeted by a messenger with a Rendezvous Map from Hakoda.

Instead of giving it to the others, Aang hides it to ensure Katara and Sokka stay with him and returns to Bato's home acting awkwardly. The next day Aang hides the footprints of the messenger's Ostrich Horse and Bato takes Sokka and his friends on a coming-of-age ritual called Ice Dodging. Instead of ice, though, they use jagged rocks. At the same time with the help from the bending arts of Katara and Aang under Sokka's conduct, they pass the test and the group received a ceremonial mark for wisdom, to Sokka, bravery, to Katara and trust to Aang.

But when Aang receives this mark, he is overwhelmed with guilt and gives the message to Katara and Sokka. Sokka is furious that Aang kept it from them and he yells at him harshly for it, and Katara is disappointed. They leave Aang to find their father. I stay with Aang, at lest he would have me as a friend. A little bit later I stand up and said, "Katara and Sokka are in danger. We have to go." He got up and said, "Lets go." "Wait...they are coming here." Some people arrived and Aang is waiting for them, flying in the glider, and he manages to take the beast down. However June quickly gets up and once on her Shirshu tries to attack Aang but is stopped by Appa.

Then Aang and Zuko starts fighting and eventually they make a big explosion, as a result of the fight, that throws both of them to the roofs. The Shirshu and June get up again and try to paralyze Appa with the tongue, not far from them, Zuko is recovered from the explosion and he walks tord where Aang in knocked out and just as his about to grab him I jump down and stand in front of Aang. "Avatara?" I put my hands in front of me and said, "If you want Aang you have to go through me first. ZuZu." He didn't believe me so I started blasting him with Fire while trying to get Aang to wake up.

After while of Firebending at each other with me earning some vantage the Shirshu starts to chase me. Angel come out of sky and knocks the Shirshu down. Zuko resumes his duel with me and I notice Katara's necklace in Zuko's fist and after dodging his fire whips in the top of a well manages to recover the necklace, then hits Zuko by Waterbending the water from the well. Aang wakes up and then the Shinshu chases us. Appa tries to reach Zuko who is shooting fire at us but June and the Shinshu paralyze the bison after performing numerous strokes.

While Zuko and June finally get Aang trapped against a wall Sokka and Katara are revived by some perfume given to them by the nuns, suddenly Sokka has an idea. He has the nuns pour out all their perfumes, and Katara and I start Waterbending them all around. Since the Shirshu can only "see" with its nose, it gets overwhelmed from all the smells and starts lashing at random people. When the beast paralyzes Zuko and June, Iroh feigns paralysis to get close to June and holds her in his arms as he lies on the ground. Aang and the others use the opportunity to escape. But I stay and I stand next to Zuko and look him in the eyes.

"I'm giving you this warning. Leave Aang alone. I am not the girl that you remember when we were kinds. If you singe Aang even a little I with give you another scar on your other eye." I took off running, jumped on a roof and then jumped on an invisible Angel's back. Later we are flying on Appa, Aang asks them what our plan is now. Sokka and Katara tell him they're going to get him to the North Pole because he's their family too. I give Aang the necklace and Aang gives Katara back her necklace saying that Zuko asked him to do it. Katara gets in the joke too and kisses Aang on the cheek. Aang blushes and twiddles his thumbs as they fly off into the sunset.

March 19th, AG

(The gang travel into a Fire Nation town, which is hosting a festival of Fire Nation culture. Unfortunately, Aang's identity is discovered, but a strange man helps the gang escape. This man, named Chey, tells the trio about "the deserter", a man named Jeong Jeong who is the first man to desert the Fire Nation army and live. More importantly, he is a Firebender who is not allied with the Fire Nation.

However, Jeong Jeong refuses to teach Aang, still haunted by his failure to teach self-control to a previous student; it is only when Avatara intervenes that Jeong Jeong consents to teach Aang. Aang, unfortunately, shows the same disregard for discipline, and accidentally burns Katara. While she discovers that she can heal others, and herself as well, Aang still regards Firebending as dangerous and vows never to Firebend again. Meanwhile, Admiral Zhao, who is revealed to be Jeong Jeong's undisciplined former student, tracks down Aang. He fights Aang, but Aang is able to escape him by using his lack of self-control against him; he causes Zhao to burn his own ships.)

Dear Diary,

Aang is still venturing through the Northwestern Earth Kingdom when we decide go to a "Fire Days" festival in a Fire Nation town so that Aang can see some more Firebending. I pointed out that we are wanted criminals. To ensure we're not discovered, they disguise themselves (although they acquire festival masks soon after their arrival). At first, we enjoy the festivities (although we bear witness to a puppet show where Fire Lord Ozai is presented as a great hero, facing off against "evil" Earth Kingdom soldiers). They then see a Firebending show, which has the audience dazzled. Unfortunately, the performer, Malu, calls up Katara to the stage, making her a damsel in distress (even tying her to a chair). Malu creates a dragon of fire and makes quite a show with it. But he soon seems to be losing control of it, and as a result, it flies directly towards Katara. Aang, fearing for Katara's safety, jumps up on stage in front of Katara and uses Airbending to stop the fire dragon, but realizes that it has all been just an act.

Regardless, it is obvious to the crowd that Aang is the Avatar, and the we quickly attempt to escape from Fire Nation soldiers. Fortunately, their escape is aided greatly by a man named Chey. As we fly away on Appa, Chey explains he serves a Firebending master named Jeong Jeong who has abandoned the Fire Nation. He says that Jeong Jeong was the first to leave the Fire Nation army and live, while he himself is the second (however, Chey admits that being second doesn't make him famous). Chey leads us to Jeong Jeong's camp within a forest, but are intercepted by Jeong Jeong's followers, led by Lin Yee (Chey greets them as friends, although the followers are quite indifferent). They where about to burn but stopped when they noticed me.

I noticed that they had me high regards...they even carried me. We are then led to camp, and there Aang attempts to try to learn how to Firebend from Jeong Jeong. However, the Firebending master refuses to even see Aang. Aang barges into Jeong Jeong's hut anyway to try to persuade him to teach him Firebending. Jeong Jeong still refuses, as he says that Aang must first master Waterbending and Earthbending. However, when I ask him if he will teach Aang Firebending, he begrudgingly acquiesces.

Jeong Jeong starts teaching Aang slowly, focusing exclusively on breathing exercises, but the young Avatar desires to learn more advanced Firebending techniques. Jeong Jeong is greatly angered with Aang's lack of discipline, telling Aang vehemently that without control, Firebending will bring nothing but unnecessary destruction, using a former student of his who displayed similar impatience and lack of discipline as an example. Aang quickly apologizes, and says that he is ready to learn Jeong Jeong's way. Jeong Jeong then proceeds to teach Aang to use real fire (much to Aang's enthusiasm). However, his enthusiasm is quickly deflated when Jeong Jeong only assigns him the simple task of preventing a leaf from being completely burned.

Jeong Jeong then leaves to other matters. He minds me by the river and said, "Avatara?" I turned around and asked, "How do you know my name?" "I was your fathers best friend. I am sorry to hear what happened to him." "Is that why your men had me in high regards?" "Yes. I am also glad to see that you have joined the Avatar. Have you mastered anything?" Before I could answer I heard a scream. Jeong Jeong and I took off running and found Katara running from Aang and Sokka about to punch him. We followed follow Katara into the forest.

Katara tries to cool her hands from the burn in water, and somehow miraculously heals herself. Jeong Jeong tells her that Katara possesses vitakinetic-healing powers, with water as the catalyst. Jeong Jeong then confesses of his desire to be a Waterbender like herself, due to its ability to heal, while fire only destroys. But I said, "No it isn't. If you control it good enough you can stop it from burning anything. Watch." I took Katara hand and covered it with Fire. She flinched read to feel pain but nothing happened. "If you control your Fire well enough it doesn't destroy anything."

However, during this time Admiral Zhao (who is revealed to be the former student of Jeong Jeong) and his men locate the camp, and in turn battles Jeong Jeong (although the master's attempt is half-hearted). Aang, hiding away in Jeong Jeong's hut in order to reflect over his error, is urged by Katara to aid Jeong Jeong.

Although Aang feels terribly guilty and promises to never Firebend again, Katara's revelation of her healing restores his battle spirit. With a fiery display, Jeong Jeong and his men make their escape, while Aang confronts Zhao. Recalling Jeong Jeong's lesson of control, Aang provokes the Firebending master, goading him into destroying his own ships. Zhao can only watch as his ships burn and sink into the river as Aang escapes.

With Jeong Jeong gone, the we resume our journey and leave the forest, a hard-learned lesson of fire's destructive power fresh in their minds.

March 28th, AG

(A storyteller tells the gang of people who travel in the air. According to the story, these people reside at the Northern Air Temple. The gang decides to check it out, but are disappointed to just see normal people gliding. Aang is saddened that the Northern Air Temple has changed so dramatically since the time when he visited over 100 years ago, as its current residents have remodeled it extensively.

Teo, a young paraplegic, convinces Aang to open the one remaining area of the temple left untouched. Aang is shocked to see the room stored with dozens of inventions with Fire Nation insignias on them. The Mechanist, Teo's father, confesses to aiding the Fire Nation with building weapons. When the Fire Nation comes to collect their latest invention, Aang tells them to leave. The Fire Nation proceeds to launch an attack against the temple, but Aang and the villagers manage to successfully defend against the attack. The Fire Nation, however, does manage to recover the invention, a war balloon...)

Dear Diary,

My day started when we were listening to a story, about flying people, high in the mountains. Aang suspects that they might be Airbenders, and the kids decide to investigate. Upon arrival, we find not Airbenders, but an Earth Kingdom colony led by an eccentric inventor and his paraplegic son. The inventor has defiled the ancient landmarks with technological "improvements," similar in style to the Industrial Revolution. Aang is at first disheartened by the many changes to the temple, though he develops a degree of respect for The Mechanist's son, Teo. Sokka begins to work with the Mechanist, and helps come up with ways to detect natural gas leaks through use of rotten eggs. Sokka also aids the Mechanist in designing a war balloon.

This state of relative happiness was not to last. Aang notices that machines, pipes, and gadgets are destroying the Temple. Upset and hopeless, He asks Teo if there are any parts of the temple still intact. Teo proceeds to show him an Air chamber, and asks Aang to open it. "I've always wanted to know what was in there". Aang first refuses, but later, opens the gate with Airbending to discover that the Mechanist had found or created another way in and was using the room to store monstrous weapons of war, like self-propelled war wagons and attack balloons, all destined for use by the enemy.

Later, Aang confronts the Mechanist and demands to know when the Fire Nation would come for their weapons. The mechanist explains that their village was attacked by the Fire Nation, and they fled into the mountains, and discovered the Northern Air Temple. Once they began to colonize, the Fire Nation looked to colonize it as well. The mechanist begged, and War Minister Qin compromised that they could live here if they supplied weapons to the Fire Nation each month. After his speech, the Mechanist rushes into his office, followed by Aang and Teo. A bell rings, and the mechanist warns Aang to hide. Aang refuses, and the Minister of War rises up from a makeshift elevator.

He demands his weapons, and at last notices Aang. Aang closes the door and traps the minister. Aang tells him that the deal is off and slaps him in the face with an Airbending move. War Minister Qin states "the destruction of this temple would be on your head". The Fire Nation begins to arrive, using special grappling tanks to climb the steep cliffs. Soldiers march along the mountain paths, wreaking havoc in the colony. The team is in despair on what to do. However, Aang realizes that we have something the Fire Nation don't have: air power. Sokka and the Mechanist plan how to improve the war balloon and how to fight back the Fire Nation using their gliders and the prototype war balloon.

Sokka states that there are four different types of bombs; smoke, slime, fire and...stink. The machinist states, "Never underestimate the power of stink!" I ran to the grappling tanks and burn them and the grappling hooks. Stopping more soldiers into getting into the Temple. The gliders fight with courage, but the Fire Nation tanks overwhelms them. Every time Aang flips them over, the cockpits also flip. Teo states that the tanks have a water balancing system. This inspires Katara to use Waterbending to fight them, but there are too many. Appa arrives and retrieves Aang and Katara out of the battlefield. Out of explosives, the people lose hope, but the war balloon appears.

'The Fire Nation doesn't attack it, seeing the Fire Nation emblem. Sokka drops several slime bombs, but that doesn't stop the advancing army. Ultimately, Sokka, in a desperate maneuver, throws the balloon's hot air engine into a crack with explosive gas emanating from it. The resulting explosion crushes the invaders. We left after 'saying goodbye' to Teo.

Chapter III

'April 11th, 'AG

(After the journey to the Northern Air Temple, the group lurks around the waters surrounding the North Pole, seeking out the Northern Water Tribe. They are found by a group of Waterbenders from the tribe, who show them the way. Upon arriving, the gang is welcomed warmly by the citizens of the Northern Water Tribe, and the chief of the tribe throws a huge party in celebration. The Northern Water Tribe has a little bit of a hard time accepting Avatara because of her Fire Nation background.

But she proves her worth by swearing that she will protect them at all costs. Sokka meets Yue, an attractive princess whom he falls for. Aang, Avatara and Katara seek to learn Waterbending from a master named Pakku, but he refuses to teach Katara and Avatara due to sexist customs. Katara and Avatara prove themselves worthy, both by demonstration of technique and by invoking the memory of Pakku's beloved ex-fiancée—Katara's own grandmother, who could not stand to live under the Northern Water Tribe's misogyny—and Pakku relents.

Meanwhile, Admiral Zhao hires the pirates from before to assassinate Zuko; with his nephew killed, Iroh agrees to assist Zhao with an attack on the North Pole. But Zuko has survived, and, with Iroh's help, sneaks aboard Zhao's lead ship as his fleet departs.)

Dear Diary,

My day begin when Sokka complaining that Appa is flying too slowly. Aang defensively replies that they should all climb on Sokka's back and he could fly them to the North Pole. Katara tries to soothe the situation by remarking that they are all tired and cranky as a result of flying for two days straight. I agree with her. Just as Sokka is voicing his doubts about finding the Northern Water Tribe, the group is attacked by Northern Waterbenders, and once they discover who they have captured, they lead them to their Water Tribe. While touring the city by gondola, Sokka sees Princess Yue for the first time and falls in love with her.

Outside the great palace of the Northern Water Tribe Sokka and Katara are celebrated as family from the Southern Water Tribe, and Aang is honored as a special guest. But they are a little bit uneasy about me because I am from the Fire Nation but I assure them that I'm good. The 16th birthday of the princess, Yue, is also celebrated, coming of marrying age. Aang, Katara and I are then delighted to see the Waterbending Master, Pakku, and his students performing elaborate Waterbending moves for entertainment. Sokka, meanwhile, is far more interested in the food at the banquet and Princess Yue who is sitting next to him. He breaks an awkward silence by telling Yue that back in his tribe he is "kind of like a prince himself". Katara, who derisively asks him what he is the prince of, hears this statement. Embarrassed, Sokka replies that he is the prince of a lot of things and that he is in the middle of a conversation. He tells Yue that he will be in town for a while and asks if she would like to "do an activity" with him. After the Waterbending performance is over, Aang is introduced to Master Pakku.

Aang is looking forward to Katara, me and himself learning Waterbending, after a few days' rest. Master Pakku is unimpressed with his work ethic, telling Aang that he will receive no special treatment just because he is destined to save the world. If he is interested in learning Waterbending, then they will be ready at sunrise. As we approach the palace, Katara expresses her joy at being able to learn from a real master, saying she has waited for this day her whole life. I just smile and said, "Don't get your hopes up." However, we are shocked to learn from Master Pakku that it is forbidden for women to learn Waterbending. He advises her to go to the healing huts and learn from Yugoda to use her Waterbending to heal. He then flashes a smile at me and said, "Why don't you go and burn something down." Although Aang initially refuses to learn from Master Pakku, outraged at the unfairness, Katara makes him return by saying that he can't risk his training for her. So Aang begins to reluctantly learn from Master Pakku. Sokka, meanwhile makes plans with Princess Yue to meet on a bridge above the canal. Katara and I reluctantly go to the class, which is taught by an old woman and where all the other students are very young girls. Meanwhile, Aang is learning Waterbending from Master Pakku. He becomes frustrated when he is criticized for his technique. Master Pakku mockingly says that this move may be too advanced and Aang should try an easier one.

After the healing class, Katara and I thanks Yugoda who notices Katara's betrothal necklace and asks her who she is getting married too. Katara explains that she is not ready for marriage and that the necklace was her grandmother's, passed down to her mother, and then her. Yugoda recognizes the carving and reveals to Katara that she is an old friend of Kanna's, and also that Katara's grandmother was born in the Northern Tribe and was engaged to a young Waterbender, but left mysteriously without saying goodbye. Sokka meets with Princess Yue on the bridge, presenting her with a carved fish, which she mistakes for a bear. However, Yue tells Sokka that she made a mistake inviting him there and runs away, leaving Sokka looking devastated as he throws his carving into the water. Later when the gang meet in their living quarters, they are all unhappy with their situation. Sokka is confused and upset by Yue's mixed messages, and Aang and Katara are unhappy that Katara is not allowed to learn Waterbending. Sokka suggests that at night Aang teach Katara everything he has learned in the day.

Katara is excited at this idea; it allows her to learn Waterbending and Aang will have someone to practice with, so everyone will be happy. Sokka remarks that he's not happy, but Katara dismisses this by saying that Sokka's never happy; she and Aang hurry outside to begin practicing. I don't agree but I agree to watch them. Disobeying the rules, Aang teaches Katara what he had learned, showing her a move that is all about "sinking and floating". Katara manages to learn the move with much ease, but suddenly the water she had been bending begins to writhe around her in a complex stream. Aang exclaims how amazing it is, but Katara is equally as surprised, saying it is not her manipulating the water. They look up to the bridge above them to see Master Pakku, angry that Aang has disrespected him, his teachings and his entire culture. Aang hastily apologizes, but Master Pakku refuses to teach Aang anymore, saying he is no longer welcome as his student, before leaving. The next day at the palace, Katara pleads with Chief Arnook to make Master Pakku take Aang back as his student. Master Pakku agrees to continue training Aang on the condition that Katara swallow her pride and apologize.

Katara and I get angered by pomposity and condescending attitude, challenges him to a fight instead of apologizing (gesturing emphatically as we do so and unintentionally Waterbending huge cracks in the ice floor and smashing two pots), and stating that "a sour old man" like Pakku. Katara and I go to wait outside for Master Pakku, who simply strolls past us, further angering us with patronizing comments. Katara, her temper pushed to breaking point, forms a water whip and slaps Master Pakku on the back of the head. He turns around and agrees to the fight, telling her if she wants to learn so badly, to study closely. The fight begins and it is discovered that Katara is much more advanced in Waterbending than previously known. She demonstrates amazingly powerful techniques she has never used before during the fight. The two are able to manipulate the water and snow around them amazingly, using basic and advanced Waterbending techniques. Master Pakku grins and smirks as he attacks, but when Katara launches discs of ice at him, he appears to realize how skilled she is as a Waterbender. After a few moments of violent Waterbending, it seems Katara has the upper-hand, as she topples ice-obelisks over Master Pakku, who disappears in a cloud of mist. But, Master Pakku quickly emerges and performs a Waterbending move that renders Katara helpless, and she is beaten. He then turns to me and said, "Well what are you going to do?" I smiled and raised my hands.

I made what I call Ice Gloves. It's when you use ice to cover your hands. His eyes widened and said, "You can use water?" "That's not all." I then started to blast him with the Water and he had a hard time dodging my attacks. I then blasted my Ice Gloves at him that stuck him to the wall. I then did several back flips and raised my fist ready to blast him with Fire. But instead I punched him in several points in his arms and back. I jumped away from him and when he tried to Waterbend he couldn't. "What did you do?" "I blocked your Chi. I'll will come back in a hour."

Then Master Pakku picks up Katara's grandmother's necklace, which fell off during the fight, and it is discovered that he made it for Kanna (Katara's Gran-Gran) 60 years ago. Master Pakku tells Katara that her grandmother left the arranged marriage to begin her life in the South Pole. Katara understands that she refused to let her tribe's customs rule her life. This revelation makes Princess Yue burst into tears and run away. Sokka follows her and finds her on the bridge they met at. Yue weeps softly while Sokka tells her he wants nothing from her but to tell her that she is beautiful and that he never would have thought she would even notice a guy like him. Yue tells him that he doesn't understand, but Sokka believes he does: she is a princess and he is just a Southern Tribe peasant. He turns to leave, but Yue kisses him, making Sokka happy but extremely confused. Yue explains that she has also fallen for Sokka but they cannot be together, and not for the reason Sokka thinks. She sadly pulls down the furs about her neck to reveal a betrothal necklace; she is engaged to be married. She apologizes and leaves Sokka alone on the bridge. At the end, although the Waterbending Master has not changed his rather harsh methods of teaching, he has taken Katara, Aang and I as students.

April 13th, 'AG

(Avatara starts her Waterbending training and it's hard for her because Waterbending is the opposite of Firebending.)

Dear Diary, My day started when I woke up in my bed in the ice house I had been given. I hit my head on the floor...again. I got up and saw that I had melted my bed in my sleep...again. Since I came to the North Pole

I've really been accepted. But my Firebending is not in control here as it is in other parts of the world. I melt everything I touch. Katara came into my room and said, "Avatara time for Class." I groaned and got up, "I don't want to go. I just melt everything." I shivered and she said, "You should really wear some North Pole clothes. I'll get you some." Katara has been asking me to wear Water Tribe Clothing for the past few days. I've been stubbornly refusing because of my Fire Nation pride. I went to Waterbending training and it was hard. I think it was because of my fiery attitude and Firebending being the opposite of Waterbending. Pakku tried his best but I refused to change clothes and so my learning suffered. I then didn't pass a special test to become a Master and so I was back to lesson 1.

I soon got kind of sick. I was cold because my clothes were looser and they didn't offer protection from the cold. I spent the day in our Ice Hut and that made me woozy. I need healing and I needed it fast. Katara tried to heal me but it didn't work.

I then fell into a coma. I was teleported into a field full of life that looked like the Fire Nation. I looked around and was happy. Then Kyoishi appeared and walked tord me. "Hello Avatra.""Kyoshi ? What are you going here?" "Helping you. Your parents told me to talk to you." "Wha tis it?" "I know what you're going threw." "What do you mean?" "When I had to learn Airbending I had a hard time too. Air is the opposite of Earth and I was also stubborn and refused to dress like them. But after 2 months I finally accepted them."

"But Kyioshi I'm from the Fire Nation. We're proud and fierce but it's hard to learn Waterbending." "I know. But as and Avatar guardian you have to be, if not better then the Avatar in bending. So that means accepting different cultures." "Okay Kyoshi. If you say so." She smiled and said, "You really are like your mother." I smiled and then woke up gasping for air. Aang, Katara and Sokka was their looking at me. "How long was I out?" "2 days. Are you okay?" "Yes. I'm fine." I jumped out of bed and ran to Pakku. "Pakku I'm sorry about how I have been and I ask your forgiveness. I plead to take to test again." He smiled and said, "I forgive you and yes you can take the test again." I smiled and took the test. When I was done I went to Pakku and he smiled. "You passed with flying colors. I smiled and went to the Chief. I stood before him and said, " I am sorry about my behavior. I was home sick and took it out on everyone. But I now know that I can accept every culture. I accept yours like I accept my own." The chief smiled and said, "You are fully welcome to the Water Tibe." I smiled and later I changed. Katara brought me some clothes to replace mine. It's a fur robe like Katara's except in the front of mine is a sun, symbolizing my connection to the sun.

The underclothes are also like Katara's except mine is purpler in color. I have my hair kind of like Yue's but I still wear my topknot for my people. Everyone smiled and at the fest tonight I was pronounced a Waterbending Master.

April 20th, 'AG

(As the Fire Nation's forces close in on the Northern Water Tribe, the leaders and citizens scramble to find a way to defend against the armada. As night begins to fall, Admiral Zhao decides to heed Iroh's advice and halt the attack since Waterbenders are stronger under the moonlight. Zuko leaves Zhao's ship and infiltrates the tribe on his own, seeking to capture Aang. Aang believes going into the Spirit World and speaking to the moon and ocean spirits could give him the wisdom to defeat the Fire Nation.

However, after Aang's spirit leaves for the Spirit World, Zuko arrives to kidnap his body; despite stern resistance from Katara and Avatara, he succeeds. Zuko struggles to find shelter in the freezing temperatures of the North Pole, while Sokka, Katara, Avatara and Yue search for him and Aang. Along the way Avatara reveals a little bit about her past with Zuko. She then uses her 'connection' with Aang to find him. At the Northern Water Tribe, Firebenders and Fire Nation tanks manage to infiltrate the city. Admiral Zhao slays the moon spirit, Tui, and the Waterbenders lose their ability to Waterbend. In anger, Aang and Avatara, goes into the Avatar State and, in joining with the Ocean Spirit Laa, destroys the entire Fire Nation armada and army, with the exceptions of Iroh and Zuko.

Yue, who was imbued with some of the energy of the Moon spirit when she was a baby, sacrifices her life to revive it, and becomes the Moon spirit. Zhao is pulled underwater and drowned by the Ocean Spirit in retaliation for slaying the Moon Spirit.)

Dear Diary,

My day started with a sparring match between an anxious young man and a confident Katara. After Katara swiftly defeats her opponent by encasing him in an ice formation about 20 feet high, Master Pakku releases the student, Sangok, unceremoniously on his back. Pakku then asks the other students if any of them feel up to facing Katara again. Hearing no response, Master Pakku then tells Katara that she has progressed faster than any other student he has had and that her hard work and determination have paid off in ways that raw talent alone cannot. Seeing Aang playing with Momo, Master Pakku cynically asks Aang if he wishes to face Katara since he must have mastered Waterbending already. Unconcerned by Pakku's tone, Aang responds by saying he wouldn't say he's mastered Waterbending, but he has something to show Pakku. Aang then wraps snow around himself as if he were a snowman, which does not impress either Master Pakku or Katara, but it dose me.

Meanwhile, Sokka is walking on a ledge of an ice bridge as Princess Yue walks on the bridge beside him. She asks if there are not any palaces in the Southern Water Tribe. Sokka says, "I grew up on a block of ice. It's not exactly a cultural hub." As Sokka comes down from the ledge, Yue touches his shoulder and laughs at his statement. Then her smile turns to a frown as she says what they are doing is wrong because she is engaged. Undeterred, Sokka says they are just friends and he would like her to meet another of his friends, Appa. Appa greets Sokka by pushing him to the ground and giving him a big lick, which leads Yue to giggle and say, "It looks like you haven't been giving Appa enough attention." Sokka and Yue get into Appa's saddle and Sokka introduces Yue to the joys of flying with a simple "Yip yip." Yue is amazed but wonders if it is always cold when flying (and then scoots closer to Sokka).

Sokka softly replies "Not when you're with someone". They look into each other's eyes and begin to move toward a kiss. When they realize what is about to happen, they blush and quickly try to change the subject. However, the subject presents itself in the form of gray snow falling on them. Back at the Northern Water Tribe city where we see gray snow falling. While Aang is rolling in the snow around Momo, Momo eats one of the gray particles and coughs it out, which gets Aang's attention. The water fountains have turned gray as a result of this unusual snowfall, and Water Tribe citizens look on wonderingly. Sokka and Yue have landed on a nearby glacier, and Sokka tells Yue he recognizes the gray as soot from Fire Nation ships mixed with snow as this happened when the Fire Nation attacked his village.

He tells Yue the Fire Nation has closed in on the North Pole, and from what he sees there are a lot of them. At the Northern Water Tribe, a large drum adorned with the Water Tribe's symbol is beaten as citizens rush to the main gathering hall. As Sokka and Yue head up the steps, Yue abruptly stops to tell Sokka they cannot see each other because she is engaged and she likes him as more than a friend. At the gathering hall, Chief Arnook tells the citizens that war is upon them and he is saddened to know that some of the faces he sees may vanish in the next few days. He calls upon the Ocean and Moon Spirits to be with them as they face the battle for existence. When the Chief asks for volunteers for a dangerous mission, Sokka is first to stand and say "Count me in" - despite Katara's objection.

As Sokka receives his mark from the Chief signifying his acceptance to join the mission, Yue looks on and as he heads back to his seat. Yue looks away blinking tears from her eyes. As they await first strike from the Fire Nation, Chief Arnook tells Aang the stillness before battle is unbearable. A hundred years ago Aang was not there to help his people; he emphatically states that this time he will make a difference. Finally, as the Water Tribe warriors look on, there is a WHOOSH as the first fireball is launched. The fireball strikes the middle of the Northern Water Tribe emblem on the outer wall, throwing many back by the blast. A second fireball lands in the heart of the city. I cool it down and I said, "It's time Angel." I climb on her back and we took off. As the third approaches, Aang yells "Yip, yip" to Appa, and we headed out to face the Fire Nation Navy. I fly next to Aang and I gave a thumps up sign that I was with him. I jumped to Appa's saddle and I said, "Angel stealth mode." She turned invisible and I said, "Ready Aang ?" he nodded and we flew tord the Ships. The lead ship launches several fireballs, and as Aang approaches he manages to deflect one fireball into the nearby ice cap. He then leaps off Appa, expands his glider, and maneuvers between soldiers' fire blasts as he then lands on the deck and sweeps away those attacking him.

While he doses that I am blasting Lightning at the ships to set them on Fire. Lightning is very hard to generate but I am able to make 'Lightning Whips' to attack. After several maneuvers disabling the fireball catapults on the lead ship, Aang is trapped against a catapult with chains thrown by an attacker. Appa appears out of nowhere (with me on his back), grabs the attacker, and throws him overboard. Just then, the ship is encased in ice by approaching Waterbenders. Aang leaps aboard Appa to head to the next ship, but is shocked to find what looks like a thousand Fire Nation ships in the horizon.

While looking at the nearly full moon, Yue tells Aang, Katara and I about the legend of the Moon teaching Waterbending to the Water Tribe people by observing the push and pull on the ocean by the Moon. Suddenly Aang realizes that maybe the spirits can help him on his quest to save the Water Tribe. Yue says she may know of a place where Aang can reach the spirits. She takes them to the most spiritual place in the entire North Pole. Aang is ecstatic to see grass again, and Katara is amazed at how warm it is there. Aang begins to meditate at the base of the oasis pool containing two Koi fish – one black, one white – swimming in a circle. As Sokka sharpens his boomerang, Chief Arnook approaches him for a special task – guarding his daughter, Princess Yue. Sokka humbly agrees.

As Aang tries to get into the Spirit World through meditation, Katara and Yue's conversation distracts him, but after he shouts "How 'bout some quiet!" they comply. Aang then focuses on the Koi fish and finally enters the Spirit World. Yue asks Katara if they should get some help, but Katara says she can protect Aang. At that moment Zuko says "Well, aren't you a big girl now?" Yue leaves to get help as Katara and Zuko fight it out. Zuko realizes Katara's skill level has greatly advanced from earlier encounters, and he is eventually encased in ice similar to what Katara did to Pupil Sangok earlier.

However, as the sun rises, Zuko manages to melt his way out of Katara's trap and overpower Katara forcing her against a tree with a fire blast knocking her out. "You rise with the Moon, I rise with the Sun," he says. He sees me and stops for a second. I look at him but I attack him blasting him with fire as I do so. "It's good to see you again Zuko." "What are you doing here?" "I'm helping Aang. You should do so too." I stopped and he said, "Avatara, you know that I must regain my honor."

"But is all this necessary?" He stoped and said, "Yes it is." He placed a Tender hand on my cheek but I pushed him away. I blast him but he knocked me out by using a stick. He then kidnaps Aang's body and escapes from the Oasis. Fire Nation ships break through the Water Tribe outer wall and rush in to attack. Back on his command ship, Zhao states the city will fall today despite any efforts to fight off the inevitable. Katara regains consciousness to find Aang is gone. I do to and a tear rolls down my cheek. Sokka and Yue approach on Appa and Katara tells them Zuko has Aang. Wait I have to light another candle.... To continue... We are all on Appa. They are in search of Aang as the Fire Nation continues its attack on the Northern Water Tribe. My eyes then flash and I said, "Go that way." "Why?" "I'm connected to Aang remember? I can tell you were he is." He went to were I told him and I visions of Aang. As Zuko carries Aang across the polar ice cap, Aang's spirit has arrived in what looks like a swamp. He then approaches an Odd Spirit and asks for some assistance on finding the moon and ocean spirits. The annoyed Spirit tells Aang to "Go... Away." As Aang continues to ask the Spirit for help, a glowing speck flies by and the spirit suggests Aang chase it, because it may be able to help him. Aang chases the glowing speck through the Spirit World, but when he finally manages to grasp it, the branch he is standing on disappears and Aang falls into the water. Avatar Roku's image appears as a reflection in the water and he greets Aang. Back in the natural world, the polar ice cap begins to give way under Zuko and Aang's weight. Zuko quickly runs while carrying Aang and manages to avoid falling through the ice. Just then, Zuko spots a shelter in the distance, drags Aang's body into the shelter and ties him up. Aang's spirit tells Roku that the Water Tribe is under attack and he needs help locating the Moon and Ocean spirits. Roku's spirit ascends out of the water to face Aang as he tells Aang those spirits crossed over into the mortal world near the beginning and there is only one spirit old enough to help Aang. The spirit is named Koh, but Roku warns Aang to be careful as Koh is dangerous.

Aang must not show any emotion when facing Koh or Koh will steal his face. Aang nods in understanding. We continue riding on Appa through the blizzard continue to look for Aang with no luck. Sokka said, "Are you sure?" "Yes." Zuko talks to Aang's body while Aang is in the Spirit World. He laments how now that he has Aang, the blizzard prevents him from taking Aang back to the Fire Nation. Zuko then compares Aang's natural talents to his own sister's and recalls his struggles that have made him strong without any help from luck. He the talks about me and about my eyes and that Aang knows nothing about Love.

Aang approaches a large leafless tree and notices another spirit in the form of a monkey. As Aang approaches and speaks to the monkey it turns around and to Aang's surprise it has no face. Aang takes a deep breath and enters the hollow tree, calling out to Koh. Suddenly, Koh, with a large centipede like body and a face similar to a Japanese Noh mask, appears in front of Aang. As he switches faces, Koh explains to Aang that this is not their first encounter as one of Aang's previous incarnations tried to kill Koh over the stealing of a loved one's face. But now he is no longer concerned for what Aang did in his past life. Aang takes a breath in to gather strength in order to not show any emotion as Koh tries to manipulate Aang into an opportunity to steal his face. At the same time, Aang's body in the natural world also takes in a deep breath as Zuko looks on. Zuko comments that it looks like they will be in the shelter for a while. Yue tries to comfort Katara by saying Zuko and Aang could not have gotten away. Katara says she's not worried they got away, but that they didn't. Yue then asked me if I knew Zuko. When I didn't answer Katara said that we used to be friends before he turned evil and full of hatred.

Yue said that it's so sweet but I said to drop the subject. Sokka assures Katara that Zuko will not give up and both he and Aang are alive and they will find them. In the Sprit work, Koh is walking to Aang. Menacingly, Koh asks, "So. How may I help you?" Aang tells Koh he needs to find the Moon and Ocean Spirits. Koh tells Aang the spirits' names - Tui (push) and La (pull). Aang explains that an entire culture may be destroyed if he doesn't get the spirits' help. Koh informs Aang that it is the spirits who are in need of his help as someone is planning to kill one of them. Aang asks how he can find the spirits to protect them.

Koh tells Aang that he has already met them. As Aang realizes the spirits' mortal identities, he almost reveals his expression to Koh, narrowly avoiding the opportunity for Koh to steal his face. Upon leaving Koh's tree, Aang tells Roku's reflection that the spirits are in trouble and he needs to get back to the mortal world. Roku tells Aang that an old friend Hei Bai is there to guide him back. Nightfall has come and the full moon has risen. The Waterbending warriors exhibit massive power as they fiercely battle the Fire Nation soldiers. Zhao and his search party depart his ship in search of the Oasis. Zhao declares that when they get there "We're going fishing".

Hei Bai takes Aang back to the gate and breaths out a light toward Aang which sends Aang's spirit to the mortal world. However, to Aang's dismay, he finds his body is not at the Oasis where it had been left. His spirit suddenly goes into a bright light form as it rushes to Aang's body. Katara sees the light and realizes it's Aang's spirit and they turn Appa to follow the light as it reveals Zuko and Aang's shelter. I smile because we've found him. As his spirit rejoins his body, Aang suddenly sits up, forcefully acknowledges Zuko's presence, and then proceeds to blow a large gust of air, which throws Zuko against the side of the shelter and him out of the cave and into the snow.

Zuko manages to catch Aang, but then Appa approaches and Katara jumps down. Zuko says, "Here for a rematch?" and Katara confidently replies, "Trust me Zuko, it's not going to be much of a match", as she forces Zuko about 40 feet into the air with a column of snow and then knocks him out by smashing him to the ground. Although he is in a hurry to save the spirits, Aang refuses to leave Zuko to die. We tie up the unconscious prince and take him with them. At the Oasis, Zhao grabs the white fish and the sky goes red. The Waterbending warriors lose their bending abilities.

Yue says that she feels faint and Aang says he feels it too. I felt the same thing and I said, "We have to hurry. Come on." I whistled and Angel appeared. I jumped on her back and I said, "I'll see if I can buy you some time." They nodded and I took off very fast. Yue then explains how the Moon Spirit gave her life as a baby and how she received her name; Yue – for the Moon. Zhao begins arrogantly applauding his efforts to fulfill his destiny of the Moon Spirit.

Then a large gust on wind behind him and he sees me on Angel's back. "Avatara? So you are a traitor too? And on a Dragon too?" "Zhao put the Fish down. You do not know that you are doing." "What are you going to do?" Momo suddenly jumps onto his head, pulls at Zhao's hair, and then flies over to Aang. Aang pleads with Zhao to consider how his actions will hurt everyone, not just the Water Tribe. Suddenly, Iroh appears, confirms Aang's words, and tells Zhao if he harms the spirit, Iroh will unleash 10 fold the force against him. Zhao releases the spirit back into the water, but then kills it with a fire blast - causing the spiritual equivalent of a lunar eclipse thus rendering the Waterbenders powerless. Iroh unleashes his firepower and easily defeats the soldiers accompanying Zhao, but Zhao manages to escape. Iroh lifts the white fish out of the water and Yue says, "There's no hope now; it's over."

Aang goes into the Avatar State and says powerfully "NO, It is NOT over." He then walks into the Oasis, Katara tries to follow but Iroh gestures her to let him go. Angel pushes me tord him and my eyes glow. Aang and I merge with the Ocean Spirit to head out and attack the Fire Nation invaders in the city. The Ocean Spirit (with Aang and I in it) then heads out to sea. As Zhao tries to escape, Zuko shoots a fireball at him. Shocked that Zuko is alive, Zhao confirms he tried to have Zuko killed because of his Blue Spirit identity and for releasing the Avatar.

Zuko says he had no choice, but Zhao tells Zuko he should have accepted his fate as a failure and a disgrace. Zuko continues to battle Zhao. Meanwhile, Iroh places the white fish back into the Oasis and then notices that the Moon Spirit has touched Yue. Yue decides it is her duty to give the life she was given back to the Moon Spirit despite Sokka's protests. She places her hands on the fish transferring her spirit, exhaling one last time and then falls back into Sokka's arms – no longer alive. The Ocean Spirit heads out into the open ocean and attacks the Fire Nation ships. Yue's body disappears, the white fish begins to glow, and Iroh places the fish into the Oasis.

The fish begins to swim and the Oasis glows as the spirit image of Yue appears above the water to tell Sokka she will always be with him. Her spirit kisses Sokka one last time before becoming the Moon. The Ocean Spirit sees the Moon is back, places Aang and I atop a piece of the outer wall, and then heads back into the Water Tribe city. Zuko and Zhao continue to battle when Zhao notices the Moon has returned and shouts, "It can't be!" Just then the Ocean Spirit grabs Zhao and begins to take him away. Zuko tries to help, but Zhao stubbornly refuses to accept Zuko's hand.

Zhao is pulled into the water and disappears. After the battle, Master Pakku announces plans to head to the Southern Water Tribe with other tribe members to help rebuild the tribe. Katara asks about Aang's training and Pakku tells her Aang will have to get used to calling her Master Katara. He then turns to me and called me a master to and said that he wished more of the Fire Nation was like me. Chief Arnook quietly tells Sokka about the vision the spirits gave him when Yue was born about a young woman giving her life to become the Moon. Sokka replies that he must be proud. The Chief says he is proud, and sad. Katara meets up with Aang and they embrace.

Momo jumps in as Sokka takes hold of Aang's shoulder and Appa shows up as we all look out at the moon realizing we managed to ward off the Fire Nation and there is still hope to restore balance.

Book II: Hard as Earth

Book III: A Fire Spark

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