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Avatara, the one that was different


Avatara is a girl that has the power as the Avatar but uses them in a different way.

Early Life

Avatara is a Firebender and is like the missing link of the Avatar. She was born in the Capital City in the Fire Nation. Although she was born into a family of wealth and power Avatara's early life is not a fairy tale. Her parents had a hidden secret that they kept away from everyone. Her mother was an Earthbender but she fell in love with a Fire Nation nobleman named Oritel. They married in secret and Koko came to the Fire Nation as a Fire Nation High Lady. When Koko was pregnant she told Oritel about her past. Koko's mother was an Earthbender and her great grandfather was an Airbender.

Oritel told her something too. His father, grandfather, great grandfather and great great grandfather were Avatars. They keep everything's hidden. She was born 84 AG in Capital City in the Fire Nation. When Koko gives birth they have a girl and name her Avatara for hidden reasons. They notice that she was born with red, blue, green and white highlights. To keep them hidden they tuck the highlights under her black hair and make sure that her hair is up at all times. But when she was 5 the highlights disappeared except her red ones.

Royal Fire Nation Academy for Girls

When she is 2 she is sent to the Royal Fire Nation Academy for Girls. At the beginning she doesn't fit in and after a year or two she meets plenty of friends. The school is impressed with her Firebending Skills and so they send word to the Firelord and he thinks on it.

Great Sorrow

The years roll by and Avatara returns home and she is now 5 years old. Her family is invited to the Royal Palace for dinner. She is introduced to the Royal Family; Prince Zuko, Princess Azula and Fire Prince Ozi. During the dinner they talk about her past but her parents keep most of it a secret. She knows about her past though. During dinner she catches the eye of Prince Zuko. They then go home. Then about 6 months later Avatara wakes up and her parents are dead. She cries that whole day.

Into the Royal Family

During the funeral the Fire Prince Ozai tells her that her parents told him to take her in as his ward and she'd grow up as a Princess. After the funeral she is taken to the palace and thrust into a great thing of responsibility and other things. She's in the house of the Fire Lord and makes friends with Zuko (who had a crush on her), Fire Princess Ursa and other people. She becomes enemies with Azula who views her as low class. But when Fire Lord Azulon dies she is given the title High Princess Avatara making her higher than Azula.

Young Azula

Young Avatara at Palace

She trains her Firebending and soon she becomes a Firebending Master, something rare for some one so young. She also learns that she can Energybend. An ancient act of bending that chooses its owners rather than is chosen. She is left a large egg by her parents. At first she thinks it a rock but once she touches it turns to be an egg and it hatches. Inside is a baby dragon and she names the dragon Angel. But she has to keep Angel a secret because the Fire Nation are known to kill dragons.

Running Away

Avatara decides to run away from the Fire Nation to learn more of the bending arts. But she knows

Meeting the Avatar

Avatara first meets Team Avatar in "The Deserter." She is in a town were she hers whispers about the Avatar. Knowing that she has Avatar blood she follows the gang just keeping about 100 feet away from them. When Aang burns Katara Avatara is in the tent with Jeong Jeong. Jeong Jeong knows who she is and they talk. She saves Team Avatar from Admiral Zhao. She doesn't like Admiral Zhao because he is always belittling her all time. He threatens to tell the Fire Lord when he leaves. But she erases his mind with her Energybending. When he and his troops are gone the gang thinks that she is a spy. But when Angel intervenes they learn who she is. She tells them what she wants to do and they agree to let her come with them.

Life's Journey

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Returning Home

Fire Princess Avatara



Avatara is a sweet girl that has had a bad past. As a tomboy/girly girl, Avatara brings a totally new personality to the group. Unlike the nurturing Katara, flighty Aang, or gruff but goofy Sokka, Avatara is fiercely independent, sarcastic, sharp tongued, flirtatious and confrontational. She appears to have the same carefree and adventurous personality as Aang, and she is half tomboyish and half girly girl. However, unlike Aang, who avoids fighting whenever possible, Avatara loves battling and takes great pride in her Firebending skills. Despite being from the Fire Nation and knows how to Firebend she is arguably the most perceptive of a person's true character in the group, most likely due to her past. While a good judge of character and often logical, she can sometimes let her fierce pride cloud her judgment of a situation or people she knows, especially when she believes she has been insulted.

This makes her quick to anger, but she never fails to admit her own fault when she has calmed. When her parents died she was hurt and had deep scars about that. When she learns the truth from Avatar Kyoshi that Fire Lord Ozai had them killed she states, "She hates him." Avatara is brutally honest when criticizing others. She is vocal about her opinions of others regardless of status or age.

Her occasional spoiled attitude or sharp tongue may be related to her being the only child of one of the richest families in the Fire Nation. Thanks to her time as a Royal Princess and fighting Azula, she is an expert in verbally taunting and insulting her opponents, and on occasion her friends an enemies, particularly Azula. Inside this hardened exterior, though, Avatara hides trace insecurities in regards to her past, which is hinted at in the episode "Zuko Alone". Her eagerness to prove her strength and independence has led to some initial difficulties with Aang and his friends. Avatara insists that she can "carry her own weight" and often mistakes a simple friendly gesture for an act of pity for her past.

Despite her uncouth habits, Avatara is in fact well educated in the manners and bearings of high society, which she uses all the time. Avatara is the only known Firebender with the ability to bend energy. Avatara is shown to be the world's most skilled Firebender at the end of the series. She uses the "Way of the Dragon" as she puts it, in her attacks and feelings.


Avatara's abilities are mostly fueled by her feeling. She tries most of the time to act with no emotion but they show.


Avatara is mostly known as a master Firebender. Although only a child she is known as the only child Firebender master in the Fire Nation. Avatara is a very difficult person to defeat in single combat. Her excellent fire-bending abilities, hand-to-hand combat skills, intelligence, and quickness has made her a formidable opponent to all characters in the show. Avatara is proficient in the difficult technique of using lightning, a pure form of Firebending. The only other known Firebenders who are capable of lightning are Iroh, Azula and Ozai. Iroh, Aang and Zuko have been shown to redirect lightning by Iroh's technique, though Aang and Zuko have never been seen creating lightning.

The second most noticeable feature of Princess Avatara's bending is that she creates different colored flames, setting her apart from the Avatar, Zuko, Iroh, Azula (who can only do blue flames) and Fire Lord Ozai. (Whether this is due to some superior ability is never stated but not likely, as Iroh or Fire Lord Ozai would most likely be able to do it if it were.) Avatara has been seen using flames in previously unseen ways, such as jets of flames and whirling disks.

She also is known to use her Firebending mixed with her Waterbending. In "Couple Problems" she showed Aang "Fire Octopus Form" which is just like normal "Octapus Form" but you use fire instead of water. Notably, Avatara often Firebends fans, rather than a closed fist or open hand. She can use her hands but she only does it in the Third Season more than usually. Avatara can fight for long periods of time without tiring. When Sozin's comet comes she turns into the most Firebender in the world.

In "Sozin Comet- Part 1" she says that her draws her fire from the energy around the comet then from the comet it's self. It takes a little bit longer for her fire to come but it lasts longer. She is also able to generate powerful shields of swirling flames, which she once used to withstand the simultaneous combined attacks of Ozai and Azula. She is even able to charge up her fire before releasing it, as was seen during one fight with Azula. Avatara is able to propel herself, using her flames, in a manner similar to a rocket. This ability has also been extended as a means to fly for longer periods of time as seen in the Boiling Rock. She is also a skilled melee fighter; in the "The Avatar State", she easily blocked or parried all of Zuko's attacks without the use of Firebending, and in "The Eclipse", avoided the combined forces of Ozai, the Dai Li and Azula for several minutes without her bending to aid her. She never acts with savage cruelty, which is the nature of Firebending. She does act though without any hint of hesitation.

She learned the famous "Breath of Fire", which resembles a dragon breathing flames on its opponent from Iroh. Lastly she has developed the technique by observing Waterbenders, who use their fluid movements to redirect attacks. Thus far, Avatara, Iroh, Zuko, and Avatar Aang are the only ones to show this ability, although Firelord Sozin possessed a similar ability to redirect heat. This ability to both generate and redirect lightning makes Avatara the only character to demonstrate the ability to both use lightning as a weapon and defend against while all other Firebenders with knowledge of lightning only demonstrate the ability to generate or redirect lightning, not both.


Avatara had a long time working on Waterbending. Since fire is the opposite of water.



Other abilities


Master Acrobat

Avatara is extraordinarily acrobatic. She is extremely agile and quick. Frequently, she can defend herself without needing to resort to bending by simply dodging and avoiding attacks. Even at a young age, she was able to do cartwheels and somersaults in mid-air with a skill that surpassed even the agile Avatara. Her acrobatic abilities allowed her to climb trees, walk on thin branches and do other things with balance and grace. Because of this, she is very fast and agile in battle, able to outmaneuver almost any opponent she comes across.

Her abilities allowed her to dodge dozens of powerful Dai Li, who were unable to land a hit on her. She is also very flexible, able to contort herself into positions nearly impossible for a normal person to achieve and walk on her hands without any struggle. These abilities allow her to scale almost any surface very quickly, and squeeze through most barriers and into small spaces. As can be seen in the episode "The Headband", Avatara is also an agile and extremely talented dancer, being able to perform somersaults in mid-air among other acrobatic feats and coordinate.

She somersaults at that time did not seem to be aided by Airbending, as she was in a public area surrounded by Fire Nation students and there was no sign of any air currents around her.

Pressure-Point Master

Avatara's other defining, most noticeable ability is her mastery of pressure-point striking martial arts, chi blocking. It is unknown where she learned but she mastered it. She is able to strike sequences of pressure points immobilize her enemies to various degrees. She has the ability to paralyze a single body part, or even the entire human anatomy. This technique allows her to block certain Chi paths in benders to compromise their abilities.

This makes her especially dangerous to warriors like Dai Li, who rely solely on their Bending and possess no secondary fighting skills. She is so powerful, that outside the walls of Ba Sing Se, she was able to defeat dozens of powerful Dai Li within seconds. However, if her target has faced her before or is expecting it, the effectiveness of her Chi blocking decreases as her opponent takes measures to prevent her from using the technique. It might be possible that she could kill someone with her chi blocking skills, but doesn't do so because of her kind-hearted personality and lack of need to do so.

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