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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Weatherbenders.

Unnamed fire Avatar
Biographical information

Fire Nation, Spirit World

Birth place

Fire Nation


Spirit World




3010 BG


2881 BG

Physical description


Personal information
Bending style(s)

Pokai, Algaion, Team Avatar

Chronological and political information

Guardian of Weatherbending


Spirit World

Avatar Zentai of the Fire Nation was the first Avatar to be granted the ability to Weatherbend. He fully mastered all four bending arts, and, as a result, mastered all the Weatherbending arts related to them.

He is a spirit guide in The Weatherbenders.

Life on Earth

Zentai was born to a family of nobles in the Fire Nation. At age five, he discovered his Firebending abilities, and quickly mastered his element, one of the younger masters in its history.

Unconsciously, he revealed himself as the Avatar when he chose the Avatar relics in front of the Fire Sages from amongst many toys.

Zentai was confirmed of his status as Avatar at age 16, the standard age for most Avatars. He then set out on a journey around the world, mastering the four elements and the Avatar State. In total, it took him ten years to be a fully-realized Avatar.

After his training, Zentai married a noblewoman at age 29 and the two enjoyed a fifty-five year marriage, in which the couple bore five children.

Zentai enjoyed a peaceful time for most of his life. However, at age 62, he was granted the ability to Weatherbend, the first Avatar to have this. He later allied with Air Nomad Algaion and Water Tribe resident Pokai as the first three Weatherbenders.

After his wife's death, when he was 84, Zentai worked to keep Weatherbending in check. For the last forty-five years of his life, he traveled the world to maintain balance. Zentai never married again. He passed away in the Fire Nation at age 129 in 2881 BG.

Spirit World

After his death, Zentai became a spirit, and a guide to all succeeding Avatars. However, he was utilized scarcely after the succeeding Air Nomad Avatar.

Zentai became a guardian of Weatherbending, along with Pokai and Algaion. In 2496 BG, after the three saw Weatherbending beginning to be misused, they agreed to strip everyone capable of it of their knowledge. They transferred the knowledge to Wan Shi Tong, who placed it in his library.

For the next 2,500 years, Zentai quietly roamed the Spirit World, offering guidance when needed.

The Weatherbenders Continuity

In 102 AG, Zentai got the word that the knowledge of Weatherbending had been revealed once more, and that it was being used to threaten world balance. Using Avatar Roku as an outlet, he decided to get in contact with Team Avatar, along with Algaion and Pokai.

Zentai helped to enlighten the three Weatherbending-capable benders of the Team: Avatar Aang, Katara, and Zuko. Zentai now serves as a spirit guardian to Aang, along with Roku.

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