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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Tale of Zark.

Avatar Zark
Biographical information

The Stone Ninja


Huohe City, Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Huohe City







Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

The Elements, Metalbending, Mudbending, and Grappling Hooks


(will be updated)


(will be updated)

Chronological and political information




Avatar Zark is the immediate successor of Avatar Korra . He was born and raised in Huohe City, which is on the other side of Mt. Makapu, along with his twin sister Teirah in the northwestern region of the Earth Kingdom . Avatar Zark is not a real character, but he is a character from the Avatar fanon, Avatar: The Tale of Zark.


Avatar Zark is the first recorded Avatar to have had a sister or brother. Zark was born in Huohe City with his sister Teirah. As a child his mother, Mona trained him in Earthbending, Mudbending and Metalbending. At the age of ten, he and his sister left home and went their separate ways, Teirah went to the Eastern Air Temple and Zark went to Ba Sing Se to further his training. What happened to their parents is unknown as of yet.

While Zark was in Ba Sing Se, he turned thirteen and that is when he realized that he was the Avatar. Zark went around Ba Sing Se trying to find someone who might teach him another element and that's when he ran into Krea, a thirteen year old professional firebender. Krea and Zark stayed in Ba Sing Se so Zark could become a pro at earthbending. They heard on the news that the first robot was created in Republic City, so they decided to go see it.(Will be updated soon)


Avatar Zark has a very happy, cheerful, go-lucky attitude towards life, he tries to see the positive side of everything and everyone. He attacks problems head on which doesn't always turn out his way. He sometimes gets annoying, but most of the time he says he weird more than anything else.



Poeshu is Zark's expandable skuncoon, Poeshu can shrink or grow to unimaginable sizes. Zark treats Poeshu like a son or brother, he feeds him almost five times a day and the same goes for grooming and training!


Krea is Zark's firebending teacher and one of his good friends. They both like each other, but they just can't admit it.

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