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Avatar Yun
Biographical information

Earth Empire

Birth place

Full Moon Bay




174 AG


Avatar Korra

Physical description



1.75 mts


80 kg

Hair color


Skin color

light brown

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Elements, Jian Sword

Fighting style(s)

Long Range, Strategic, Earthbending, Waterbending, Firebending, Airbending


Bending, Avatar State, Jian Sword, Non-bending Martial arts


Kuvira, Earth Empire, Dark Spirits

Chronological and political information

Go-Getter, Vagabond, Field Worker, Avatar




Anliu, Lokai, Lianhua

Yun Ànliú (岸流云), otherwise known as Avatar Yun is a character born after the passing of Avatar Korra in the year 174 AG.


Avatar Korra was still a young woman in her prime, but due to the presence of the poison left over from the Red Lotus Assassination attempt, she wasn't fully recovered when she fought Kuvira outside of Zaofu, even though she had managed to finally expel the poison she was mentally unstable still. Kuvira quickly gained the upper hand during the fight and when Korra found herself trapped by the former and close to be executed, her airbenders friends tried to save her, only to be attacked by a group of Kuvira's soldiers whom prevent them to save her friend. Avatar Korra died in the year 174 AG, she only had 21 Years. The world shocked, mourned her death and immediately went to war by a coalition led by the Southern Water Tribe, against the Earth Empire. Meanwhile the White Lotus immediately began the search for her successor on Republic City and secretly in the Newly instated Earth Empire, Kuvira also raced to find the next Avatar, unbeknown to them, others were also after him.


Early Life

Born in the city of Full Moon Bay in the year 174 AG, Yun was orphaned as a baby in a factory fire (loosing his parents, sisters and brother), taken by an old man named Ànliú as his adoptive son, he was raised in the small village of "Zìyóu", a semi-reclusive community where equality was practiced and the Earth Empire had little interference due to the almost non-existing economic resources in the area (besides the necessary food). Yun grown believing in harmony, equality and peacefulness, and trained in sword and martial combat as well as meditation by his step-father Anliu. At the age of ten Yun realized he was an Earthbender, so he secretly began training with the local earthbender in his spare time (due to Kuvira's law that prohibits any earthbender to train unless is conscripted in her army first), quickly gaining proficiency over it.

The Battle of Ziyou

During 186 AG, a group of soldiers from the Earth Empire led by Captain Xuē raided Zìyóu under the suspicion the village may be harboring Potential earthbenders, soon the situation of oppression led to an uprising, the army attacked killing several villagers during the assault, terrified Yun (aged 11) initially retreated with the children and the elderly, however in the chaos he found the resolve to fight for his loved ones, saving Anliu's life in the process (who was about to be killed by a group of Metalbenders) however a boulder knock him to the ground, thrown by commander Xuē himself, when he was about to be killed by him, the Avatar State came into action, creating a powerful earthquake to neutralize the army's forces, followed by a rain of boulders against his enemies before passing out.

When Yun waked up his village had been completely destroyed by the battle, with countless casualties and most of the soldiers being apparently killed, the remaining villagers moved into hiding, Yun however decided to run away to protect the remaining villagers (knowing that been the Avatar would inevitably bring enemies to him and his loved ones), Anliu however stopped him and instead propose him to follow the Avatar path instead, learning the four bending arts and controlling the Avatar State, while remaining undercover not only to protect himself from Kuvira, but also to see by himself the world "as it is not as others might show him if he revealed his true nature". Carrying only some items in his back and followed by his Step-father, Yun began his Avatar Journey.

Journey through the World

Yun adopted a new name while in the Earth Empire: "Tǔrǎng", as well as an overall identity created by Anliu. First they travelled to Omashu, where an old friend of Anliu named "Lokai" accepted to become his Earthbender Teacher, however his tenure in Omashu didn't lasted as the trio began travelling through The former Earth Kingdom as "small time merchants" and some times vagabonds. "Tǔrǎng" showed to be a natural genius in this art.

The fearful Eart Empire became a military powerhouse, fully concentrated in a Total War against it's neighboring nations, because of this the Trio witnessed the suffering of the poor in the streets, the hunger, the oppression and the injustice that Kuvira was causing to his subjects, however Kuvira's support is immense due to a program of indoctrination instituted on a total social scale, The State has a powerful secret police (the Dai Li successors) to enforce this military fascism on every scale of daily life, as well as hunt down dissenters and spies. This made an impact in "Tǔrǎng", who during the three years he spent travelling in the Empire became a sort of secret Vigilante (using only earthbending on a tacit way, while refraining to use other elements to not give away his identity) aiding in occasions the Resistance.

In 189 AG, the trio split and both Yun and Anliu entered the Fire Nation under the disguise of "Meitan" and "Jin" respectively, two poor go-getters, looking for temporary jobs in the Fire Nation. Once they arrived to the city of Shu Jing they began looking for a secret Firebending master, there a middle-aged man named "Liánhuā" (a former Noble turned into a private security guard) accepted the job after gaining his trust helping them to fight off some bandits riding a nearby village. "Meitan", "Jin" and Liánhua travelled through the Fire Nation over the next two and a half years, working as escorts and security. Once again the Avatar refrained himself of using earthbending in public to prevent giving away his identity. Despite being impressed by the better living conditions in The Fire Nation than he witnessed in the Earth Empire, he disregarded the local nationalism and many authorities as enemies of the people's freedom, specially their involving in the War.

"Meitan" had an initial strong grasp of Firebending fueled by the rage he had been accumulating over his years looking at and fighting off injustice and oppression, however in his final trip through the Fire Nation, the group arrived to the Bhanti Village, where the local Tribe's Shaman recognizing him as the Avatar, not only kept the secret but also taught him the "Dancing Dragon" Form of the original Sun Warriors, Improving his firebending. In the final day before leaving the Fire Nation, the Team was involved on a large fight against a group of criminal resulting in the death of Lianhua, who sacrificed himself in order to protect Yun.

In the final months of 191 AG, Yun and Anliu arrived to the Southern Water Tribe, this time under the disguise of "Meng" and "Dòngjié" a young waterbender son of a mixed nationality family and his paternal uncle, both Republic City emigrants. Working as Fishermen, they spend the next year learning basic waterbending from the local fishermen. The Avatar even though disliking the cold weather felt happier in the Southern Tribe than in most of the places he visited, due to the simplicity of that place and it's people. in 192 AG they arrived the Northern Tribe Capital City to improve Meng's Waterbending, spending the next two years practicing also heavy spiritual training, During this time also, Anliu instructed "Tǔrǎng" on maintaining good relations with the spirits and how to enter the"Huáng Chéng Grove"(also known as the Xai Bau's Grove) in the Spirit World.

By the final months of 194 AG, Anliu's health had decreased severely spending because of this, most of his time meditating in the "Huáng Chéng Grove". Anliu died of old age during the final days of that year.

In early 195 AG Avatar Yun (aged 23) arrived to Republic City, even though he was marveled by its wonders he soon disliked the corrupt officers and mobster causing pain on the innocents. This time assuming the identity of "Fēng Anliu" a poor boy form Makapu Village in the Earth Kingdom, who worked all his life on the fields and had managed to finally join the Air Nomads.

The Avatar Enters the War



Yun's earthbending is highly flexible and mostly defensive-strategic, he prefers to change to landscape to hinder his opponents while giving advantage to him, rather than throwing earth attacks. Though he is extremely proficient in using it offensively if necessary, Yun usually answer enemy attacks with strategic/defensive earthbending rather than launching a first strike at them. Yun's earthbending follows greatly the Nutral stance of the Jing Theory, he is also proficient in the use of the Seismic sense.


Yun's main Waterbending is the "Northern style", though he is also versed in the Southern style. He prefers this bending as his secondary element due to being fluid, defensive and strategic in nature. Yun prefers to deflect and redirect incoming attacks with waterbending, use ice to immobilize enemies and attack them at middle to long distance, fluidly reverting enemy attacks back into themselves, following the Neutral Jing Theory, on a more continuous way than he does with earthbending.


Water Healing is a technique that Yun has slightly mastered yet but he can use it on many wounds.


Yun's firebending is slightly above average. He uses it to strike incoming targets, and attack at middle-long distance. Choosing it as it's main offensive skill after his usual defensive/strategic has been successfully been applied.


Yun's Airbending is not as evasive as most practice it, but he does uses deflects and avoiding techniques combined with strong air bursts to stunt the opponents.


Avatar Yun is a rather laid back character compared with the front-forward/aggressiveness displayed by her predecessor, Avatar Korra. His determining traits are stubbornness and independence, being very akin to the Neutral Jing theory. Yun can be very decisive when it comes to making a stand, specially when he sees others suffering at hands of powerful people, specially if these people is part of any institution as he has a strong opposing nature against solid institutions lead by egotistical or "evil people". He can be very naive at times, since he truly wants to help innocents and harm evil-doers.


  • Yun's (云) name meaning is "Cloud". His surname is comprised of the characters 岸 (Àn), which means "Coast", and 流 (Liú), meaning "Streams". He began using this surname as sign of respect to his former Step-father.
  • "Huáng Chéng Grove" means Orange-Yellow Grove, making a reference to Xai Bau's Grove tinted heaven (They are the same place).
  • Fēng means "Wind" in Chinese, Meitan means "Coal" in Chinese, Jin means "Embers" in Chinese and Tǔrǎng means "soil" in Chinese,

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