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Operation Breakout

Previously, Avatar Yasuo and crew had busted out Shien Zhou, leader of the Black Lotus. He gained the power of airbending during a legendary battle. What will happen next? Find out now!

Yasuo loaded the airship in preparation to attack the Southern Water Tribe. They entered the airship and flew off to the Southern Water Tribe. Yasuo tried to signal the Southern Water Tribe to surrender. They declined the request and Yasuo had no choice but to attack. 1 day later, they arrived during the dark night. Yasuo got into a truck and rode towards the fortress.

"They're coming," said Unqal.

"Are you sure we can defeat them?" said Desku.

"We can take him down, I've done it before," said Unqal.

Yasuo flew out of the truck and ran towards Unqal. Desku tried to freeze Yasuo in his tracks. Azolf hit Desku with a lightning bolt. Dow sweeped the ground with air, knocking Yasuo off guard. Dozens of White Lotus sentries ran toward Yasuo. Toracaqa tore the ground in half and created a path of lava. Dow dried the lava and blasted Toracaqa a few hundred feet. Yasuo flew at Unqal and grabbed his rope and threw him in at the dried lava. Azolf shot fire blasts knocking most of the White Lotus sentries down.

"Toracaqa finish him now!" cried Yasuo.

Toracaqa attempted to reheat the lava but Dow blasted him back. Unqal froze him in ice. Huan finally jumped out of the truck and challenged Unqal. Eventually, he knocked Unqal onto the ground and froze him. Yasuo shot fire blasts at Desku before he finally was knocked out. Dow, as a last ditch effort created a hurricane and shot it at Yasuo, destroying the truck.

"Bring the airship!" said Toracaqa on the radio.

Torcaqa spewed lava at Dow. But the hurricane so intense, froze any lava or fire. Azolf got a ready and shot a bolt of lightning at Dow, electrocuting him. The airship arrived, Huan chained up Unqal and they all left. 3 hours later, they arrived at the United Clan.

"Surrender the Southern Water Tribe now!" demanded Yasuo.

"I'll never let you take my nation," burst Unqal.

"I have no choice," said Yasuo.

He began suffocating Unqal with a sphere of air. A few seconds later and he's dead.

"We have destroyed 2 of the air temples, Eastern and the Western Air Temple," said Zygarde.

"Good," said Yasuo.

Yasuo went to go visit Kuzak. Shien Zhou was there, beating him up with airbending. Suddenly, a noise was heard from the radio. Yasuo flew to the radio building and looked at the signal. It was identified to be from Zaofu.

"Surrender your army now or we will engage in battle," said Hewi.

"I can't do that. The Black Lotus is already there, in a few days, Zaofu will be ours," said Yasuo.

Seconds later, the radio transmission cuts out and explosions where heard outside. The Metal Clan was attacking and their leader Hewi was there to lead the charge. They broke out Kuzak out of the prison and was coming for Yasuo. Shien Zhou knocked out several troops. He jumped to the roof and fought Hewi. Hewi knocked him down and was about to finished him.

"Become the wind. Empty and become invisible. Release your soul into the air," said Shien Zhou as he shot Hewi off the roof.

Shien Zhou was knocked back off the roof. Suddenly, he stays in the air, he has gained the ability to fly.

"No way," said Hewi.

Shien Zhou threw Hewi into the walls. Yasuo saw in awe that he gained flight. Hewi shot a rope at the airship and got back. A dozen Metal Clan troops were captured and put in prison. Kuzak surprised Yasuo and attacked him from behind. Yasuo easily knocked Kuzak down and broke a piece of metal. He chained Kuzak up in the main hall. They took Kuzak into the airship and locked him up. They interrogated the troops, only 1 didn't speak up, Yasuo shot fire blasts at his face but he wouldn't talk. Shien Zhou took his sword and stabbed the troop and killed him.

"Load up the airship, we're going to the Southern Water Tribe," said Shien Zhou.

"Shien Zhou, how did you gain the ability to fly?" said Yasuo.

"I emptied and became invisible, I release my soul into the air, unbounded from the Earth forever," said Shien Zhou.

They flew to the Southern Water Tribe. They landed in the harbor, citizen's greeted them with water and attack.

"No. I surrender myself to Yasuo, the Southen Water Tribe to you Yasuo," said Desku.

"Good," said Shien Zhou.

Shien Zhou knocked Desku onto the ground and brought him up in a standing position. He created a whip of air that spun at the speed of sound and fired it at Desku, killing him.

"We're done here," said Shien Zhou.

They flew off to the United Clan.

"The only hideout left is Zaofu," said Yasuo.

What will Yasuo do to Zaofu? What is Shien Zhou's master plan?

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