Operation Breakout
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Previously, Avatar Yasuo invaded the Fire Nation, capturing Fire Lord Kuzak. But who will lead the new nation? Yasuo plans to break out the founder of the Black Lotus. What will happen next? Find out now!

Yasuo and crew teleported to a mountain. They saw the prison, it was guarded by hundreds of sentries. Toracaqa drilled a hole into the ground and got under the prison. They came back up at the back of the prison. A guard spotted them, he called the others.

"They got us," said Yasuo.

"Backup plan," said Toracaqa as he tore the ground apart.

He turned the ground into lava, burning the corner of the prison. Huan froze most of the sentries in place. Azolf shot bolts of lightning at the door, destroying it. Toracaqa jumped into the prison and knocked out the troops. He went down the elevator to the bottom. Shien Zhou was chained up. Toracaqa shot a lava saw and cut the chains.

"I haven't seen a member of the Black Lotus for 60 years," said Shien Zhou.

"I'm busting you out," said Toracaqa.

Huan was knocked down. Yasuo saw an airship, he flew to the airship and shot a flame at the engine destroying the ship. A White Lotus sentry saw Toracaqa go down so he cut the elevator. Toracaqa earthbent his way out of the prison. Azolf destroyed multiple airships with a bolt of thunder. Shien Zhou beat up 3 White Lotus sentries and began to run. An airbender pulled Shien Zhou and threw him at a wall. Yasuo threw air at multiple sentries, knocking them out. Huan jumped in front of Shien Zhou, protecting him. Suddenly, Dow jumped out of the tree knocking Azolf and Huan out. Yasuo entered the Avatar State in a last ditch effort. Dow captured him a in ball of air and threw him at the prison.

"You'll never get out of here!" cried Dow.

Toracaqa threw lava at Dow but he countered and knocked him out. Shien Zhou was the only one standing. He took a sword and began attacking Dow but was quickly defeated.

"So you think you can defeat a highly defended prison. Huh, all of you attempted to and were captured," said Dow.

"Yes, indefinitely," said Yasuo with a smirk.

Yasuo flew away and grabbed Dow and threw him into a tree. Yasuo burnt all his crew mates' hand cuffs and began to attack. Toracaqa unleashed a furry of lava destroying the whole prison. Azolf destroyed their radio tower. Yasuo threw Dow at the ground. Dow counted and knocked Yasuo out of the air. Dow was suffocating Yasuo. Seconds away from death, Shien Zhou ran to save Yasuo. He threw his fist, suddenly, a bolt of air was shot."

"What, you're an airbender now?!" said Dow in shock.

Shien Zhou began to beat up Dow with his new airbending abilities. Yasuo defeated the rest of the sentries and began to run towards the portal. When they excited, a whole fleet of White Lotus sentries were flying around. Yasuo flew around the city and saw multiple White Lotus trucks coming.

"They're coming by highway, Toracaqa take out the roads. Azolf, take out the radio towers so they can't get help," said Yasuo.

Toracaqa ran around the city, transforming all the roads into lava. Azolf shot a bolt of lightning at the radio towers. Yasuo flew into an airship and knocked everyone out. They road the airship towards the United Clan. Suddenly, an airship noticed Yasuo's ship moving towards the United Clan, they attack his airship.

"They spotted us, Azolf, destroy their airships!" cried Yasuo.

Azolf went on the roof of the airship and shot thunder at the airships, destroying them. She saw a plane coming towards them. Then a man jumped out of the plane onto the airship, it was Rizwan. He attacked Azolf and cuffed her with metal. He jumped into the airship and attacked Yasuo.

"You're a traitor of the brotherhood!" shouted Yasuo.

"I had no choice, you turned me into a mad man. Now you shall pay the ultimate price!" cried Rizwan.

He shot the Mercury based poison at Yasuo, missing the shot. Yasuo counted with fireblasts but Rizwan use the poison as a shield. Rizwan shot the poison into Yasuo, he countered and shot the poison back at Rizwan, poisoning him. Shien Zhou stabbed Rizwan in the chest and threw him off. Yasuo entered the Avatar State and flew outside. He created a hurricane, destroying a dozen airships. Avatar Yasuo flew back to the airship. They flew to the Black Lotus base. Shien Zhou took his position as leader of the world.

"It was a great battle, we captured a dozen sentries for are prison," said Pyron.

"It has been 65 years since I've created this band of brothers and sisters. Yasuo has took control of half the world. All that's left is the Water Tribe, once we conquer it, the world will begin anew," said Shien Zhou.

"We'll begin the attack in a few days," said Yasuo.

Everyone left the meeting room. Shien Zhou entered the prison and eliminated a dozen prisoners with his airbender. Yasuo remembered when he joined the Black Lotus when he was 16. He meditated into the Spirit World. He meet with Zian Loug, the provisional leader of the Air Nation.

"I knew you didn't have the guts to stay, you knew that I would find you and I did," said Yasuo.

"I had no choice, we would have collapsed. I had no choice but to create a new society, the Brotherhood of Darkness," said Zian Loug.

"Now you will no longer be a brother!" cried Yasuo as he threw Zian Loung into the void, killing him.

"Stop right now Yasuo," said Dow.

"I have stopped," said Yasuo.

Dow threw a man onto the ground, it was Animus, the former leader of the Black Lotus. Dow threw Animus into the void, also killing him.

"Now Yasuo, explain what you have done from the start," demanded Dow.

"I will. We are known as the Black Lotus. We are trying to restore balance to the world. Shien Zhou once said that a child should be a leader of a nation and a man would be the leader of the world. Monk Animus said that I should join. I would be the one to slay the immortal and plunge the world into anarchy," said Yasuo.

"No, all you want to is power. Ever since I took you in, all you wanted was power. I knew I shouldn't have took you in," said Dow.

Yasuo told them that Dow was in the Spirit World in Shien Zhou's Grove. Black Lotus airships were sent to Republic City to kill Dow when he returns.

"That is all I can tell you, but sooner or later,you been in my possession," said Yasuo.

What will Yasuo do next? What will Shien Zhou do next?

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