The Last Stand
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Book 1: Darkness



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Previously, Avatar Yasuo captured Tazang, the greatest airbender alive with a mysterious poison. Yasuo realized that the poison doesn't kill instantly, he added a secret ingredient, Mercury. What will happen next? Find out now!

"He's coming," said Kuzak as he flew down from his dragon.

"I don't see anything. All I see is a tornado," said Unqal.

"No, that's them," replied Kuzak.

Yasuo was creating a tornado to cover themselves. They rode on a truck as they drove closer to the palace. Yasuo jumped off the truck with Azolf and Toracaqa. They ran towards the palace. Yasuo challenged Kuzak to a battle. Yasuo threw burst of fire at Kuzak. He countered with fire shields and knocked Yasuo off guard. Unqal counted Toracaqa's lava blast. Azolf shot lighting blasts at Kuzak's dragon, Drungion. Toracaqa tore the ground in half and caused an eruption of lava spewing out all over the ground.

"You'll never win Yasuo!" cried Kuzak.

"I will defeat you, you tyrant!" shouted Yasuo.

Azolf electrocuted Drungion and he fell into the palace. Toracaqa created multiple lava shurikens and shot them at Unqal knocking him down. Suddenly, Dow, a great airbending master appeared and threw Azolf at Yasuo knocking him off guard. Yasuo, in desperation entered the Avatar State and unbounded him self from the ground. With a powerful air whip, he threw Dow into the palace, breaking several walls. Hewi, Zan, and Buyin came to fight Toracaqa. Toracaqa shot hundreds of lava spikes at them.

"This is what you get for killing my friend!" shouted Toracaqa.

He knocked Buyin down, cutting his chest. Kuzak shot a bolt of thunder at Yasuo electrocuting him, removing him from the Avatar State. Azolf shot lighting at Kuzak but he managed to dodge them. Toracaqa tore the palace down turning it into lava. Buyin began walking into the palace.

"Where are you going? Stay here!" said Hewi.

"No, the Firelord's family, they're still there," said Buyin as he groaned.

He walked into the palace. The lava began falling, he ran to them.

"You need to leave now! The roof is gonna collapse," said Buyin.

They ran out of the palace seconds away from the roof collapsing. Buyin ran back to save them, he tried to stop the lava but it came down to quickly, he decided to stay to save them. With the family out side, the roof collapsed on top of Buyin, killing him. Azolf shocked Kuzak with lighting and Shaheer tied him up with platinum ropes and pulled him away. Hewi shot a metal cable at the truck and battled Shaheer. Hewi easily defeated Shaheer but Azolf knocked Hewi out with thunder. Yasuo took the body and flew to the truck.

"Toracaqa, lets go, we got him!" yelled Yasuo.

"Just wait a minute!" shouted Toracaqa.

Toracaqa turned the entire palace into lava, he ran towards the moving truck. With an earth boost, he jumped onto the truck. Yasuo created a smoke hurricane to cover there escape. Unqal looked in dread as he knew that the Fire Lord was going to die. Yasuo chained Kuzak on the side of a mountain.

"Surrender the Fire Nation to me or I will have to kill you," demanded Yasuo.

"Never, I'll never give up the great land of fire," shouted Kuzak.

"Torture him until he gives!" demanded Yasuo.

Azolf shot bolts of lightning at Kuzak, shocking him. 6 hours later, Kuzak near death said "I surrender, the lands of fire to you."

"It took you long enough, Toracaqa bring the radio. Now broadcast that you surrendered," said Yasuo.

"I, Fire Lord Kuzak, surrender the Fire Nation to the Black Lotus," said Kuzak.

"That's right citizens of the Fire Nation, you have been ruled by an aggressive tyrant for centuries. But today, is the day, that the Black Lotus will take over. There is no need for nations, once we take over, there will only be 1 united nation," broadcasted Yasuo.

Unqal listened from the South Pole. He knew it was matter of time that Yasuo would attack. Azolf cut the chains and electrocuted Kuzak and tied him up again.

"It's almost time that the world would be united," said Yasuo.

"The thing is, who would be are leader?" asked Yasuo.

"The man who created the Black Lotus, Shien Zhou. He will rule over the world," replied Yasuo.

"But where is he? He hasn't been found for 45 years," questioned Toracaqa.

"He is in custody. His prison was not able to stop him. They brought him into the Spirit World and trapped him there," replied Yasuo.

They headed off towards the United Republic in there airship. They stopped at the United Clan. Yasuo meet with the other members of the Black Lotus. Yasuo placed Icus in charge of the United Republic and the United Clan. Pyron was placed in charge the Earth Kingdom. Zygarde took control of the Fire Nation. With leaders guiding the different nations, they would have to hand down their position when Shien Zhou takes power. It would be hard to break out Shien Zhou do to him being a non bender.

"I think the only way to break Shien Zhou out is to destroy the prison, Toracaqa can do that," said Zygarde.

"The location of the prison is unknown, my agents have been searching in the Spirit World for 20 years," said Icus.

"I have found the location. Deep within great mountains is the prison, I attempted to break him out but he is too well guarded. Plus, they have a full fleet of White Lotus sentries that go to protect the prison," said Pyron.

"Zygarde, Pyron, and Icus you go to the White Lotus Temple and capture it. Toracaqa, Azolf, Huah, and my self will enter the Spirit World," said Yasuo.

"That will work, I know it will work. We can break out Shien Zhou!" said Icus.

"Zygarde, Icus, and Pyron left with a fleet of Black Lotus sentries to the White Lotus Temple. Yasuo, Azolf, Huah, and Toracaqa left to Republic City to enter the portal. Yasuo and his crew entered the Spirit World.

What will happen next, Yasuo and crew have entered the Spirit World while the other members attack the White Lotus Temple?

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