Toxic of the Black Lotus
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Previously, Avatar Yasuo is part of the Black Lotus. He attacked the New Northern Air Temple. He attempted to assassinate Tenzin Jr. and captured Tazang. What will he do to Tazang? Find out now!

"Once we administer the poison, you will perish from the Earth," said Yasuo.

Rizwan metalbent the poison on the plate. Azolf and Toracaqa got ready to finish Tazang. Meanwhile in another cave, Dow, Izuri and Buyin appeared and finished the Black Lotus sentries. Dow released the airbenders while Izuri and Buyin would fight them.

"Now, administer the poison!" demanded Yasuo.

Rizwan split the poison into 4 parts and shot it at Tazang. The poison entered his body. Tazang began to struggle and panic. His eyes began to widen. BOOM! A hole blew up in the cave.

"You're going down Yasuo, "outed Izuri.

"Azolf, cut the chains, make sure Tazang dies," said Yasuo as he flew away.

Azolf cut the chains with fire. Toracaqa tore the ground in half and created a pit of lava. Buyin shot a lava shuriken at Azolf. Unqal shot water spikes at Yasuo. Hewi and Zan threw a huge boulder at Yasuo. He retaliated and destroyed the rock. Izuri shot a bolt of thunder at Toracaqa knocking him off guard. Azolf rocketed to the other side of the pit. She blasted Buyin into the corner.

"Surrender now!" yelled Toracaqa.

"Never!" shouted Izuri.

Buyin was evenly matched with Toracaqa but gained the upper hand. Toracaqa on the ground, jumped with an earth boost onto the other side. Izuri shot a bolt of thunder at Azolf but she redirected it blasting it at Buyin. Both of them were on the ground panicking until Tazang awoke with a dead face. He shot hundreds of air waves at Azolf and Toracaqa knocking them out. Tazang air boosted himself into the air and chased after Yasuo.

"Tazang! You're alive," Dow said in relief.

"No!" Yasuo panicked.

Yasuo landed on a peak. Tazang sweeped Yasuo on to the floor. Yasuo counted with a fire blast scorching Tazangs hand. Yasuo flew away. Unqal shot a sphere of ice at Yasuo's foot, freezing it. He began to fall. Tazang shot air streamers at Yasuo, each one knocking him down more. Yasuo, using firebending burnt off the ice. Tazang was going for the finale blow until the poison took its power. Tazang fell onto a peak. Yasuo knocked him down onto the mountain.

"You can't fight me and the poison," said Yasuo.

He began to created a sphere of air around Tazang, suffocating him. A few seconds later, Tazang fell onto the ground, he had died. The airship was coming, Yasuo flew to the ship but Unqal hit him with an ice punch knocking him to a peak. Unqal shot several blast of ice at Yasuo. Yasuo counted with an air sweep and knocked him out. He flew back to the airship.

"The poison did its work," laughed Rizwan.

"With this, we can take out all the world leaders," said Yasuo.

Dow, found his sounds body on the ground. His eyes where wide open. Dow closes his eyes. They all went back on their air ship. Kuzak was on the radio and heard the news that the Air Nation would be without a leader. Suddenly, another voice was heard.

"Kuzak, I'm coming for you. Unless you surrender yourself to me," demanded Yasuo.

"I'll never surrender to you, Yasuo!" yelled Kuzak.

Kuzak got his army ready to defend him. The Grand Lotus members went to the Fire Nation to protect the Fire Lord. Unqal and Dekas went to the Fire Nation. All of the remaining world leaders also went to protect Kuzak. Yasuo looked at a necklace.

It read, "Enter the darkness. Release your energy. Activate your powers."

Yasuo remembered how Tazang awoke and came after him. He knew the poison would turn a man into a more powerful state and until the poison kills.

"Rizwan, please come. I have important news. We need to increase the power of the poison,," said Yasuo.

"Well, Avatar. The poison is already powerful enough. If we increase the power of the poison, it wouldn't be bendable," replied Rizwan.

"There's another way. Guru Lithos created a poison to kill his mentor. The poison was not a standard one, it would kill a man under 5 minutes. It was combined with a secret ingredient, Mercury," Yasuo said.

"No, no, no, no. Mercury is highly unstable. It could poison you without touching it," replied Rizwan.

"Your part of the Black Lotus, you must be able to create this poison or I lead to someone's death," said Yasuo.

"Aaaa, yes sir, the production will begin," said Rizwan.

Rizwan was unsure if he could produce such poison but with Avatar Yasuo breathing down his neck, he would have to make one. 3 days later, the poison was made but untested. Azolf brought a White Lotus sentry to the base. He was chained up and secured to the wall. Rizwan shot the poison into the sentry.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" screamed the White Lotus sentry.

"The poison is doing its work," said Yasuo.

Minutes later, the White Lotus sentry looked dead in the eye. He had died from the poison. Rizwan was proud that he created a poison powerful enough. Yasuo looked happy, he was able to finish his enemies in a few minutes.

"Mass produce this poison. We need it to complete are goal," said Yasuo.

"We can't. We don't have enough Mercury. The only way we can harvest it is from a active volcano though it would only yield 10 grams, not enough to kill a wolfbat," replied Rizwan.

1 day later, Avatar Yasuo and crew left for the Fire Nation, to eliminate the Fire Lord.

What will happen to the Fire Lord???

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