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Previously, Avatar Yasuo had attacked the Fire Nation attempting to assassinate the Fire Lord, Kuzak. Avatar Yasuo attacked Zaofu instead and gave Hewi a devastating messaging. What does the message say? Find out now!

"Son! We need to go to the White Lotus Temple now!" demanded Hewi.

"Why, I'm kind of busy right now," replied Zan.

"I need to deliver a message, are radios aren't strong enough to reach them," answered Hewi.

They flew off to the Air Nation. 3 days later, Hewi has arrived at the White Lotus Temple.

"Hey, Hewi. What are you here for?" said Tazang.

"Listen. Yasuo said he was going to assassinate your son, Tenzin Jr.," said Hewi.

"Oh no," replied Tazang.

Tazang shocked in fear, he knew he had to go to the temple to protect his son but Hewi said they wouldn't make it. They all go on Zan's airship and headed to Zaofu. 2 days later, they arrived. Tazang tried to contact Tenzin Jr. 4 hours past and they still have nothing. Suddenly, a sound was heard.

"Who is this?" asked a mysterious voice.

"Tazang, a Grand Lotus. I need to talk to Tenzin," said Tazang.

"Hello?" Tenzin Jr. replied.

"Tenzin, you need to get out of there, right now. Yasuo and his partners are coming," replied Tazang.

"Oh no, they're here," said Tenzin.

Tenzin and Yan flew around the temple. Yasuo watched them fly. Tenzin landed in the courtyard and told them to evacuate. Kaiser, Toracaqa and Yasuo jumped off the airship and hunted the Airbenders. They rounded them all up and sent them to the main courtyard.

"What do you want," said Tenzin.

"Nothing if you cooperate. Surrender or else," replied Yasuo.

"Never!" cried Tenzin Jr. as he blasted Yasuo and his partners away.

"Yan, Kyara! Help me hold them off!" cried Tenzin as they get ready to fight.

Yasuo shot burst of fire at Tenzin. Tenzin Jr. countered with an air shield. Toracaqa created a massive lava pool trapping Yan. Kyara fired a water canon at Kaiser knocking him off guard. Azolf watched Kyara destroy Kaiser. She fired a bolt of thunder at Kyara electrifying her. Tenzin and Yasuo evenly matched fight toe to toe on the roof. Tenzin Jr. kept knocking Yasuo off guard. Yasuo entered the Avatar State and attempted to kill him. Tenzin shot a stream of air at the Avatar shooting him threw a tower. Yasuo rocketed away with fire but was still knocked down by Tenzin Jr.. He went for the finale hit but Azolf shot a bolt of thunder at him electrocuting him.

"Surrender now!" demanded Toracaqa.

"I'll never bow down to you!" answered Yan.

Yan shot a whirl blast at Kaiser knocking him into the wall. Toracaqa tore half the courtyard turning it into lava and threw it at Yan. Kyara defended Yan but got knocked down by Toracaqa.

"If I'm going down, you're coming with me!" cried Kyara as she grabbed Kaiser by the foot and threw him down with them.

Yan and Kyara tumbled down the mountain while Kaiser was thrown at the rocky edges of the mountain. Tenzin Jr. knocked Yasuo into the ground. Tenzin going for the finale blow was hit by Toracaqa, throwing him into the wall. Yasuo hit the finale blow on Tenzin Jr., knocking him out. They tied him up and brought him into the airship. The rest of the airbenders were thrown into a cave next to the great mountain. Tazangs airship was 16 hours away, they were scared that Tenzin Jr. died.

"Where's Kaiser?" asked Azolf.

"He sacrificed him self for are cause," replied Yasuo.

Suddenly, a sound was heard from a radio.

"Give up Yasuo, you cannot win," demanded Tazang.

"I believe you should give up. Arrive at Lithos's Peak at dawn. Or there will be consequences," demanded Yasuo.

"Fine, I'll meet you there at dawn," answered Tazang.

Tazang had a plan. He would surrender him self atop Lithos's Peak while the other White Lotus member would be waiting at the temple while the Grand Lotus will stay in the airship. The Metal Clan would be waiting at the bottom. 12 hours later.

Tazang was dropped off at the peak with a radio and glider. The airship flew off. The White Lotus landed at the temple.

"Surrender yourself. Now!" demand Yasuo.

Tazang dropped his staff and radio. He walked towards Yasuo. Azolf handcuffed Tazang and brought him to the airship entrance. The White Lotus were ready to receive the airbenders in the temple in the darkest of dark room. Suddenly the realize that no one was there.

"There not here, Tazang get out of there. Hewi, extract him from the peak!" said a White Lotus sentry.

Tazang jumped with an air boost. He attempted to attack Yasuo with an airblast. The Metal Clan lands at the peak. Azolf rocketed to them. Dow jumped onto the peak. Dow shot hundreds of airblasts at Yasuo knocking him down. Yasuo rocketed him self up and blocked their moves. Tazang sweeped Yasuo back onto the ground. Suddenly, Yasuo's eyes began to glow, he had entered the Avatar State. Yasuo blasted off and threw Dow off the edge.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" screamed Dow.

"No, father!" cried Tazang.

Tazang tried to surprise attack Yasuo. He countered and knocked him down. Azolf had defeated all 25 Metal Clan troops. Azolf and Yasuo grabbed Tazang and tied him up. Azolf rocketed back to the airship.

"Its over Yasuo! Release Tazang!" demanded Hewi.

"Become the wind," said Yasuo.

"Release him now!" cried Zan.

"Empty and become invisible," said Yasuo.

"This is your last warning!" shouted Hewi.

"Release your soul into the air," said Yasuo as he jumped off the side.

"Wait!" cried Zan.

The were shocked in awe as they didn't see Yasuo. Then, he appeared, in thin air. He disappeared and flew back to the airship. Toracaqa turned the whole air temple into lava. It started to collapse. Toracaqa left and jumped into the airship. The White Lotus sentries were dead. Buyin jumped into the temple and stopped the lava saving them. The White Lotus began to chase Yasuo's airship.

"They're following us. I'll stop them," said Yasuo.

He created a storm and disappeared into the sky. Dow was caught by a Metal Clan troop. They repelled to the ground.

"No. My son, he's gone," cried Dow in despair.

Yasuo's airship landed at Lithos's Cavern. Tazang was chained up under a pit of burning lava.

Toracaqa asked, "Where did you learn to fly?"

"I became the wind. I emptied my self of others. I released my soul into the air. Untether from the Earth. I have defeated gravity. I had become the wind," said Yasuo.

Yasuo meditated into the Spirit World. He saw a shadowy figure in the distance, it was Dow. Dow wanted to find his son in the Spirit World. Dow saw Yasuo walking towards him.

"You killed my son!" yelled Dow.

"He's still alive. His soul is detached from his body, when he wakes up, his soul will reattach," said Yasuo.

"Who are you people!" demanded Dow.

"We are known as the Society of Black Lotus. We bring freedom to the world," replied Yasuo.

"You don't want freedom, you want chaos!" shouted Dow.

"No. With all the world leaders gone, the Black Lotus will take over. We don't need nations any more. We'll rule the world as 1 nation, the Black Lotus," said Yasuo as he left the Spirit World.

Yasuo walked to Tazang. Tazang in agony, demanded he let them go. He tried to break the chains but they were platinum.

"Tazang, the greatest airbender alive. In a few minutes, I'll administer the poison and end you," said Yasuo.

What will happen to Tazang? What will happen to the airbenders?

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