Terror Within Darkness
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Avatar Yasuo


Book 1: Darkness



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September 17, 2014

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Becoming the Air

Previously, Avatar Yasuo has taken out all the leader of the United Republic. The Fire Lord, Kuzak, is headed back to the Fire Nation defend the Nation from Yasuo's immediate attack.

"They're coming, Yasuo is coming our way," said Kuzak.

"Get ready then, its time to put Yasuo back in his place," said Unqal, the Chief of the Southern Water Tribe.

"It's time for a new era to rise from the ashes," said Dow, a great airbending master.

They all charged at Yasuo's airship. Yasuo and his crew jumped off the sides and charged at the palace. Yasuo shot several fire blast at Unqal. Unqal made a huge wall of ice and shot spikes at Yasuo. Toracaqa shot lava beams at Dow. Dow defend and knocked him down with air. Toracaqa created a wall of earth but Dow created an air wave and exploded the wall. Kaiser shot spikes at Kuzak.

"You're going back to prison where you belong!" shouted Kuzak.

"Like that's ever gonna happen," responded Kaiser.

Yasuo shot hundred air blast at Unqal. Unqal tried to counter but he ran out of water and was knocked out. Dow was getting worn out by Toracaqa. Toracaqa knocked him down shooting a hundred rock at Dow. Kuzak knocked Kaiser out but Yasuo and Toracaqa came along and attacked Kuzak and eventually defeated him.

"Even if you take my life, I will never surrender," said Kuzak.

"I don't want you dead. I need you alive." Yasuo said.

"I'll never tell you anything." shouted Kuzak.

Yasuo and his crew beat up Kuzak and captured him. Yasuo tied him up and brought him into there airship. They headed for Lithos's Temple. Yasuo went in alone and climbed on top of Anima's statue and took his sword.

Yasuo read it, "Become the wind. Empty and become invisible. Release your soul into the air.".

Yasuo put the sword on his back and left the temple. Yasuo boarded the airship and headed to the desert of the Fire Nation. Kuzak started to burn his cuff's slowly and eventually cut through. Kuzak shot fire blast at the control panel burning them. Yasuo counter with an air slice. Kaiser shot water spikes at Kuzak. The airship exploded and lost its fuel supply. Yasuo was apply to stop Kuzak but there airship crashed into a mountain.

"Kill Kuzak!" shouted Yasuo.

Toracaqa began created magma along the mountain. Kuzak used firebending to propel him self above the magma spots. Kaiser shot ice spikes at Kuzak and knocked him down. Kuzak created a huge fire tornado, creating a huge fire beacon. Yasuo took down the tornado and began shooting fire blast at Kuzak. Suddenly, the mountain exploded and the Grand Lotus appeared.

"Your going down Yasuo!" shouted Tazang.

Yasuo battled Tazang. Yasuo shot several fireblast at Tazang. Tazang counter and tried to grab him with air. Kaiser shot ice spikes at Kuzak and Daruush. Daruush shot an explosion at Kaiser. Kuzak shot lightning at Kaiser. Toracaqa shot lava shurikens at Buyin. Buyin countered with a lava wall.

"You're no match to me Yasuo, we all know that," said Tazang.

"You bet," replied Yasuo.

Kaiser was knocked off the mountain side. Daruush attacked Yasuo. Yasuo countered with an air blast. Kuzak double teamed Toracaqa. Toracaqa began collapsing the mountain side and turned it into lava. Tazang and Daruush knocked Yasuo down, Daruush prepared to finish Yasuo off. Yasuo entered the Avatar State and created a sphere of air around Daruush's head and exploded his body.

"Daruush. No..." said Tazang in shock.

Yasuo shot hundreds of fire blasts at Tazang. Kaiser shot water whips at Kuzak. Toracaqa looked at Yasuo in awe. Yasuo threw Tazang hundreds of feet into the air. Tazang attempted to escape but failed. Yasuo created a tornado of fire and caught the attention of the rest of the White Lotus. Kuzak shot a bolt of lightning at Yasuo but Yasuo was able to redirect it at the mountain even more powerful then ever.

"End him now!" shouted Kuzak.

"We can't, he's too strong," responded Tazang.

Yasuo began to exit the Avatar State. All available units came to help. Yasuo created a storm of air and disappeared.

Yasuo went into side the mountain. Toracaqa took the air ship and began to fly away.

Suddenly, a sound was heard from the cabin. The White Lotus has hijacked the airship. Buyin shot his lava saw at Kaiser and cut off his left arm.

"Ahhhhh!" panicked Kaiser.

Yasuo pushed the White Lotus out of the cabin and attempted to regain control. Buyin shot his saw destroying the controls. Yasuo burnt the escape hatch and jumped out. Kaiser and Toracaqa stayed in the cabin. Toracaqa took Buyins saw and cut through the wall and jumped out with Kaiser. Yasuo cushioned there fall. The airship crashed into the mountain side.

"Where are we?" questioned Toracaqa.

"We're in Zaofu," answered Yasuo.

Toracaqa sank the airship in lava. Suddenly, men pop out of the airship.

"I'll kill you Yasuo!" shouted Buyin.

Buyin shot lava spires at Yasuo. Kaiser created a wall of ice. They ran off into the distance. They look at Zaofu, the city of metal. Toracaqa surrounded the city in a wall of earth. Then, he began creating lava and sinking the city. Yasuo glided into the city.

"Yes, who is this?" said Hewi.

"Get ready for an attack," said Kuzak.

"What?" replied Hewi.

The window broke and Yasuo landed. Hewi shot metal bands at Yasuo. Hewi shot a metal rope and Yasuo's foot. Yasuo retaliated with a streak of fire. Yasuo drew his sword and begin slicing Hewi. Hewi metalbent his sword and threw it at Yasuo. Yasuo caught his sword and tripped Hewi. Kaiser shot burst of ice at the Metal Clan Guards.

"You have no where to go Hewi!" yelled Yasuo.

An airship was coming from the Fire Nation full of elite Fire Nation troops. Toracaqa erupted the lava and caught the airship killing all of the troops. Hewi shot metal strings and climbed onto the roof. Yasuo rocketed onto the roof. Yasuo set the roof on fire leaving Hewi no where to go.

"Hewi, I'll let you live. But, there is something you have to tell the White Lotus," said Yasuo.

What is Yasuo message that Hewi must send? What will happen to the White Lotus?

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