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Avatar Yasuo


Book 1: Darkness



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August 29, 2014

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Nothing but Darkness

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Terror Within Darkness

Previously, Avatar Yasuo had went into custody. He escaped using the help of Avatar Aang. Yasuo threatened the President of the United Republic, Entei, to surrender. But what does Yasuo want from the President? Find out, now!

"Yasuo, what do you want?" said Entei.

"I want what you have, the surrender of the United Republic," replied Yasuo.

"No, I will never surrender innocent civilians to you," shouted Entei.

"To bad, you don't have a choice," responded Yasuo.

"Yes I do!" yelled Entei.

Entei shot a huge fire blast knocking Yasuo off balance. Yasuo began deflecting his attack with airbending. Entei ran into the outside court and fired several fire blasts. Yasuo defended and countered. He then blasted him self up to the second floor. Entei propelled him self to the second floor and knocked Yasuo into the next room. Yasuo shot several air blasts and jumped to the next floor. Entei quickly over powered Yasuo and knocked him off the balcony. Entei was coming in for the finale blow until Avatar Yasuo entered the Avatar State, blasting Entei across the floor.

"No, Yasuo entered the Avatar State," said Entei in shock.

"Indeed I did," replied Yasuo.

Yasuo collapse the floor, dropping Entei several feet. Entei retaliated and shot hundred fire blast. Yasuo countered and collapsed the rest of the building. Yasuo set the building on fire.

"It's over, give it up," said Yasuo.

"As long as I'm breathing, it's not over," responded Entei.

Entei shot weak fire blasts at Yasuo which he countered. Yasuo pulled the oxygen from Entei's body and suffocated him. Entei watched as his oxygen was drained from his body and as his final seconds. Entei fell onto the ground.

"You have entered the darkness," said Yasuo.

Yasuo got out his glider and headed for the radio station. Yasuo smashed threw the windows and entered the station. Yasuo tuned into the main radio station and began broadcasting.

"Attention! Today, the President of the United Republic has been brought down.I will cleanse the city of its filth and take down the government. We shall no longer live in a world where leaders guide us. Today the world has changed!" said Yasuo.

A mysterious man stood next to city hall. He took a stance and began to earth bend the town hall and tore it down and covered it with a layer of lava. Yasuo went to the National Bank of the United Republic. He used airbending and firebending to break the vault open and collapsed the building as well. Yasuo met with the mysterious man.

"Nice to see you again Toracaqa," said Yasuo.

"I can't believe you still broke out of prison," replied Toracaqa.

Yasuo took out his glider and went to Air Temple Island while Toracaqa went to destroy the United Forces army. Yasuo landed on the island, but White Lotus sentries surrounded the temple to protect it. The White Lotus began blast hundreds of fire blast in effort to take down Yasuo. Yasuo swiftly countered and went on his glider and aimed for the air temple.

"There you are, Yasuo, time to take you down!" said Daruush.

Daruush shot a beam of chi from his head exploding Yasuo. Yasuo tried to deflect it with airbending but failed. Yasuo fell and smashed through the temple. Daruush blasted fire at Yasuo but missed. The White Lotus rushed into the temple. Yasuo jumped onto the roof and began setting it on fire. Daruush shot another beam of chi and exploded the top of the Air Temple. Yasuo jumped on the court yard and using airbending began collapsing the building. Daruush destroyed the building even more and wiped up all the White Lotus sentries.

"Yasuo, you are going down," said Daruush, as he ran towards Yasuo.

Daruush rapidly fired fire blasts at Yasuo. Yasuo countered and attempted to airbend rocks at Daruush until Daruush was hit by a rock in the third eye, disabling his combustion bending temporarily. Toracaqa came and earth bent and captured Daruush.

"Yasuo, I will bring you to justice," shouted Daruush.

"I'm not going back to jail, Daruush. But you are going to be my prisoner now," said Yasuo.

Yasuo tied his hands and feet. Then Toracaqa earth bent a belt and cover his third eye. They loaded him onto an airship and looked over the anarchy of the Republic City.

"Where are we heading?" said Toracaqa.

"You know, were heading to the United Clan," replied Yasuo.

They headed towards the United Clan and looked at the city. This is the most protected city in the United Republic. Yasuo landed the airship at the landing strip. They already changed into White Lotus sentries uniforms. They were there to take there leader, Tyro. But the Daruush was able to escape his prison and warn Tyro that an imminent attack was going to happen. The Fire Lord heard this and went to Tyro to protect him.

"I must go protect Tyro, his life is on the line." said Firelord Kuzak.

They waited for him at Tyro's Mansion. Once day had turned over to night, Yasuo prepares for there attack. Yasuo went on his glider and landed on the top of the Mansion while Toracaqa hid behind the walls. Yasuo landed on the padio and looked through the window.

"There he is." said Yasuo.

Yasuo broke the window and grabbed Tyro. White Lotus sentries attempted to fight back but are quickly overpowered. Toracaqa was preparing to tare the mansion down but Firelord Kuzak's dragon, Metoer knocked him down. He then counter with several earth blast but got blocked every time by Kuzak. Kuzak shot a bolt of lighting but Toracaqa countered with an earth shield.

"Huh, so were playing dirty huh." said Toracaqa.

Toracaqa created several lava shuriken, Kuzak block the first couple but was eventually overpowered and knocked him down. Toracaqa began taring down the mansion and collapsing it with molten lava and burnt down the building. Yasuo held Tyro hostage. Toracaqa surrounded the perimeter with super heated lava, effectively trapping the people inside the Mansion.

"What do you want?" shouted Tyro.

"I want what you have, the total control of the United Clan." responded Yasuo.

"I'll give you control if you don't harm my family." replied Tyro.

"Very well. But this isn't a negotiation." said Yasuo.

Yasuo began to pulled the air from Tyro's lungs and suffocate him. Toracaqa using lavabending tore down the metal dome protecting the city. The dome fell apart and burnt and smashed into the ground. Daruush attacked Yasuo but he escape using airbending. Yasuo countered with a few fireblasts effectively knocking Daruush off the ground. Yasuo looks over to the right and suddenly, White Lotus sentries were waiting to attack Yasuo.

"It's over, release the Tyro," said a White Lotus sentry.

"I'm afraid your friend didn't make it bub," replied Yasuo.

They shot water beams and Yasuo but he counter and evaporated the water beams. Earthbenders throw rocks at Yasuo. He pulled out his sword and began cutting the rocks into pieces. Yasuo shot several bolts of fire at the White Lotus.

"I put you away once, Yasuo and I'll do it again!" shouted Tazang.

Tazang shot hundred air blasts at Yasuo. He countered air a fire shield. Tazang jumped over the shield and attacked.

Toracaqa set a wall of lava and shot lava spikes at Daruush. Daruush aimed at Yasuo but Toracaqa made an earth wall to protect. Tazang shot several air blast, each time knocking Yasuo more off balance. Toracaqa could hold his stance but got knocked down every time Daruush combustionbended. Yasuo jumped over Daruush and reflected his combustionbending and disabled it in the process. Tazang created a tornado and caught Toracaqa in the tornado. Kaiser came and shot ice spikes and knocked Tazang down.

"Kaiser, buddy. Where have you been," said Yasuo.

'Oh, in prison of course," replied Kaiser

Kaiser shot several ice spears at Tazang. Tazang blocked the first couple but was gradually knocked off balance. Daruush shot fire at all three. They eventually over powered him. They all went back into there airship and left. They headed for the Fire Nation.

"Sir, it wasn't our fault," said a White Lotus sentry.

"It doesn't matter. Do you even know how much power these benders have. Each single bender can take down a whole nation. Put them all together, they can take over the entire world," responded Kuzak.

Kuzak got onto his dragon "Drukuk" and rode off into the distance.

What plans does the Fire Lord have to protect the Fire Nation???

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