Nothing but Darkness
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Avatar Yasuo


Book 1: Darkness



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August 25, 2014

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The Avatar has Returned!

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Previously, Avatar Yasuo was surrounded by White Lotus sentries. They demanded his surrender or his life will be taken. Did Avatar Yasuo surrender??? Find out, now!

"It's over Yasuo, you are clearly outnumbered. Surrender yourself or face your demise!" the Grand Lotus demanded.

"Surrendering, ha. You think I will do that, well. Time for you fine out!" responded Yasuo as he strike them with air.

The White Lotus sentries shoot fire and rocks at him. He swiftly counters every attack and boosted him self onto the top of town hall. Yasuo created a wall of fire, setting Town Hall on fire. The Grand Lotus drops onto the roof. Blasted several hundred air blast each one, knocking Yasuo off balance and off the roof. Yasuo counter struck firing several fire blast but the Grand Lotus created a sphere of air and deflected all his attacks. The Grand Lotus fired a huge air blast at Yasuo blasting him into a wall.

"Surrender or prepare to face oblivion!" demanded the Grand Lotus.

"Never!" shouted Yasuo as he propelled him self into the air and went on his glider.

The Grand Lotus sucked him in and smashed him back to the earth. He pulled him up as sentries earthbend to his arms and legs to the ground. They cuffed him up with platinum cuffs and put him back in a cell. Hours later, the White Lotus loaded Yasuo in their airship. Yasuo had to find a way to escape his cell. Yasuo had to enter the Spirit World to seek help to escape. Yasuo went to meditate, he meditated for hours until, his eyes began glowing and transition to the Spirit World.

"I made it..." said Yasuo as he admires the Spirit World.

Yasuo walks about in the Spirit World looking at the magnificent view. He strolled through a forest until he found a sword. Yasuo retrieved the sword and there was an engraved message.

It read, "Enter the Tree of Time. Activate your cosmic energy. Find your destiny."

"I must make it to the Tree of Time," said Yasuo.

Yasuo took the sword and kept going on his way. He walked and walked and walked he saw two bright beacon glowing through the sky. Yasuo ran towards the beacon, he knew it was the portals and the Tree of Time was there. When he finally made it, Yasuo entered the Tree of Time and went to meditate to seek his cosmic energy.

"I know what you're trying to find," said a mysterious voice.

"Who is this?" said Yasuo.

"It's you, your past lives," said Aang.

Aang appeared and had known Yasuo wanted to unlock his cosmic energy.

"To unlock your cosmic energy, you must let go of your earthly attachments. Once you have, your cosmic energy will be opened for you to freely use," said Aang.

Yasuo unlocked his cosmic energy and entered the Avatar State and left the Spirit World. BOOM!!! The cell in the airship, exploding into shrapnel. The White Lotus looked in awe as Yasuo destroyed the airship.

"No, the Avatar has unlocked his cosmic energy and has entered the Avatar State," said Master Tazang.

Yasuo completely destroyed the airship, leaving the passengers stranded.

Yasuo said, "I'm going to let you go, but I have a message for you. Yasuo left the Avatar State and grabbed his glider and glided off into the distance. Hours later, Yasuo saw an airship and he followed it until they returned to Republic City. The airship landed at the President of the United Republic's mansion. Yasuo went atop Entei's Peak and meditated. Aang appeared again.

"You told me to unlocked my cosmic energy, but I couldn't control it. How do I control it?" said Yasuo.

"Yasuo, you let go your earthly attachment, but you did not enter the void, the darkness of nothing," replied Aang.

"How do I enter the void?" responded Yasuo.

"You must let go of everything, all your tasks, friends, loved ones. All must be forgotten. Then, the void will be opened to you. You must engulf your body in darkness, darkness of the depths of the void. Good bye, Yasuo," said Aang as he left the mortal world.

Yasuo kept meditating on the peek. Yasuo began becoming infuriated that he could not enter the Spirit World again after several hours. He burnt everything around him by creating a ring of fire around him. Then, he finally transitioned back into the Spirit World.

"I see you have entered the Spirit World, Yasuo," said Tazang.

"Tazang? You're in the Spirit World?" responded Yasuo.

"Yes. I knew you ventured into the Spirit World. That's why I came here to find you," replied Tazang.

Tazang distracted Yasuo as he told the White Lotus that Yasuo is on Entei's Peak. Most of the White Lotus sentries left to find Yasuo, but some stayed to protect Tazang's body. The White Lotus sentries had borrowed an airship from the local city and went off to locate Yasuo.

"You know Yasuo, all my time in the Spirit World showed me something. That we all have light and darkness within us if we choose to release it. It will shine on us with either light or darkness. The spirits told me that I would be the one to purify you," said Tazang as he threw sword at Yasuo.

Yasuo took out his sword and went into battle. Yasuo attacked while Tazang countered. Yasuo charged and hit Tazang off balance. Yasuo struck several times as Tazang countered but was knocked down and fell. Yasuo was coming for the final blow, but Tazang teleported.

"Where did you go?" said Yasuo

Tazang replied, "Right here!"

Tazang could teleport in the Spirit World. Yasuo left right before getting struck by Tazang's sword. Yasuo took out his glider and came to the mansion. Yasuo landed in the in front of the walls. Yasuo burnt through the walls and enter the estate. The White Lotus airships were coming but they had to warn President Entei but their radio couldn't transmit the distance. The White Lotus knew they had couple of hours before Yasuo will attack the President. The White Lotus had to the United Clan to use their radio which a had a strong enough signal to talk to the President. Tazang project his spirit to Yasuo to find him.

"Avatar Yasuo is hiding behind the walls," said Tazang.

They had to make it there fast. They finale made it to the United Clan. Tazang found the radio transmitter and attempted to send a signal to Entei. Tazang projected his spirit to the mansion and Yasuo was surveying the estate.

"Hurry up, Yasuo is already surveying the area!" shouted Tazang.

"Guys, the signal is located," said the sentry.

"Entei! Leave now, Yasuo is on his way! Leave! Leave! Leave!!!" shouted Tazang.

"Oh no, he's here," said Entei.

"That's good, the whole family is here," said Yasuo.

What will happen to the President? Will the White Lotus save them?

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