The Avatar has Returned!
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Avatar Yasuo


Book 1: Darkness



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August 24, 2014

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Nothing but Darkness

The cell is on top of a mountain on a sunny day. White Lotus sentries slowly open metal bend the doors open.

"Hope you still like rice," said the White Lotus sentry.

"Most definitely," replied Yasuo.

The sentry tosses the bowl of rice into the cell floor.

"Do you even remember who I am?" asked Yasuo.

The sentry responded, "No, do I have to, No."

Yasuo said, "Do you really know who I am, I'm the Avatar."

"Do I care? No," casually replied the sentry.

"Like many Avatars, I can bend more than air," said Yasuo as he burnt through the bars.

The White lotus sentries began throwing fire and Yasuo but he swiftly dodged all the attacks. Yasuo counters by sucking a sentry in with airbending and throwing him into the cell, knocking him out. They earth bend some rocks and through it at him. Yasuo evaded all their attacks and successfully locking them in his cell.

"A new era is about to begin, prepare for a new age of chaos and destruction. Today, the Avatar has returned!" Yelled Yasuo.

He went to the edge of his prison, and jumped off. Scaling the mountain using airbending. When he made it to the bottom, Yasuo used fire ending to propel him into the air to the United Republic. Days later, he made it to Republic City. Once he landed he saw White Lotus sentries around the corner, he made a run for it.

"Hey, it's Yasuo. Get him!!!" shouted the White Lotus sentry.

Yasuo climbed a building with airbending and jump from building to building easily while the White Lotus sentries struggled. He evaded the sentries and was able to escape. He run and hid in a building. Yasuo found a radio and tuned into the news station.

"Avatar Yasuo has escaped prison. The White Lotus are searching for him all over the United Republic. So far, we have no leads on him, he will be brought to justice. Tune in for more information," said the radio station.

Yasuo burnt the radio with firebending. He peaked out the window, a White Lotus airship was surveying the area. He remember the day that the President of the United Republic banished him and he moved to the newly built Northern Air Temple. Yasuo wanted revenge for what he done. Then, he heard a radio, there was someone below him that tuned into the news station.

"Today is a day that will live in history, the Fire Lord and the President of the United Republic are currently in a meeting. This is the first time they have ever met. Tune in for an interview," said the News Reporter.

Yasuo knew that if he was going to assassinate him, he would need to master firebending but no one would be willing to teach him. He would have to learn from the dragons. Then, someone knocked on the door. Yasuo opened it and White Lotus sentries surrounded him.

"Surrender now, you;re surrounded. You cannot win," shouted the White Lotus sentries.

BOOM!!! The White Lotus airship broke the wall and enter his room, Avatar Yasuo was completely surrounded. Yasuo created a sphere of air surrounding him as the White Lotus sentries shot fire at him. Then, Yasuo propelled himself with firebending onto the roof. He took out his sword and began deflecting there fire blast. A Grand Lotus pulled out his sword. He attacked but Yasuo countered and strike breaking his sword. He jumped off the side of the hotel but using airbending he floated with the current going to the nearest building. As he jumped to the next building, an airbending Grand Lotus glided using his glider staff and collided with him. They both struggled to gain control but Yasuo shot him off his glider with an air blast and stole his glider. Yasuo glided off him the distance using his glider.

"Follow Yasuo, we must bring him to justice," shouted the Grand Lotus.

The White Lotus airship set off to follow Yasuo and bring him to justice. They followed him for days until a huge typhoon was coming there way and it was turning to night.

"There's no way Yasuo could survive, we must go back and wait until the typhoon is over, then we find him," said the Grand Lotus.

Yasuo unknowingly flew into the huge typhoon. He looked behind him and he knew he must continue to escape. He continued to fly into the typhoon. Yasuo created a sphere of air to protect himself from the typhoon. Unfortunately, the winds of the typhoon were overwhelming he was knocked out of the sky.


Then, he entered the Avatar State, turning the typhoon into a fire storm. He could not control the Avatar State and Yasuo expanded the typhoon ever further. The White Lotus look in awe as they see the bright fire typhoon in the dark night sky. A storm began brewing, lightning stuck the ground hundreds of times and eventually Yasuo but he redirected it at the White Lotus airship destroying and stranding the crew. Yasuo left the Avatar State but fell hundreds of hundreds of feet but he cushioned his descent and airbending. Yasuo had a flashback before he went to prison.

"Now show me your airbending moves Yasuo," said Master Gurayaki.

Yasuo shot some air blast and created a mini tornado accidentally destroyed some glider staffs.

"Yasuo! You must learn to control your air," yelled Master Gurayaki.

"No, I don't have to listen to what you say. I am the Avatar," shouted Yasuo.

"You shall learn to respect elders, go to your room now!" yelled Master Gurayaki.

Yasuo shot air Gurayaki knocking him off balance. Gurayaki countered with an air blast but Yasuo blocked and reversed several air blasts. Gurayaki was knocked off balance and Yasuo fire bent at him surprising Gurayaki. He then fired a huge air blast at Gurayaki smashing him in a wall, effectively killing him.

"Oh no, I better run," whispered Yasuo.

Returning to reality, Yasuo woke up and he was stuck in a forest. He began walking through the forest for hours but wasn't even close to the end. He took out his glider staff and glided through the air for several more hours until he found civilization. Yasuo knew that if he enter, he would be caught eventually. He infiltrated a house and found armor that belonged to the White Lotus, Yasuo changed his outfit and entered United Clan City, the largest in the United Republic.

"Hello, welcome to the United Clan City, the largest city in the United Republic, what is your name?" Asked the entrance keeper.

"Ahh, my name is...ah Li and I'm... part of the....ah Order of the White Lotus," Yasuo said.

"So you're part of the White Lotus, you may enter the city, enjoy your stay," responded the entrance keeper.

Yasuo entered the city and got a hotel room. He heard his portable radio that he stole off the sentries home say.

"The Fire Lord is currently heading to the United Clan City, all White Lotus sentries are need for landing, make sure to secure the area, Avatar Yasuo is in the city, get ready to protect the Fire Lord," said the Grand Lotus.

Yasuo took this chance and left to protect the Fire Lord. He went to the landing grounds and waiting with the other White Lotus members to guard the Fire Lord. Minutes later, the Fire Lord's air ship has landed, Fire Lord Kuzak has arrived in the United Clan City. Metal benders bend a staircase for him to walk on.

"Welcome to United Clan City, Fire Lord Kuzak," said Yasuo in disguise.

"Nice to meet you, Sir. After all you are a Grand Lotus," replied Kuzak.

Yasuo responded "Fire Lord, follow me. I will protect you."

"Wait, I know you. Yasuo!" Shouted Kuzak as he threw fire at Yasuo.

Yasuo counter and deflected his fire blast. The White Lotus sentries react and throw rocks at him. Yasuo swiftly evaded all their attacks. Kuzak generates lightning and aims at Yasuo but he redirected and hit Kuzak in the chest. The White Lotus shoots more fire blast and rocks at Yasuo but he smashed and deflected all there attacks. A Grand Lotus grabbed his sword and attacked. Yasuo grabbed his sword and parried. The Grand Lotus threw 3 knives at Yasuo but he blocked all of them. An airbender guard attacked Yasuo, effectively knocking him off balance with a few air blasts. Yasuo counter with a fire storm, knocking out all the guards. He took out his glider and glided back to his room.

"All White Lotus sentries track the Avatar, he's heading north, take him out. We need him alive," yelled the Grand Lotus.

They checked him. Kuzak was alive, airships leave to track Yasuo. Yasuo went into the forest and ditched and burnt his armor and reentered the city. Yasuo propelled himself 50 feet into the air with firebending and took out his glider and headed for the heart of the city. The Grand Lotus's are in hot pursuit after Yasuo, they have all available airships targeting Yasuo. The United Forces are bring all their battle ships and are coming to bring the Avatar to Justice. Yasuo landed in front of town square. Suddenly, the White Lotus sentries and United Forces soldiers surrounded Yasuo.

The Grand Lotus said, "Surrender now and your life may be spared."

Will the fugitive Avatar escape or get thrown back in prison???

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