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Avatar Yangchen: The Call
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Avatar Yangchen: Landfall

This is the first chapter of the Avatar Yangchen series.


The straw dummy was now in place, all she had to do was hit it indirectly.

"Why do I have to practice Airbending? I'm already a fully realized Avatar!" shouted Yangchen.

"You have grew strong and yes, you are a fully realized Avatar. But me and the elders are worried, you have been exposed to other doctrines. We fear that you might have forgot your roots" said Sister Yara.

Yangchen frowned, the elders are not trusting her. With a casual flick of her wrist, she send an air blade to a tree. The tree fell down on the dummy.

"Was that enough, master?"


Before she could utter a comeback, a female Air Nomad landed near them. Yangchen and Yara immediately walks toward the newly- landed nomad.

"You are being summoned by the Council Of Sisters, Avatar Yangchen. You are also summoned Sister Yara."

"We will be there then," answered Sister Yara.

Yangchen starts to prepare her glider but was stopped by Yara.

"We will walk my young Avatar. Even though we live in the skies, one must not forget to put his or her foot in the ground. I think you know the meaning of the words I uttered," said Sister Yara.

"Humility, we are back to the basics," grumbled Yangchen.

The messenger flew back to the temple while Yangchen and Yara walked. They passed young girls training and exchange bows to their teacher. They entered the temple proper and after few twists and turns, they entered the chamber of the elders.

"Sister Yara, take your seat," said a sister.

Yara dutifully takes her place among the sisters.

"We have convened because of a pressing matter," the same sister announced. She let the words to sink in before she continued. "The Water Tribe is having troubles, their is a division amongst them. One side wants to retain the tradition while the other one wants sweeping changes. It is the tradition of our culture that we must detach ourselves from worldly concerns. However, the Avatar is tasked to keep the balance of the world. We now debate the possibility of sending Avatar Yangchen to stop the conflict."

"Are you serious in sending Yangchen, Sister Gitsa? It's to dangerous and it is not in line with our beliefs!" said another sister.

"This could not be avoided, Sister Fuma. The Avatar's duty is to the world," said Sister Gitsa.

"Then at least take my pupil with you, Avatar, so that she can learn. Though its dangerous outside the temple, the Council Of Sisters believes that you are capable so I trust that ou will take care of my student," said Sister Fuma.

"I take the task bestowed upon me," said Yangchen.

"I'm happy that-" Sister Yara was not able to finish her statement because of a big explosion.

The Council Of Sisters with Yangchen immediately stand up and ran to the direction of the explosion to asses the damage, natural gases are normal in the Air Temples. What they saw was not even remotely natural. In front of them are dozens of Firebenders dressed in white long robes.

"Stop Firebenders, you are trespassing and destroying this holy ground," Sister Gitsa shouted.

The reply was a fireball coming towards the group. Sister Gitsa was quick, she flick her right hand to her front,
Fire blast

The Firebender's attack.

causing the incoming fireball to disintegrate. Yangchen Waterbended some ice and turn them into water. She then form a water jet that hit a Firebender in the chest. Before she could freeze the enemy, she was assaulted by ten Firebenders. A barrage of fire was sailing towards her. She jumped a good ten feet, dodging the fireballs, and counter-attacked with her own barrage of fire. She hit six of her intended targets. As she lands, she flick her arms and hands in circular motion, causing the ice surrounding her to become water and Waterbends them into jets, sending five more Firebenders flying.

The sisters were having troubles with the remaining Firebenders. Sister Yara flicked her hands as a fireball was coming towards her. The fireball did not reached its target. Sister Gitsa thrust her hand in front of her, generating a wind gush that sends half a dozen Firebenders sailing away. Before she could strike another one, the Firebenders immediately retreated.

"Don't pursue them, it is unnecessary," said Sister Fuma.

"Who are those Firebenders? They seem different from those I've met," said Yangchen.

"This changes nothing, Avatar Yangchen, collect your bison and your things. I will call Gusha, Sister Fuma's pupil" said Sister Yara.

As they walk back to the temple, comforting scared pupils along the way, Yangchen noticed a Pai Sho tile in the floor.

"Who's Pai Sho piece is this?" asked Yangchen.

"There's my piece!" said Sister Fuma. "Must have dropped it during the attack."

"I'm happy to have helped you Sister Fuma," Yangchen stated as she gave back the Pai Sho tile.

"Avatar Yangchen, where are we going?" asked Gusha.
Appa soaring

Yuppa flying.

Aloft in her Sky Bison, Yuppa, Yangchen felt at home again. She was excited, but not as excited as Gusha.

"We are going to the North Pole, to stop the conflict in there, though we will pass through the huge Earth Kingdom. You will meet many people in the kingdom."

"Yuppa is going to need some rest so we have to stop immediately after we hit land," said Gusha.

Yangchen took her bag and got a map of the Earth Kingdom. "We'll be stopping in this village called Taoshu, I'm sure the people in there will be happy to see us."

"What's the next stop after that village?"

"Uhh, I that depends according to the state of Yuppa and our supplies. But you've got to see Ba Sing Se, the biggest city in the world."

"Grandmaster, we failed to stop the departure of the Avatar."

"Do not worry. We must, however, delay her arrival. Our agents are have not yet fulfill their mission."

Nods fill the dark room.


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