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Avatar Yangchen: Landfall
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13 March, 2011

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This is the second chapter of the Avatar Yangchen series.


" Are we there yet?", asked Gusha

" You are not the travelling type, are you?", asked Yangchen.

They have been flying nonstop for hours since the their from the Eastern Air Temple and though Yangchen was enjoying this, her student does not.

" Your master gave me the task in teaching you, so this is my first lesson. You must enjoy riding Sky Bison for hours, that's a requirement for being an Air Nomad"

" Okay, I'll be sure to endure this........Wait! Is that land?", said Gusha.

Yangchen look at the direction Gusha's looking at and, sure enough, she can see land.

" Now all we have to do is find the village of Taoshu", said Yangchen

" It should be easy to find it" said Gusha.

" Don't bet on it, the Earth Kingdom is vast and huge."

" Well then, what is that group of houses with a banner that reads.....Taoshu.", said Gusha.

" (Laughs) You really know how to infuriate a master, no wonder Sister Fuma asked me to take."

They passed rice fields outside the village and was about to land near an empty lot when they heard raised voices.

" Why don't support us, you know our cause is just. Just give some some supplies and maybe some Earthbenders. Any assistance is welcome"

" I've told you already, the village wants to stay neutral from this conflict! We don't want our front yard to become a battlefield. Sorry captain, we can't help you."

Yangchen walks towards the voices but was stopped by Gusha, " Master, do you think its wise to interrupt them, I bet they are angry and you don't want to interrupt angry people."

" Yes." Yangchen stops walking, " Okay, since you are afraid of them, stay in here."

" But- Yeah, I get it, I must not talk back to my teacher.", Gusha said.

Yangchen again walks towards the voices, which led her to the center of the village. It was packed with people, peasants and soldiers alike. At the center of the throng is an important-looking man and an Earth Kingdom.

" Excuse me, I need to talk to them....sorry, my mistake.....hey! I'm the Avatar."As Yangchen reaches the center, the Earth Kingdom captain and the important-looking man recognizes the Avatar and bows. The village people, seeing that the Avatar was in their midst, bowed to.

" I am Avatar Yangchen and I demand to know what's happening in here" said Yangchen.

" I am Yoshi, mayor of this humble village and this is Hamu, a captain of the Omashu Army.", said the mayor.

" Now tell me what's happening exactly"

" If I may, Avatar. Their is a civil war in the Earth Kingdom. Omashu has revolted against Ba Sing Se because of the Earth King's iron rule. The citizens of the Earth Kingdom are suppose to be free to do what they want as long as it is not against the law. The 34th Earth King change that. He has enacted harsh policies like the abolishing of our king, Omashu's King, King Dushi.", bellowed Hamu.

" So what are you doing in here Hamu?, this is pretty far from Omashu.", asked Yangchen.

" We are asking these village to support the war effort of Omashu"

" Which we cannot allow.", said Yoshi, " I cannot allow the possibility that Taoshu will be a battlefield.We are at peace, Captain Hamu, leave us to our own devices.

" This is what you are going to do, you will-" ,Yangchen's was stopped by someone shouting.

" FOR THE EARTH KING", said a soldier in a bush while stomping the ground with his foot. A rock floated in

The Omashu Captain, preparing to attack.

front of him and he punched it. The rock's target was Hamu. Hamu stomped the ground and formed a rock shield in front of him. The mayor hugs the ground as the rock smashes to the rock shield. Hamu stomps the ground again and the rock shield floats. He then punched it, causing it to fly at the enemy soldier's direction. The soldier dodged. Dozens of soldiers then appeared around the plaza, surrounding the Omashu soldiers. " They're from Ba Sing Se!" shouted by someone.

As the events unfolded in front of her, Yangchen remains calm and tries to remember the words of a guru who was a friend of the Air Nomads. " Keep the balance of the world, by any means necessary", the guru had said. Her tattoos became bright for a second as Yangchen stomps the ground and thrusts her arms downward. The result was a rift between the Omashu and presumed Ba Sing Se soldiers. When the soldiers keeps on throwing rocks at each other, Yangchen turns her body 360 degrees and thrusts her arms sidewards, creating a gush of air that knocks out the soldiers." Stop this unnecessary fighting immediately!" shouted Yangchen. The soldiers, seeing her bending prowess, obeyed her command. " I declare this village neutral and those who disagree will challenge me to a duel" declared Yangchen.

" Well be leaving then.", said Hamu.

" Well be leaving too." said a Ba Sing Se soldier.

" Grandmaster, the Avatar has landed in the Earth Kingdom. Are you not afraid that she might upset our plans in their?"

" Of course not, we already have gained a foothold in the Earth Kingdom. Better yet, we can manipulate into helping us if she were to follow her Air Nomad teachings."

" Gusha, I think we must postpone our journey to the North Pole, I need to sort out the trouble in the Earth Kingdom" said Yangchen.

" Whatever you say master, it's your choice to make" answered Gusha.

" That's not very helpful."

The two of them were already finished in setting up the camp. Yangchen looked forward to rest, too much has happened today and she's exhausted. She was about to sleep when she heard a twig snapped by a foot. She and Gusha immediately stand up to see ten men wearing white robes. " Great, it's you again." said Yangchen. One of those wearing white robes does a circular motion which produces water out of thin air. The man then gracefully thrust his hands forward, causing a barrage of ice spikes to come towards Yangchen and Gusha.....

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