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Avatar: The Legendary Ku Tei continuity.

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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

Xi Tong Earthbending Stance
Xi Tong
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Earth Kingdom


93 (Death), 37 (As seen in the Spirit World)


1139 BG


1046 BG (Age:93)

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Earthbending, Firebending, Airbending, Waterbending, Energybending

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Earthbending, Firebending, Airbending, Waterbending, Energybending


Earth Kingdom, Earth King, Ba Sing Se Nobles, Avatar Arrluk, all Avatars



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Avatar, Earth King


Fully-realized Avatar, 37th Earth King Avatar Xi Tong


Earth King

First appearance

Book 1: Air Chapter 14: Xi Tong Village (Mentioned Only)

Xi Tong is the Earth Kingdom Avatar succeeding Avatar Arrluk, and preceding before Avatar Ilah. Xi Tong will also be the main protagonist in his fanon, which has not yet been announced. Will be a minor character in Avatar: The Legendary Ku Tei, and mentioned and maybe seen in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

History Edit

Childhood and Teenhood Edit

Xi Tong, is the reincarnation of Arrluk, of the Northern Water Tribe. Xi Tong was born into the Earth Kingdom's capital city of Ba Sing Se. In the Ba Sing Se's palace, to the Earth King and his wife.

His family is the ongoing royal dynasty, that Earth King Kuei is descended from. When he was of the age of four he was the first child, to be tested by an Earth Kingdom priest.

The test came positive, and then from many toys he had selected the four Avatar relics. When his sixteen birthday came, his parents threw a large party everyone was there from rich to powerful to important people. The Earthen Council had arrived at his party.

Bowing down at him the leader of the council, had announced Xi Tong as the Avatar. Having to leave everything he once owned and/or loved. To travel the world and master all four elements.

Fully-Realized Avatar/Adulthood Edit

After mastering all four elements he traveled the world and continued his Avatar duties for the world. Also helping the army of the Earth Kingdom, with their political squabbles. Saving towns and villages from thieves, muggers, murderers, etc.

After a while he returned home, and married his childhood sweetheart. She bore him two daughters, they were both born earthbenders. He taught them earthbending, and by the time they were 14 years old they both had mastered earthbending.

Regent Lord's Reign of Terror Edit

After returning home, he was told that his father the Earth King, had died in his sleep, five years before he came back to the city. His mother was kicked out of the palace by the Earth King's advisor. The advisor had served a reign of terror, and has continued for sometime.

The regent lord, what people have been calling him, had tried to start a war with the Fire Nation. Failing to do so, the Fire Nation had controlled some of the cities and towns within the Southern Earth Kingdom, and were expanding by the month.

Being the heir to the throne, Xi Tong decided to confront the regent lord. Killing most of the guards, and raiding the palace. The regent lord, ordered his men to kill the Avatar.

Xi Tong, had entered the palace in an airspout, while in the Avatar State. Killing several elite guards, and energybending the regent lord's bending away. Taking the throne hours later. Xi Tong, ended the war between the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation, and had the Fire Nation soldiers sent back to the Fire Nation.

The regent lord, was thrown into prison for life, and had died in there of some disease.

Later Life Edit

As he got older, his daughters were married, his first born daughter had three children, and her second daughter had one child. He lived to see his grandchildren grow up before dying peacefully in his sleep, at the age of 93.

Abilities Edit

Xi Tong, was born an earthbender, and the reincarnation of Avatar Arrluk.

Earthbending Edit

Being a child born in nobility, and being a family member of the richest family in the Earth Kingdom. His parents got him the best earthbending teacher money could buy. Training hard day and night, he shared blood, sweat, and tears with other students at an academy.

Shadowed Earth Kingdom Avatar

Avatar Xi Tong, in Avatar Aang's vision.

Becoming the advanced student in his teacher's class, he was the favorite of the class. His teacher often called him an earthbending prodigy. He mastered earthbending a month before his birthday.

Firebending Edit

He was sent off into the Fire Nation, to the Fire Nation capital. There he taught by the Fire Lord, at the time. Since, the Fire Lord was the most powerful firebender at the time. There Xi Tong spent at least half of a year or so mastering firebending.

Airbending Edit

He later traveled to the Northern Air Temple, to learn and master airbending. Being that Xi Tong was the Earth Avatar, airbending did not come as easy as firebending did. The 37 levels of airbending took more than four years, because he also failed some of the tests there.

So after his four years at the Northern Air Temple, he finally mastered airbending. His teacher was the High Monk of the The Council of Elders. Learning of his status as a noble, he saw to it that he was taught by the best of the best.

Waterbending Edit

The last element of his cycle, was waterbending. It came easy to him as firebending did. He was taught by the chieftess of the Southern Water Tribe. She was a powerful female waterbender. He actually had to duel the chieftess, he was losing to her, but eventually the Avatar State had activated, and he sent a tsunami at the chieftess.

She walked out from out of her palace, as the wave had dragged her into the palace. Xi Tong emerged victorious because of the Avatar State. He mastered it no more than nine months.

Avatar State Edit

He had returned to Ba Sing Se, the Earthen Council's Spiritual Mentor, had helped him unlock all his chakras, and had helped Xi Tong master the Avatar State. Not much is known, but he was able to enter in and out of the Avatar State at will.

Energybending Edit

He was on vacation with his family, in Taku. When suddenly one night he awoke, to strange chanting outside, of the inn he was currently residing in. He walks towards the shore, and saw a small island. He created ice path towards the island, and began to explore it.

Gone for exactly three days, from the city of Taku. His family was worried, and thought he was kidnapped. They began search parties for Xi Tong, but to no avail found the Avatar. To Xi Tong it had felt like he had been there for only hours.

He meditated and contacted his past lives to see if they knew anything, or knew where he was. After talking to Avatar Arrluk, Arrluk had no idea where Xi Tong was at. Dismissing Arrluk, he spoke with Avatar Mun Jin, Mun Jin immediately recognized his surroundings and had told Xi Tong, that he was called forth by a lion turtle.

He mentioned that he had to swim to the head of the lion turtle to speak with it, that the lion turtle would give him an ability that was most powerful but also dangerous.

Running to the front side of the island, he jumped into the water and encountered the Lion turtle. Xi Tong was frightened by the large ancient beast. Lifting him up with his hand, the lion turtle explained this ability to him.

The ability was able to take away a bender's abilities away, give a bender his abilities back, or even transfer knowledge to one future life from a past one. Giving the future life, experiences and information that they seek.

Granting him the ability to energybending. Instead of killing his enemy or the evil-doers, Xi Tong only took their bending abilities away if they ever had any.

Relatives Edit

  • Unknown Wife (Wife)
  • Unknown Daughter #1 (Daughter)
  • Unknown Daughter #2 (Daughter)
  • Unknown Grandchildren (Grandsons, Granddaughter)

Appearances Edit

Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan Edit

Book One: Air Edit

Avatar: The Legendary Ku Tei Edit

Avatar: The Legend of Korra Edit

Book One: Air Edit

  • 112. "Endgame(vision, no lines)

Avatar Rong Yan's Life Edit

Avatar Xi Tong, was only mentioned in Rong Yan's life. While visiting Xi Tong Village, which was named after him. After people stopped saving the old records of people who were alive from a long time ago.

Avatar Kyoshi's Life Edit

During the timeline when Avatar Kyoshi, people of this era had forgotten about the records of those who lived centuries ago. While Kyoshi, was dealing with Chin The Conqueror, the village was renamed in his honor of conquering the whole Earth Kingdom.

Since, it was the birthplace of Chin. Later when Kyoshi, had the final battle with Chin, she split one half of the village, and created what is now known as Kyoshi Island. At the end of the battle of Chin and Kyoshi, Chin fell to his death, as the earth beneath him had crumbled, and he fell into the ocean.

Avatar Korra's Life Edit

During the time when Avatar Korra, had lost her bending to Amon, she had returned to the Southern Water Tribe or the compound she first was in, where Katara, had tried her best to heal Korra.


To no avail, Korra had left to cry at a snowy cliff, where she thought that Tenzin had approached her. When in fact it was Avatar Aang. She stood up, as Aang was conversing with her, and then appeared all of Korra's past lives.

Xi Tong was the Earth Avatar, in golden clothing, an a short brown beard, and short brown hair. He is behind Avatar Yangchen, and in between Avatar Ilah, and Avatar Mun Jin.

Preceded by
1139 BG - 1046 BG (BG)
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Baojun, the Regent Lord
Earth King
1083 BG - 1046 BG (Ruled for 37 years)(BG)
Succeeded by
38th Earth King

Trivia Edit

  • Xi Tong was a name that I just came up with, I was thinking of Wan Shi Tong at the time, and that's where I kind of came up with the name.
  • I haven't come up with an antagonist for Avatar Xi Tong.
  • He wasn't actually supposed to revealed until Ku Tei's fanon story or Kwan Chun's fanon story.
  • Both Avatar Xi Tong and Avatar Ku Tei, where born into nobility.
  • Xi Tong and Ku Tei, resemble each other a little bit though Xi Tong stuck with his noble like attire, and Ku Tei stuck with an Earth Kingdom general attire.
  • Xi Tong and Ku Tei, were both born in Ba Sing Se, Xi Tong was born in the Upper Ring, and Ku Tei was born in the Middle Ring.
  • The character profile picture is not the actual picture of Avatar Xi Tong, it could be. But I drew him, so I'll change that one soon.

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