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Aang was enraged. He would not let whoever took Katara get away with it. He then remembered who the only other person in the swamp was. "Jun! You shall pay for what you have done!" The Avatar shouted. He then got control of himself. "No, I can't let my anger control me." Aang said as he exited the Avatar State. He was so confused but he would certainly knew he would get Katara back. "I don't know what to do!" Aang stressed. "I need help. He then realized what to do. He sat down and concentrated and within seconds, the spirit of Roku appeared before his eyes.

"Hello, Aang." The spirit greeted him.

"Roku, I need your wisdom." Aang informed him. "What am I going to do? How am I going to find Katara? I feel so helpless." The Air Nomad said.

"Aang, I know what it is like to be so close to losing someone you love." Roku admitted. "In my day, there was a ruthless captain named Ji Qing. He considered me a traitor to the Fire Nation because I nearly killed Sozin." He continued. "Ji Qing kidnapped my wife, Ta Min and threatened to kill her. I felt anger like I had never felt it before and I almost killed the captain but I showed mercy and rescued Ta Min." The former Avatar said. "Here is my wisdom for you, Aang: You must always control yourself and never let your anger get the better of you." Roku finished.

"Thanks, Roku but that isn't exactly what I wanted to hear." Aang confessed. "And I don't think my other past lives will say anything different."

"There may be another way, Aang." Roku informed him.

"How?" Aang asked.

"I can tell you how to contact your future lives." Roku said.

"You can?" Aang asked, surprised.

"You need to look very deep within yourself and focus to perform this task." The former Avatar replied. "Good luck, Aang." He said before vanishing.

"Alright, I must look deep within myself and focus." Aang repeated. He concentrated for a few seconds and took a few deep breaths and another spirit of an Avatar appeared before him.

"I am Avatar Korra." She said.

"Avatar Korra, I need your guidance." Aang explained.

"In my time, an evil man named Amon and his army of Chi Blockers terrorized my home of Republic City and threatened to destroy the balance of the world." Korra informed him. "It was difficult but I made sure that he met the fate he deserved eventually. Aang, here is my wisdom for you: when the situation calls for it, you must do whatever it takes to save the ones you love because you might not have a choice." The spirit of Korra disappeared instantly.

"I need to hear something else." Aang decided. Once again he looked deep inside himself and concentrated. Another Avatar Spirit appeared before him.

"I am Avatar Brek." He said. "In my life, there was total unrest in the Earth Kingdom. Million of citizens rebelled against the Earth King to put an end to the monarchy and create a democracy." Brek elaborated. "On top of that, all over the world, a group known as the Isha was bent on killing all non-benders. My friends and I did all we could to stop them. Aang, through your own wisdom and a little help from others, you can accomplish anything." The future Avatar said before disappearing.

"I understand now." Aang decided. He took his staff and with a gust of wind, he was off.

Meanwhile, a shadowy figure stood next to a man in a very dark place. "He will come, right?"

"He better for your own sake. The shadowy figure responded. "He will not evade me again."

"You mean evade us right?" The man questioned.

"Right, of course." The shadowy figure answered.

Aang was flying through the swamp and still had found nothing but then he saw them. All of his friends were tied up against a tree with their mouths also tied shut. He could also see Appa in a cage. Aang landed and approached his friends, preparing to untie them. He noticed they had very worried looks on their faces. He approached Katara and fred her mouth so that she could speak.

"Aang, it's a trap!!" Katara screamed.

At that moment, Aang was knocked off his feet by a surge of fire. He screamed as he was burned and thrown back. He hit the ground with a weak thud and looked over to see that it was who fired the blast. Jun let out an evil laugh that boomed throughout the swamp.

Katara felt tears well up in her eyes.

"Now Avatar, I will make sure that you never stand in my way again!" Jun declared. He touched Aang's forehead and lit up orange. Aang then lit up blue. Very soon, everything in sight was blue and orange. Before Jun could finish Energybending, Aang was whisked out of the swamp in a flash of light and everything turned back to its normal color. "What is this?!" Jun asked, furious. Where did he go?!"

"Aang, please be okay." Katara said.

Aang was confused. He did not know how he got there but he knew where he was: the Spirit World. He had to be, he was free of all of the injuries Jun had given him. "Hello?" The Air Nomad shouted. "Roku? Lion Turtle? Have you summoned me here again?" Aang asked. No one answered.

The shadowy figure and the man had been standing in the darkness, waiting for the right moment and it had come. The shadowy figure lurched at Aang, revealing himself to be Koh the Face Stealer.

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