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The 888th Avatar (inspiration), Olórin, JaidynM


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Olórin, JaiydnM


Avatar Fanon Wiki

Avatar Wiki Farm is a project by JaidynM and Olórin The White.


Avatar Wiki Farm's purpose is to explore users' personality and to show what animal they will reincarnated into once they die. The Farm will show what their animal is and will explain in detail their attributes. Users must give permission before they are examined and the page is made. Requests may be able to be made in the future.


The original idea for a fauna parody of the users of Avatar Wiki was a Sky Bison Kung Fu Action Jesus this joke is getting old The 888th Avatar, who wrote an article for the Ba Sing Se Times, a community newsletter. Many users enjoyed this section and some even wanted to be made into animals themselves. A while later Jaidyn and Olórin met on the Local Walrus Meeting Grounds IRC and decided to make a fanon together doing the same thing. Original, I know.

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For the collective works of JaidynM, go here. For Olórin The White, go here.

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