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Avatar Time, is a one-shot fanon by the Duke of Skibbington. It is an Adventure Time parody of the Avatar series. It follows the story of Avatar Finn in his quest to keep balance.


Fire. A humanoid being made of fire throws a fireball to the camera.
Ice. An insane ice wizard with an untamed beard throws shards of ice lightning.
Candy. A pink woman in a lab coat lifts part of the wall and throws it away. She then blows a bubble from her gum.
Slime. A small slime creature throws a glob of slime.
Long ago, there were many kingdoms, all living together in harmony. The Breakfast Kingdom, the Hotdog Kingdom, the Lizard Kingdom and the Box Kingdom, to name a few. Above them all were the four elemental kingdoms of Candy, Ice, Fire and Slime, living in peace.
This peace was tedious and then, one hot, summer's day, it all snapped. The army of the Fire Kingdom tore through the lands, destroying the Golbin within an hour. The Fire Kingdom is growing stronger by the day, and soon not even my great Candy Kingdom will be safe.
Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, can stop them. Although he is just a boy, I am sure that Finn can save the world.

- HRH, Bonnibel Bubblegum, Princess of the Candy Kingdom


Inside the Candy Castle, Princess Bubblegum greets Finn. Finn takes a look at her long, pink dress and her bubblegum hair. Finn blushes until Jake, his stretchy bulldog, snaps him out of it. Bubblegum opens a map; every inch of the map is divided into pink, green, blue, red and grey zones. A dotted pencil line marks the Fire Kingdom's advance, with black flags marking the trail of destruction. "Avatar Finn, you are the only person who can bend all the elements. You are the only one who can stop them."

Finn, dressed in his blue shorts and T-shirt, with a peculiar hat made from bear fur, was not the most likely hero, but he was more than willing to take up the case. "Sure thing, Princess. What do you need me to do?"

Bubblegum placed her finger on the map, dragging it straight to the heart of the Slime Kingdom. "The Fire Kingdom's army has reached the Slime Kingdom. I sent some of my Banana Guards there to help, but I need you to lead the battle. Can you do that, Finn?"

"Of course, Princess, anything for you. I love killing bad guys!"

Finn and Jake stared each other in the eyes before bro-fisting and exclaiming, "IT'S AVATAR TIME!"

Finn and Jake trekked through the scorched remains of Cotton Candy Forest. The scent of burnt caramel wafted into their noses, causing them to scrunch them up and fasten clothes pegs. The sky was a menacing red and orange, with plumes of ash filling the sky, blocking out the sun. It was as if the entire contents of hell erupted every day for a year. Nonetheless, they continued their progress. They walked through a pile of ash.

"Was this the Goblin Kingdom?" Finn asked.

"I don't know. It was a kingdom. It may have been the Wildberry Kingdom," Jake said.

"I knew the Fire Kingdom was evil, but I never knew they were this evil," Finn exclaimed in horror.

"You're still young," Jake reassured, "you'll sort it out."


"Yeah, Finn?"

"What started the war?"

"The Fire Kingdom and the Candy Kingdom always hated each other. Finally, after a long dry season, the Fire Kingdom decided to destroy the Golbin and Wildberry Kingdoms."

"Why? Don't they hate the Candy Kingdom?"

"Goblin and Wildberry are Candy Kingdom protectorates. If they were attacked, the Candy Kingdom would have no choice but to fight."

"Why didn't they just attack the Candy Kingdom?"

"The Slime Kingdom and Ice Kingdom are friends with the Candy Kingdom. If the Candy Kingdom declares war on the Fire Kingdom, the Fire Kingdom could claim it is being attacked. It didn't work and the Slime Kingdom is also at war. So is the Ice Kingdom."

"I'm confused."

"Yeah, don't worry about it!"

"Jake? Do you smell burning?"

Finn and Jake rolled and avoided a few blasts of fire. They were ambushed. Finn held his thumb and first two fingers together. His hand glowing white, he threw a bolt of ice lightning. The bolt hit its target and extinguished the elemental. Finn threw a fire punch, destroying a hostile punch. He blasted a stream of snow, thus extinguishing his other attacker.

Jake sprayed an elemental with his back-mounted hose. He wielded it in much the same way as a flame-thrower. It was one of Bubblegum's inventions. After extinguishing his foe, Jake refilled his tank.

Finn jumped on Jake's back and Jake stretched into a swamp. The stench of the swamp was overwhelmed only by the ash and decay. Four foot high tanks shot slime from their turrets, attacking their fiery opponents. Despite fierce resistance, the two foot slime creatures were unable to hold their own against the six foot fire elementals.

Finn jumped into the fray. He leapt into the air and kicked, a large stream of slime followed him. He threw a hooked punch with his right arm, one with his left and then another with his right. Each one was followed by a stream of slime; each one struck a Fire Elemental and extinguished them.

Jake ran in, spraying his water jet in a back and forth sweeping motion. Jake ducked a flame attack and continued to spray the inferno.

Finn punched twice, throwing big balls of snow. He then pulled up his arms, as if splashing someone in a pool. Whenever he did so, he threw streams of slime. Finn continued to alternate, three times until he changed tactics. He pulled his left arm behind his back and his right arm in front of his chest, he continued these actions in a large wave of compressed slime orbited Finn. He punched with both arms and drenched numerous elementals, extinguishing them.

Finn noticed the Fire Count, leader of the flame invasion of the Slime Kingdom. Finn climbed onto Jake, who stretched over to the count. Finn threw two punches of slime, both of which the count evaded. While Finn threw ice balls, Jake sprayed the Count to distract him. Suddenly, Jake's stream stopped. Jake panicked and was struck by a fire ball, sending him into a tree.

Finn lunged with a glowing white hand. The Count grabbed him by the wrist, burning his hand. Finn screamed in pain. He shut his eyes. When they opened, the glowed blue. Finn's left hand glowed a magnificent ice-white. He punched the Count and increased pressure until the ice crept through his entire body. The blue in Finn's eyes faded and so too did his vision. He wobbled around, before giving in and collapsing to the ground.

Princess Bubblegum stood atop her royal balcony and addressed the crowd. The sky was still chocked with ash, but for once, a shimmering ray of sunlight broke through, ever so slightly, but breaking through nonetheless.

"In the battle for the Slime Kingdom, two Candy Kingdom citizens have proven to be great heroes. Jake the Dog! Please step forward!" She placed the medal over Jake's head. "Avatar Finn, you have served your kingdom well. Through your defeat of the Fire Count, we have gained the upper hand, the Fire Kingdom cannot keep this up much longer!"

Finn clasped his medal in his bandaged hand. He addressed the crowd, "God save Princess Bubblegum!"

The crowd replied, "God save Princess Bubblegum!"


  • The plot is loosely based on Book 1 of ATLA.
  • In the Adventure Time episode "Evergreen", the elements are confirmed to be Ice, Fire, Candy and Slime.

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