Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar Tazon in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar Tazon
The Next Chapter in the Avatar Saga
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October 2014 - Present


Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra


A new era has begun. Following the last Harmonic Convergence 128 years ago, the world entered a new age filled with spirits, the reintroduction of airbenders, and the Republic City Spirit Portal. This great era was led by Avatar Korra, who proudly served the both the physical and Spirit Worlds until she her passing. Following her death the world went through a period in which some believed the Avatar Cycle had ceased, until Avatar Raivann revealed himself almost 30 years later. Celebratory at first, the world quickly realized the horrors of the new United Earth Kingdom Avatar. Upon his revelation, Raivann began a campaign throughout all nations to "purify" them of non-benders in an attempt to allow the world to evolve forward. This ordeal came to be known as "The Avatar War", and lasted an entire five years until Avatar Raivann was ultimately brought down.

Another 18 years passed following the death of Avatar Raivann, with the world believing the cycle is truly broken. Unknown to them however is that cycle continues. Tazon, a Fire Nation adolescent, lives with his family on Ember Island, hiding his abilities to bend all four elements from a world still recovering from the aftermath of the previous Avatar. Although, Tazon soon realizes that the world still needs the Avatar.

Major Characters

  • Tazon, the next Avatar, was born in the Fire Nation and raised on Ember Island by his parents Jeong and Laqua. He struggles with living in a world still recovering from the chaos of the previous Avatar and the commitment he owes to the world.
  • Kanna, older sister to Avatar Tazon, is a master waterbender and just as powerful as her brother. Unfortunately, growing up with a brother who was the Avatar, Kanna became somewhat insecure in her abilities and always needs reassuring that she can stand her ground against him.
  • Jetzin, younger brother to Avatar Tazon, is a nonbender who is well-aware it. Jetzin developed similar insecurities to his sister as he grew up in a family of powerful benders. Even with his proficiency in self-defense and success in wielding dual side-handle batons, he continues to overestimate himself and put himself at risk.
  • Laqua, mother of Kanna, Tazon, and Jetzin, is a powerful waterbender born in the Southern Water Tribe. Realizing the extent of her power early in life, she left the South Pole and joined the Order of the White Lotus as a teenager to aid in keeping the world in harmony. There she met her husband, Jeong. The two retired from the White Lotus in their early thirties and moved back to his family's home on Ember Island to marry and start a family.
  • Jeong, father of Kanna, Tazon, and Jetzin, is the eldest son of a wealthy Fire Nation family. In his teenage years, his parents were attacked and struck down. In response, Jeong left his home on Ember Island with the rest of his siblings, each going in separate directions forging their own destinies. He found himself joining the Order of the White Lotus, where he met his future wife Laqua


Set in the year 299 A.G., this series takes place over 128 years following the last Harmonic Convergence. Two Avatar Cycles have passed and the world's nations have become accustomed to life without an Avatar. Tazon and his allies travel across the entire world visiting cities and towns in all nations. The Avatar world is also matched with our world in terms of advances in education and technology. This whole new world is full of new people, places, and problems - that just perhaps do require the help of the Avatar.

Book One: Imbalance (失衡) 

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