Avatar Sudhir: The Siege of Omashu
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Avatar: The Last Airbender


The premise of this series is inspired by the historic Siege of Alesia. Many of the events that will transpire in Omashu mirror real-world events that transpired in Alesia during the Gallic Wars. The story takes place during the unification wars (here, dubbed the Kings' Wars) of the virgin Earth Kingdom, an era ensuing Avatar Wan and the warring states period. Avatar Sudhir is an invention of fanon mania, as well as the rest of the cast featured here. Please enjoy Avatar Sudhir's debut series!

The Story

In an era predating Avatar Aang, near the end of the historic Kings' Wars which shook the bedrock of the unfledged Earth Kingdom, two kings contend for sovereignty. In a sphere of absolute power over most Earth Kingdom territories, King Faong of Ba Sing Se covets ascendancy over the impregnable Kingdom of Omashu. Yet the iron-willed and tenacious King Sheil of Omashu declines to yield to the imminent Earth King, inciting the Siege of Omashu which eclipses the future of the Earth Kingdom. King Faong's forces besiege the city of Omashu, stalling outside the canyons of the Kolau Mountains to wait out the king of Omashu. With Omashu's limited resources, King Faong determines to wait quietly for the white flag of surrender. Not two days into the siege, Fire Nation relief forces arrive in legions to aid King Sheil, but the Fire Lord's troops are met with a second wall of contravallation by General Gun's army. Without warning, the Siege of Omashu has shaped into a stalemate, one in which hundreds of the women, children, elderly, and infirm of Omashu are exiled to sustain resources and must endure the plight of desertion. Rebuffed by General Gun for fear of a flow of information between the two allied forces, the abandoned citizens of Omashu languish in no-man's land as the world must watch under a pall of anxiety.

The Avatar, an obdurate earthbender with ambiguous ties to the Sand Tribes, seems the only one able to defuse this pernicious warfare and patch foreign relations. As he campaigns across the nations to study the four elements and conform to his duties as the Avatar, one question peeves his mind: between two dogged kings, how can they ever reach an armistice? With each day, diplomacy starts to look more like a fool's paradise than the Avatar's cure-all. And with only a matter of weeks before this stalemate turns bloody, peace seems like an impossibility.

The Cast

Avatar Sudhir - Raised exclusively by his quiet-minded father Samir, Sudhir recalls only vague memories of the Si Wong Desert from his infancy. Migrating to Omashu with his father after his tribe was devastated by the nefarious Gansha Tribe in the Si Wong Desert, Sudhir experienced the impregnable sierra city in its gilded age. With sandbending, and some airbending techniques by extension, already under his belt, King Sheil of Omashu personally trained him to fine-tune his earthbending. Obdurate by nature, but adaptable by upbringing, Sudhir is a twenty-one-year-old studious introvert who, discounting the Kings' Wars, would attend Ba Sing Se University in an instant.

Samir - The withdrawn and disconsolate paternal figure to Sudhir who, after the Shamo Tribe was devastated by the rival Gansha Tribe almost twenty years ago, emigrated from the Si Wong Desert to start over in Omashu. While affectionate to the Avatar, Samir has always seemed to tote a heavy burden on his shoulders, one which he refuses to divulge to Sudhir. Samir took to pottery upon his entry to Omashu, a popular trade in the earthen city, and bases his income on selling his aesthetic wares.

Jamyang - A humanitarian Air Nomad from the Western Air Temple who, after receiving her tattoos of airbending mastery, departed from the temple to contribute to global relief efforts, the most recent of which encompassing the Siege of Omashu crisis. Jamyang is restive and anxious, but somehow finds repose in the presence of Sudhir. Pacific by nature, Jamyang longs for a diplomatic solution to the Earth Kingdom's feudal climate.

Katzu - A middle-aged ambassador to the Fire Nation, Katzu is a fervid firebender with a strong favoritism for King Sheil's leadership. As the last vein of the Kings' Wars materializes in the Siege of Omashu, Katzu trains Sudhir to master firebending on the promise that he will throw his support to King Sheil and maintain an Earth Kingdom of sovereign states. Katzu, passionate as he is, has a particular dislike for King Faong and his itch for authority.

King Sheil - The iron-willed and tenacious King of Omashu who, despite all odds, refuses to surrender to the sovereignty of aspiring Earth King Faong. King Sheil's inflexibility can quickly translate into selfishness in the most exigent circumstances; some think him too overwrought with his convictions of self-government.

Captain Peng - The young and deferential captain and second-in-command to Omashu's army. While faithful to his narrow king, Captain Peng recognizes the futility of the resistance and has all but resigned to fail. Listless as he's become, Captain Peng follows Sheil's orders without feeling or protest, two facilities for which he's lost the zeal to maintain.

King Faong - The unflappable and parochial King of Ba Sing Se and aspiring first Earth King. King Faong believes in a consolidated Earth Kingdom and has devoted his life's work to cementing this dream through a series of wars called the Kings' Wars. Through violence and coercion, King Faong has unified most of the Earth Kingdom, barring one maverick's kingdom: Omashu. Having lived by the sword, King Faong will die by the sword if it means destabilizing Omashu for the next King of Ba Sing Se to annex it.

General Gun - The commanding officer of the military of Ba Sing Se, and the key member of the Council of Five in this infantry war. General Gun is an indefatigable general with a one-track mind. He's reputed for waiting out a fallen kingdom in the southeastern Earth Kingdom for thirty-eight days with minimal sleep. When the king surrendered, General Gun personally razed the capital city's ramparts to the ground. No one questions his ability to assign the same fate to Omashu, save King Sheil.

Iqniq - The peevish father of Nanuq and Avatar Sudhir's native Southern Water Tribe waterbending master. Jaded by his own tribe's incompetence to bury the hatchet over dated feuds with its sister tribe, Iqniq sees little achievement in Sudhir's efforts to quell a rivalry between two eminent kingdoms like Omashu and Ba Sing Se. At the appeal of his son, though, Iqniq decides to crown the Avatar's mastery over all four elements with his artful waterbending coaching.

Nanuq - The politic son of Iqniq and a non-bender diplomat between the two sister tribes. Despite his tact, Nanuq is sometimes dogged to the point of being overzealous. Against his father's wishes - which tends to be his orientation - Nanuq decides to travel with the Avatar to confer his diplomatic insights on him.

Fire Lord Sazal - An isolationist Fire Lord belonging to the Huangshi-Qin Dynasty, a predecessor to the ancestry of Fire Lord Sozin. Upholding the principles of his family, Sazal has always elected for more isolationist policies to preserve the well-being of his citizens. However, with his vengeful and astute spirit, the Fire Lord has a score to settle with the aspiring Earth King and won't waver to fulfill it through open warfare.

General Taiyo - A hard-nosed High General of the Fire Nation, commissioned to lead the Fire Nation relief forces to Omashu. General Taiyo is the sort of general who recognizes his greatness and makes a show of it. While perhaps not the most imposing general, what he lacks in brawn, he makes up for in ingenuity. Taiyo is widely regarded as the inventor of the Breath of Fire, a special technique which has capacitated the Fire Nation Army in its most vulnerable circumstances.


Book One: Fire

# Chapter Title Date Released Synopsis
1 The Inferno of War TBA While training in the Fire Nation, Avatar Sudhir receives word of the Siege of Omashu authorized by King Faong, an unwelcome name in the Fire Lord's Capital City. With Master Katzu, Sudhir prepares to travel to Ba Sing Se to discern some answers.

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