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Avatar Shinzu is a character in the fanon The Black Shadow and The War of Creation by SSJ Trunks.

Biographical information

Fire Nation


10,000 years ago


10,000 years ago

Physical description




Hair color

Black(Grey is old age)

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Staff

Bending style(s)

Firebending, Airbending, Waterbending, Earthbending

Chronological and political information

Fully Realized Avatar



First appearance


Voiced by

SSJ Trunks

Early Life

Shinzu was born with his twin brother Shinzo as the first Firebender mastered Firebending and at the moment was the birth of the four nations. They were born to the first Fire Lord and Fire Lady but unbeknownst to everyone, two very different spirits inhabited the twins.

The Black Shadow and The Avatar

As of his 16th birthday a volcano erupted on the holiday island the brothers were partying on, they tried to use Firebending to contain it but the lava engulfed their house taking their mother with it as their father battled to get survivors away. Enraged Shinzu entered the Avatar State bending all the elements much to Shinzo's shock. His brother shouted "I am the Avatar" as the spirit declared its unique existence. As Shinzo watched he felt a sharp pain go down his spine as two wings forced their way out of his back, his skin turned jet black as he roared "I am the black shadow!". The brothers afterwards returned to the Fire Nation where they consulted the newly formed Fire Sages. After several chi readings the sages determined that by the creation of the four nations divided by the elements the spirits of good and evil were sent to keep the balance. Shinzo was enraged at the news as this meant he was half demon and could not accept his fate and vanished that night, he however was delighted as this meant he would be able to explore the other bending arts.

Mastering the elements

Shinzu first traveled to the Air Nomads to learn Airbending as set the fastest time of mastering it as it took him 3 months he left his tutor shocked. He then moved to the Water Tribe to master Waterbending which took him 4 years (water being the opposite of fire). Finally after another 6 years Shinzu mastered Earthbending and the Avatar State becoming the very first full realized Avatar.

The War of Creation

10 years after that fateful day a dark army attacked the Water Tribe and some Waterbenders had to escape to the south. The Now fully realized Avatar Shinzu came to the battle the dark foe and was struck that it was his brother and attacked Shinzo intent on fulfilling his destiny but the brothers were evenly matched neither able to gain an advantage. As there battle continued it ripped the arctic apart destroying half of the continent, but in a last ditch effort Shinzu smashed his fist embodied with all four bending arts into Shinzo ripping his life force apart as his brother staggered onto the floor he swore "One Day I shall regain my body and with it I will rip this world apart!" as his body imploded.

Never ending guilt

Shinzu was left a broken man after killing his brother as they had been best friends all their lives and Shinzu cursed the spirit for breaking them apart. He then destroyed all landmarks honoring the Avatar declaring "This spirit ruins you and steals you of humanity" before dying of illness 2 years later.


As the Avatar State was activated on his 16th birthday the nations agreed this was the date an Avatar is told of their abilities.

As stated "The Avatar becomes more human with each cycle" Shinzu shows how the first Avatar was robbed of his humanity.

Shinzu will feature alongside his brother in chapter 7Rremembrance.

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