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Chapter 4

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Chapter 5

Master Z greeted Avatar Seine and Master Hyu into his nice calm home, it looked as if he had lived alone for quite some time. Master Z said, "I am assuming you came to hear about my experiences with the energybenders?"

"Yes we are," said Seine.

"That is not the only reason, you might offer Seine some wisdom," said Master Hyu.

"Indeed I could, But do you want to hear of my experiences first?" said Master Z.

"Of course!" shouted Seine.

Master Hyu filled in Master Z about what he had already told Seine.


After I climbed out of the fireplace I ran as fast as I could to my master, his name was Jinx. I told Master Jinx everything that happened and he said he knew a day would come when someone would try to overthrow the Avatar. He said we needed to make an alliance with a bunch of other benders and try to defeat the energybenders. So every day me and Master Jinx scoured the world, from Republic City to the Earth Kingdom to the Fire Nation to the Air Nomad temples, which were relatively empty. We gathered about 30 benders of all types. We all trained at Avatar Jinx's training facility. We all became very strong benders, we were all about the rank of Master. And so we went to Republic City and found the energy benders. They were at the White Lotus Sentries' gate. They were fighting the White Lotus Sentries. After they defeated them they confronted Korra, and as they planned she went into the Avatar State. Then something remarkable happened. They started doing the most advanced bending I had ever saw. The firebenders were shooting green fire at Korra and it was very powerful, I could feel the heat from far away, the earthbenders were shooting rocks in patterns that were very weird, instead of single rocks they were shooting groups of rocks into a single rocks. The waterbenders were bending plants and water it was magnificent. So we decided to step in. We all bended like we had never before. We sadly had to end most of the benders, except 2. The leader and his son.

So that is all I can tell you Avatar Seine. But I offer you this wisdom, Avatar, a bender with very powerful bending is weak to even the weakest bender but with a stronger spirit.

Seine told Master Z he appreciated his wisdom and that he would think about what he said.

So Seine and Mater Hyu walked pasted the stream again and walked back to the MPF facility and met Rosmery, Zane, and Hisami. They greeted them and Seine filled them in on what happened.

Zane said, "These guys are some bad people."

Seine responded with, "No doubt, but I think we can win."


This chapter is purposely short, because it was mainly just a flashback, next chapter is going to be long.

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