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Chapter 3

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Avatar Seine and Master Hyu walked down a calm path. They passed many soothing streams as they saw peaceful koi fish swimming around.

Seine asked, "Where exactly are we going?"

Master Hyu Responded with, " My old masters home, he had trouble with the energybenders long time before you were born."


It was 12 years after Avatar Korra defeated Amon and saved Republic City. My Master his name was Zale, most people call him Master Z, was around 30 and he was walking too his house when someone walked by him and bumped his shoulder. He turned around and he was wearing a ski mask. The man threw 3 quick jabs into his stomach then a lightning fast kick into his knee, and before Master Z knew what was going on he was immobilized. The man wrapped some string around his arms and legs. The string was intertwined and separately it would be around 9 different strings, so it was extremely strong. The man put Master Z into his parked Satomobile and drove off. When the man arrived at the location, he got out and grabbed Master Z and walked to a dark cave. He walked in a clapped his hands a few times and some torches lit a dim path about 50 feet down the cave. He carried Master Z to the door at the end of the cave and There was a Fire Nation Insignia on it. The doors exquisite craftsmanship must have taken years to make. It had gold, bronze, and brass on the actual Insignia, and then the door was solid steel it would be impenetrable to any person that didn't know how to get in. But the door was quite like the one at the Fire Sages temple. Except it only had 2 openings for firebending instead of 5. Which meant it needed 2 Fire Sages/Master Firebenders to open it. Or a fully realized Avatar. But the man put down Master Z and took a rather weird firebending stance and shot two synchronized fire blasts right into the openings. The door instantly did some sort of functions and it burst open. He grabbed Master Z and walked into the room. It was a tenebrous room. It was very ominous and dark. The man spoke and it was the first time Master Z heard his voice. He said it was a very dark and vague voice. He said, "Master, I have brought the person you wished to speak with here." There was a man in a chair facing the other way reading a book next to a lit fire.

The man responded with, "Very well, bring him to me." The man took Master Z to the man sitting in the chair.

The man in the chair voiced, "Hello Prodigy Vale (At this time he was a Prodigy not a Master). I have requested your appearance for a few reasons."

"If you don't know me my name is Sauron. I am the leader of the energybenders." (At this time he was the leader, Hyoto was his son).

"I have requested your appearance because I could use your help."

"If you don't know who us the energybenders are, we are a elite group of benders trying to stop the avatar from having total power."

"When Amon rebelled the Avatar ended him and then went back to total power."

"We believe that one being shouldn't have world power over everyone. We believe all benders should be equal."

"And that if everyone had equal power the world could be more peaceful." Sauron continued with "and right now we only have firebenders and earthbenders in the energybending group. We lack waterbenders."

"If you join us we can permanently end the Avatar!"

(Master Z knew what they were up to was pure insanity and evil) Master Z said, "And what exactly is your plan?"

Sauron said, "Well we are recruiting a master from every element."

"You have already met my friend Veck, he is a mighty powerful firebender as you saw as you entered."

"I am Sauron, the most powerful firebender that's ever lived."

"And Rafu is a powerful earthbender. Which he isn't here at the moment."

"And if you think you've saw a powerful waterbender before, you can become twice as powerful as him/her and been even more powerful once the Avatar is gone."

Master Z said, "Okay, well, once you get 2 powerful benders from each element what do you plan on doing?"

Sauron, voiced with "Well once we all reach enough power, we will confront the Avatar and only use half of our strength until the Avatar goes into Avatar State, then we will unleash all of our power at once, ending the avatar in the Avatar State, breaking the Avatar Cycle once and for all..."

Master Z knew he was talking to some very very twisted people that lust for power.

He said, "I wouldn't dare touch the Avatar, and you're a fool for trying to challenge the Avatar."

Sauron chuckled and said, "You are the fool for not joining us," and shot a bright green flame right passed Master Z's face. He dove back and took off toward the door.

There was some Fire Nation swords at the entrance and he jumped and cut his arms rope with that. Then he quickly darted towards the door but before anything could happen the door was blocked shut by some powerful earthbending.

Sauron sinisterly said, "Ah, Rafu it's nice of you to join us."

Rafu said, "Yes it is sir."

They all got Master Z cornered, he had nothing to bend with since they were in a steel shut room in a cave underground. But Master Z soon remembered something his master told him hours before, "Zale, where ever there is Oxygen there is water."

Those words echoed in his head. He jumped over Safu before getting a stone pillar launched into his side, he felt excruciating pain in his side.

Sauron said, "It's such a shame to end someone with so much potential and power."

Sauron then launched a greatly powerful green fire shot into Mater Z's face, he blocked it with his left hand. He wad immediately burned. He screamed out with pain.

But he quickly jumped towards Sauron's empty chair and fireplace.

He bended some water out of the air and put out the fire.

Then he quickly climbed up the fireplace too safety then ran like he had never ran before.

Seine said, "What happened next?"

Master Hyu said, "I'll let him tell you."

They arrived at his house and Master Hyu knocked on the door, and someone responded, "Who is it?"

Master Hyu said, "It's me."

The door slung open, Master Z jumped out and hugged Master Hyu, and said, "It's so good to hear a familiar voice."

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I will probably finish chapter 4 tomorrow.

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