Avatar Seine: Journey to Mastery Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

So Seine and the gang were shocked by the letter. Hisami was outright angry towards this "Hyoto" character. She said, "I'd like to find this guy right now and knock some sense into him." Avatar Seine was just thinking.... But no one knew what he was thinking about. So Zane said, "What is on your mind bud?" Seine said. "I am confused. Why did the guy on the bridge say return with you answer?"

Then Master Hyu said, "Give me the letter."

He then felt the paper as if it were some kind of silk. After he was done feeling it he said, "Please barely light a flame below the letters backside."

So Seine did it and letters began to show up on its backside. Seine was absolutely speechless. So then they read it and it said:

So Avatar, you are pretty clever if you found this, but not as clever as me. If you do not return to Roses bridge at 11:00 again tonight to turn yourself in to us. It will be your last moment with your mother.

So Seine read it to Rosemery, Hisami, and Meelo, and they agreed they needed to get to the bottom of whoever was up to this "energybending". So they went to the MPF and they said if it made Seine's family and friends feel better they could sleep the night at the police station. So Seine and the gang agreed to stay. And to every one's surprise the next morning, Seine and the gang awoke to no metal benders. No one was there except them! Seine said, "There is a logical explanation. They're probably at some emergency meeting. Zane and Hisami both said, "LOOK OVER THERE, A NOTE!" Master Hyu grabbed it and read aloud:

So we meet again Avatar. Do you think a pathetic MPF is going to stop my reign. If you think anyone is going to stop me, you are badly mistaken. If you want the MPF to survive the night, meet us at Roses Bridge at 11:00.

So they were waiting to see what Master Hyu was going to say. He said, "I might know a old friend that can help us." He also stated, " He used to have trouble with the energybenders."

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I will be posting longer chapters in the future these first few will be shorter.

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