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The Note

Chapter 1

So it was a peaceful night in the Fire Nation Capital. Seine was practicing earthbending, his sister, Hisami was gardening. All was good until the phone rang; Rosemery, Seine's mom, answered it. She said, "Seine, someone is in need of your assistance."

So he walked over there and grabbed the phone. After a few seconds of listening he hung the phone up and ran upstairs to his room. He grabbed the phone on his table and began dialing a number. He called Master Hyu.

Master Hyu answered the phone, Seine said, "There is something urgent I need to come over immediately."

So Seine went downstairs and went to Master Hyu's house. When he arrived Master Hyu was drinking tea from the Jasmine Dragon.

He said, "What's the matter?"

Seine said, "Well I got a call someone needing me, so I answered the phone, and they said if I didn't meet them at Roses Bridge at 11:00 P.M. then I would never see Zane again."

So Master Hyu and Seine talked about what they should do, and they came up with a solution. The would have the Metalbending Police Force (MPF for short) stay at the bridge when they went there. So that night they got into a MPF Satomobile, and they road to the bridge. When they got there they saw nothing but a dark misty bridge. Lurking with someone wanting trouble. As they approached the bridge they saw a dark figure.

He approached closer and said, "Here read this and return it here with your answer." Then he threw a smoke bomb and disappeared. Seine picked up the note and got back in the car with the MPF, and returned home.

As they returned home Rosemery, as the loving mother she was, said, "Where have you been?" They filled her in on what happened along with Hisami.

Then Hisami interrupted, "So have you read the letter yet?"

Seine said, "Well no but--"

"THEN READ IT!" Hisami screamed. So they got the letter out and read it. This is what it said:

If you don't already know me my name is Hyoto. I am the Leader of the Energy benders. No one has ever owned the skill to energybend except the avatar, until now. And if you ask what is energybending well energybending it is the ability to overtake someones physical and mental traits and erase them permanently ( taking away there fighting skill, bending, and wits). Much like Amon did except I don't use bloodbending I use lightningbending. So consider this your warning. Avatar, if you try to get in the way of any of my plans in the near future not only will you suffer, but the whole world will.

Fun Facts

The Jasmin Dragon was Uncle Iroh's name for his Tea shop in Ba Sing Se. Also the Satomoblie was made by Mr. Sato for the Equalist invasion along with other inventions.

Added Info

Most of this Coding is copyright from Katorra12.

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