"What is Worth
Destroying Yourself?"

Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar Seine: Journey to Mastery in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar Seine: Journey to Mastery
Where Avatar Seine masters all the elements and being Avatar.
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I have temporarily discontinued this fanon, I have full focus on my newest fanon which you can find Here . So it is discontinued for the moment. But hopefully before then end of 2014 I can write up a few chapters and an ending to this saga. DEFINITELY check out my new Fanon. Also don't be hesitant to check out this one either, its actually really good so far, just know, it could be a while until I finish it.

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I probably will not be able to finish this fanon until sometime in 2015, I got tied up with life, school, sports and other things where I wasn't able to finish This but soon I hopefully will. But like I said above, don't think I won't finish this fanon I will eventually get along to finish it just not now.

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It seems that I will not be able to finish this fanon until the summer of 2015, I have been busy lately and have hardly got around to writing in my running fanon. I really do want to finish this fanon because it was my first and it isn't a bad fanon at all. Just stay tuned and more towards April/June I will continue working on it.

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As of now I am officially back into Avatar. I won't be as busy since school is back up, and I am super excited about LOK season 2. So, as much as I can, I will strive towards finishing my series before LOK season 2. If that's not done, it'll be okay. I'll be happy either way. Chapter 2 Should be finished before August 20, 2013.

I am indeed back into Avatar and writing, but there is some bad news, I have officially discontinued this fanon. I did enjoy writing this and connecting with the few people that read it. But I am discontinuing the fanon because I am writing one with Snivystorm Here is the link to that. (Fanon removed)

But some good news is here, I might eventually come back to this fanon because it does have sentimental value being that is was my first contribution to this website, But if I do come back it will be In a while. So until then, read my newest fanon. (March 9, 2014)

I am continuing this fanon as a side from my main. (March 10, 2014)

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I have temporarily discontinued this fanon while my newest Fanon is being completed. If I do pick up some time or my new fanon falls out, I will continue this fanon. Also I plan on finishing this fanon off around December of this year or maybe Jan/Feb of next year. Check out my new fanon --> New Fanon


Seine tries to master the Avatar State and waterbending as hope arises. However, problems seem to find a way into his life once again.


Long ago, the nations lived together in peace and harmony. Then the anti-benders rebelled. But my ancestors defeated them, and made the world peaceful and balanced again, but now a new threat is upon us...


  • Seine - Is mastering the elements and being Avatar.
  • Hisami - Seine's sister.
  • Zane- Is Seine's best friend.
  • Hyoto- Is the Villain.
  • Rosmery- Seine's mom.
  • Master Hyu- Seine's newest waterbending teacher.
  • Meelo- The matured grown up Meelo and the only airbender left.


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